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  1. Leave Santos ‘The Man Mountain’ where he is - our best defender by far!
  2. I was at that game in the executive area of the stand (padded seat section) surrounded by Leeds (posh) fans and they weren’t impressed at my celebrations after each goal. One fan even had the nerve to throw a rolled up serviette at me - what an absolute bounder! Good day out though, all free and I got merrily pissed at the expense of a supplier 🤪
  3. For the first time this season we looked well organised as a team and defensively solid. None of the calamitous panic stations that we’ve come to expect. Was that solely down to the keeper change? I think it made a massive difference but Santos was immense. We’ll do well to keep hold of him in January..
  4. Same for me, plus in the first half there was a mouse cursor flying all over the screen, WTF?
  5. He looked and sounded a beaten man..
  6. 6-2 Crellin scores a hat-trick after a master stroke by Ian Evatt in putting Baptiste between the sticks and playing Crellin up top with the Fonz! . . . . Nurse, Nurse!!! Can I have my meds now please... NOW!
  7. And at Chelsea with 20 mins to go... lost 4-3 😤
  8. 2-0 for me too 👍
  9. Last time I went to Orient was 1977, got food poisoning after eating dodgy ham, egg & chips at Watford Gap. Then car broke down after the match and we waited hours for the AA to sort us out. Had to keep stopping on the way home to throw up 🤮 We drew 1-1 and I think Tony Dunne may have either scored or got stretchered off. Was still at school so my memory is a bit sketchy.. we won the league that season too 👍
  10. I’m watching Carlisle v Morecambe - worth it just for the commentary, bloody hilarious double act..
  11. Agree with you on the keeper issue but do we have another striker? I thought we only had 4 and 2 are injured.. 🤷‍♂️
  12. It’s not about being subbed though is it? A goalie can get injured or sent off at any stage of the game. Why take an unnecessary risk?
  13. She was never an 8 pinter.. 3 tops 😘
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