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  1. Yeh i love being called a "zionist pig" especially given my connections to israel.
  2. Well im not exactly sure what a "rested" is but im sure i never said that. I did call him a retard because he posted something as evidence of his point, which actually refuted his point.
  3. He's just upset because i exposed his stupidity.
  4. Careful you might get a ban
  5. The fucking coward "casino" temp blocked me for identifying his hypocrisy, he gave me a warning, but the people being homophobic and calling me a pedo...all fine by his metrics, because he agrees with their poltical positions.
  6. Calls me racist and then calls me that...pot kettle much
  7. I know its utterly boring af but, he wanted to know.
  8. I was quickly picking a name on xbox live, on my xbox 360, when i was around 15 and it used to have a function that recommended names that handn't been picked yet. It came up first so i picked it, as i was in a rush. Ive just kept it eversince as its never been an issue.
  9. There are two, the one that exists in the hearts of all jewish people and the other in the eastern mediterranean.
  10. Honestly it's great, seriously recommend it, my trip to Isreal was 100% worth it.
  11. I'm not a Baristaaahh :lol: but i dont think its fair to attack peoples jobs, like that especially when you're probably a retired accountant.
  12. I had two at college, one gave a result of 127 and the other was 141. Many take those ones on Facebook and think they're Einstein. The Woodcock–Johnson Test of Cognitive Abilities rates thoses with an iq above, 121+ as being "Superior" I think thats a responsible ball park. Although the iq test is a good predictor of attainment it isn't perfect, and there are many other factor when judging peoples intelligence. Now boys and girls, better get prepared for four more years.
  13. abit gutted about this season, because i think we had the quality to get mid table or higher even with the 12 point pen.
  14. Yeh im using my phone now and its a faff to put it all in
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