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  1. Wrexham away 1-0 to clinch promotion, (our) Robbie Savage scored and the injured Dave Sutton stood with the Wanderers fans like a proper fan. shit football but happy days 😁
  2. So, when is the shagging embargo lifted? I thought it was just two transfer windows..🤔
  3. They haven't hidden yet! We are still under a transfer embargo and yet they managed to cobble a new team together in 48hrs last August and signed another 3 players yesterday.. Until the transfer embargo is lifted then our management team cannot be properly judged/criticised..
  4. Paul Comstive, yes you’re right, I remember it nearly well. Hic cheers 🍻
  5. Fantastic player Paul Warhurst, didn’t he score two direct from corners in the same match?
  6. So, what happened to the Sweaty one and his supposed court case with The cretinous Bassini?
  7. I prefer furry muff 🤪
  8. That’s so Victorian, I’ve drilled a hole in the toe of all my right shoes - hasn’t let me down yet. ..and before anyone tries to be clever I’ve also drilled a hole in my right toenail for when I have no shoes on. Top Tips!
  9. Unbeaten in that kit.. we should wear it at home.
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