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  1. Sadly I agree with this. You only have to look at other industries to draw parallel examples. Aviation is my domain, where Flybe, who were ‘rescued’ less than 12 months ago, now find themselves seeking further investment to keep them going.
  2. Couldn’t agree more. I took my young son and daughter several seasons ago, they sadly had to witness this type of behaviour and they’ve never been back. They cried all the way home in the car, and the merest suggestion of taking them to a game now still upsets them. One day, these moronic idiots may have children themselves and will then possibly understand the repercussions of their actions..... But then again, that’s probably wishful thinking.
  3. Daveh

    Take Over

    Really?!! 🤔🤔 We must have all misinterpreted your comments then 🙄
  4. Daveh

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    This 👍🏻 Absolutely spot on!
  5. Daveh

    Take Over

    Ms Custard has since rephrased her comment, but we all read the initial post. Marc, I agree, he/she really is obsessed..... I initially found the various comments made by this character to be irritating, now I find them bordering on hilarious! 🙄
  6. Daveh

    Take Over

    4th tier? 🤔🤔 They were playing Macclesfield in the 3rd tier about 20 years ago, but no lower I don’t think.
  7. What about when we went to Macclesfield two seasons running to see them play Chester? Where does that come into all this? 🤔🤔
  8. Daveh

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    To be fair to Nixon, he was only responding to a comment that suggested that the fee Celtic paid for Connell should be used to pay the players wages!
  9. Daveh

    Take Over

    Think I saw an earlier post saying 1200 on the day before. So that would be this Friday 😬
  10. Daveh

    Take Over

    Much as I like reading Sluffys posts, this petty little squabble is getting a tad tedious now 🙄
  11. Daveh

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    ‘Telling his dumbass readers’ Jeez... your level of condescending arrogance just has no limits 🙄
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