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  1. I initially read that as HB Electronics! Showing my age there..☺️
  2. Nah, nowt do wi me!
  3. I'd love to be involved in his training sessions..👍
  4. Serious and very positive, no stupid grin or cliches. Us Boltonians like a no-nonsense and down to earth approach. A quality our finest managers aka: Armfield, Greaves, Rioch, Todd & Allardyce all had in common. it’s a yes from me Brian 👍
  5. I want to put the smiles back on fans face masks!
  6. After listening to the first podcast, I’m really impressed with Evatt. Down to earth, interacts well with players, has a good footballing philosophy and a winning mentality - in fact he’s all the things that Keith Hill wasn’t! i really hope they get this deal over the line this weekend 🤞
  7. That was going well until I read ‘Building Blocks’ then I came over all of a quiver - now where’ve I heard that before?
  8. .. and sacking him when in 4th place achieved what? Well, they still finished 4th and we’ll never know if they could’ve had a better finish to the season under Moore & got auto promotion!
  9. I think it’s probably fair to assume that we’ve already spoken to him (on the QT) and he’s happy to join us pending a compo agreement with Barrow. Once he tells Barrow of his desire to join us the compo will probably come down in value!
  10. Correct. If we haven’t got £120k to find a new manager then we’re well & truly fucked!
  11. True, but I’ve been dining in and boring my wife to death instead!
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