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  1. Evatts substitutions this season have been spot on!
  2. Me too, biggest test of the season so far. I think we’ll have a better idea if we are the real deal after today..
  3. Yeah true. I'm still in shock that 6 wins on the spin is so difficult & rare to achieve (for us). Evatt should get all the plaudits he deserves for the turnaround in our season. The players obviously really like playing for him and Hughmongo can fook right off!
  4. No it wasn't, he said the opposite to what he meant, which isn't straightforward for me as I'm a bit thick.. Anyhow, let's not get sensitive about it. Instead we should be celebrating the fact that we've just achieved 6 wins on the trot for the first time in 21yrs! Can you believe that - 21yrs, it's a third of my lifetime! Unbelievable Jeff..
  5. Regardless of the performance we dominated possession against a team that parked the bus (very well) but you must give Evatt credit for his substitutions. How many times has a sub(s) come on and scored recently? He just needs a plan B to implement when we’re not getting anywhere with plan A.
  6. Windy to the rescue!
  7. Think this could be the match 🤞when we perform well in both halves.. 4-0 (2 goals each half)
  8. Agree with this, Fonz just isn’t putting enough in, he takes too long & loses the ball far too easily.. put Afolayan back on the wing.
  9. Kieran Lee didn’t even make the bench - is he injured again?
  10. What’s the weather been like on Mars 😁
  11. Bit of a banana skin this one.. I’ll go for a disappointing 1-1 draw.
  12. Dreadful game, but a great 3pts 👍
  13. Good to see Dapo will probably start on the wing. He looked less effective in the middle.
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