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  1. It is shit where the club is at the moment, what Ken has done as put us the club another 5-6 years than where it should be
  2. You get the gist of it don't you 😂 how the can people say we should be going up next season when we've not even signed anyone for next season who you could say would do a decent job in league two. Football Ventures need to get there act together now for me to sign up some of the players who contracts run out at the end of this season is about 13 players something like that?. Especially Darcy & Politic contracts need nailing down. We could be in the same situation again like last season where have no squad. Don't like some of the shit Keith has come out with but he when he said this the other day he was 100% correct .
  3. Being a bigger club means nothing though again we're bigger than most teams in league one doesn't mean we should finish near the top of the league, more likely teams will up there game more against us. I wouldn't call it a failure if we didn't get promoted being near the promotion places wouldn't be a failure for me. When we sort our finances out & remove this embargo, then if we don't get promotion that would be failure but all this still needs sorting for next season.
  4. I heard this year saying the level is poor etc etc, yet we have been battered off Accrington Stanley & many other league one teams.You can build a team of frees yes, but with the free players we can get, we can only offer shit wages compared to some other teams in league two. Probably been the reason why we have only signed up conference players this window. Plus we haven't got a guaranteed squad to build on yet, how many of the players we have now will be here next season? The Plymouth game shown where we are compared to other league two team's where I think we would be in the lower half with the current squad we have.
  5. Will be there again now matter what next season, but this expectation that we should go up straight away need's to stop. The transfer restrictions & the money football ventures have are going to make it very hard to build a good enough to team to compete. Likes of Bradford & Plymouth etc probably can offer more than we can. Took Portsmouth 3 seasons to get out of this league with the same restrictions, first season they finished 13th
  6. Today shown again how much we have missed Crawford would of been a different game again if he played. This re-arrange game against Doncaster I have a feeling is going to be the game we get relegated to league two which is going take the piss even more after fans trying taking the piss out of them.
  7. Okocha10


    How much money has been spent by the likes of Sheffield Wednesday, Derby, Middlesborough, Stoke, & QPR compared to what what other teams have, & try get away with it they deserve what they get, about time. We spent absolute fuck all in comparison to these teams, when you looked our team sheet when we was in the championship to what these teams had was night & day but somehow we was meant to compete with these teams. We always got victimised for spending to much money when spent literally nothing.
  8. Wish someone would take that fucking bell off him he rings for 90 minutes!
  9. Bet you Wigan was they love a former Bolton player
  10. Wonder how much Blackpool are spending on Gary Madine wages, could imagine some championship teams was after him so must spent a bit on him.
  11. Okocha10

    Keith Hill

    Given the players we have now who is contracted for next season? Can only think of the young lads that’s it. That’s my worry how we meant to starting building for next season when we can offer contracts till end of this season. Some of these players won’t be even be arsed because they know they will be going anyway like what’s happened to Chicksen
  12. “small margins minutes seconds” talking about how long it’s going to take till we conceded against Portsmouth at weekend
  13. How many goals has Remi Matthews conceded now surely he’s going to break the record of the most goals conceded in one season
  14. I know mate this decade has seriously tested me as a football fan, really don’t have a clue when this pain is going to end because I still think next season it’s going to be as bad.
  15. Okocha10

    Keith Hill

    Can we all bring onions to the Portsmouth game on Saturday & pelt him with them, like Steve Bruce with the cabbage
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