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  1. Pricey

    Taken over

    See Tom Eaves has just signed for Hull
  2. Pricey

    Taken over

    Close but the answer is Helsinki 😂
  3. Pricey

    Taken over

    What will happen to a Finnish man if you push him into water???
  4. Pricey

    Taken over

    Why isn't there an official statement on the website yet?
  5. Pricey

    Taken over

    Literally just spat me brew out. Excellent picture. You've just won this thread
  6. Pricey

    Taken over

    I'm not following this SKD thing at all, what's going on now?
  7. Pricey

    Taken over

    Exactly, but by setting deadlines and making them deadlines public, people are obviously going to get concerned when the deadlines have passed and there isn't any word. Then to find out there is a delay with the HoTs and I get that doesn't mean much, but when I saw that, i just thought for fuck sake here we go again
  8. Pricey

    Taken over

    Sounds like he wanted more dollar to me
  9. Pricey

    Taken over

    See Lee Bowyer set to become clubless. Done a decent job at Charlton
  10. Pricey

    Taken over

    Nice one pal. I know it seems daft but generally won't feel ok about anything until its done
  11. Pricey

    Taken over

    Fuck him, he is just trying to be funny
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