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  1. Paul Comstive, yes you’re right, I remember it nearly well. Hic cheers 🍻
  2. Fantastic player Paul Warhurst, didn’t he score two direct from corners in the same match?
  3. So, what happened to the Sweaty one and his supposed court case with The cretinous Bassini?
  4. I prefer furry muff 🤪
  5. He he Kevin Keeganesque..
  6. That’s so Victorian, I’ve drilled a hole in the toe of all my right shoes - hasn’t let me down yet. ..and before anyone tries to be clever I’ve also drilled a hole in my right toenail for when I have no shoes on. Top Tips!
  7. Unbeaten in that kit.. we should wear it at home.
  8. Bullard and his giggling tit of a mate are total bell ends!
  9. Really looking forward to this, I missed Blackpool due to being on holiday - got a warm, tingly feeling in my belly that we’re going to get a win 🤞 But the fact I’m looking forward to it is the most important fact as I didn’t feel like going to any game last season and even missed a few with very lame excuses..
  10. That’s my view too, I like the panoramic view so you don’t have to move your head plus back row so I can stand up without pissing people off 👍
  11. You’ve failed - you bought a phone..
  12. I wonder if all the digital tickets have been sent? I’ve not had mine yet..🤔
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