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  1. That's exactly my thought because he would have signed him up already. Surely!!
  2. ah ok, wonder how O'Neil feels to be a last resort
  3. Pricey


    I remember seeing a video on pissed up doing his best Stuart McCall impression
  4. Is there a reason why he isn't signed on yet? Do you gentleman think Keith Hill wants to sign him?
  5. Fingers crossed pal, all 5 sign. I know Buckley was terrible. But I feel he might just do a job for us in L1
  6. isn't the 4 Hobbs, Karacan, Conway and Buckley?
  7. Sound like decent people to me who have the club at heart and will do everything they can within means to ensure this club has a long future and that'll do for me
  8. Nolan for me, but again he needs someone with experience as no 2 or in an advisory role
  9. Would he want to leave a stable championship club though. Folk will be wary of us for a while
  10. Where is Dean Holden? Hasn't he been out of job since 2015? I know he managed Oldham for a few months, but where has he been since?
  11. Someone who has been there and done it and doesn't want to be hands on anymore, maybe just an advisory role such as Redknapp with Lampard last year, perhaps a Curbishley
  12. Sat on the couch chewing through my nails watching SSN
  13. I love Nolan but not keen on this, unless we have someone above him helping him
  14. Pricey

    Take Over

    50 points should do it, 20 wins and a few draws and we will be reet. It feels great being positive for a change
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