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  1. Credit to Evatt and the staff, the squad looks extremely fit, lots of sprints. Still can't believe Doyle missed that chance but not the end of the world. Need to get back to winning ways on Tuesday!
  2. Wouldn't mind getting Bradford in the playoffs for round 2 😉
  3. Bradford got away with it but the way we played gave me a lot of confidence going forward. If we play like that till the end of the season we'll be up.
  4. So undeserved that, absolutely schooled Bradford all game. Would've taken a point before hand but we should've been out of sight.
  5. Bradford population ~500k Bolton population ~200k Yorkshire population - 5.3m Lancashire population 1.5m Teams around Bradford - Huddersfield, Leeds Teams around Bolton - Man Utd, Man City Congrats on getting a few thousand more fans to your ground by offering 5 quid tickets 😂
  6. Did I read somewhere that season ticket holders from this season would have their names on a plaque somewhere as a thanks for the support? Not sure if I had to email them to confirm it or something.
  7. Feeling more confident about our chances today, have a feeling Bradford will score first and we'll come from behind to win. Here's hoping anyway.
  8. Proper up for this one. COME ON YOU WHITES!
  9. Who's the young lad wearing the #33 training kit?
  10. 😂 Fair play to you coming here just to write that. I'm sure if you do win you'll have plenty more to say but if you lose we'll never hear another word. May the best team win 👀
  11. I've not given up on him either, just don't think his head is fully screwed on in terms of football. I shouldn't judge a book by its cover but from his appearance and social media he seems more interested in living the sweet life and chilling out. Think in his signing interview he said something along the lines of how Saturday matters and the week of training isn't that important. Not sure that is the right attitude for our current club philosophy. I think you're right though, he's been trying too hard to be the match winner. He could've scored today but instead passed it and didn't quite
  12. Slightly shitting my pants but gotta have faith. Would take a draw now but I'll be positive and go 2-1 to us.
  13. Gethin Jones MOTM for me tonight
  14. Bradford next who've won 5 in a row. Absolutely massive game, need to keep the momentum going
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