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  1. Get what you’re saying but my point is that it’s out of our hands and we should just enjoy the ride. Hoping for some momentum now to carry us through to January window!
  2. What a win on Saturday. I was Absolutely shatting my pants when they scored, especially as they were in the ascendency and missed a sitter a few minutes before. Even with our depleted squad we look like a proper team now! One that can score, defend and dig deep too. It’s wonderful to see. Keith Hill deserves plaudits for his work so far, and even though he chats mad shit in interviews he reminds me of an eccentric history teacher that would go on pleasant tangents in lessons and you could listen to him all day. Never telling you off because he dislikes you but just that he wants the best for you. If I was a player I’d be buzzing to have a manager like him. Can only pray we stay up because I fear we would lose some of the gems from this year should we drop into League Two. Eg Chicksen, Crawford, Dodoo... Speaking of which - Dodoo is fast becoming one of my favourite players, seems to have it in him to beat a man or create something from nothing and his versatility being able to play winger or up top is so useful. Zouma - what a man! Sure he can look shaky at times but he will improve. If it was adam Senior or Sonny Graham they wouldn’t get half as much shit as he’s got. He’s definitely one of our best young players and needs our full support. Calling him a donkey etc. is just plain unfair. Ogrady, pleasantly surprised with the guy, makes good decisions and knows how to play to his own strengths, literally. Top performance! Anyway I could praise them endlessly. So so happy. Turning point in the season. Huge games coming up against the teams around us. Believe! Forget the deductions, trust in the team and the manager, and be that 12th man. COYFW!!!!!!!
  3. If anyone is feeling particularly bored and/or would like to speculate - https://www.worldfootball.net/table_calculator/eng-league-one/ - this website allows you to predict the remainder of the results for all teams in League 1 this season. Works on iPhone/iPad etc as well as on a PC. You might just have to wait a minute for it to load. You have to manually input every score for each fixture, then you press "calculate." However, some fixtures haven't been completed yet from previous weeks, for example our game about Doncaster was in week 4 and was postponed, so if you click into "4" you need to input that score. Week 5 also has Portsmouth vs Rotherham which was also not played. etc.. Essentially just click into every number and make sure all the fixtures are filled in, then press calculate. You can calculate before filling everything in though, if you want to look at the table as you go along. Also, the website isn't smart enough to start us on -12, so whatever you end up on, you'll need to deduct -12 points. This was my very rough prediction during a quiet work day. With the -12 taken off, it would see us onto 49 points in the season, which would have us finish a respectable 18th, 3 points above the drop zone. Maybe it's just the Bristol result going to my head. Our current record is 1 win, 4 draws and 7 losses. This prediction puts us at, 16 wins, 13 draws and 15 losses. So for us to only lose another 8 games all season is a big ask, one that I doubt we will answer. Turning 4 draws into 13 doesn't seem to be too unreasonable, I think we will draw plenty more, but those wins are the key, 15 more to have any chance of survival. Even if this is a totally ridiculous idea, it's nice to see on paper a way that we could stay up. Feel free to roast my table prediction and tell me how wrong it is! I take no responsibility for getting anyone's hopes up.
  4. I think all our November games are winnable, even with injuries, so even if we don't win a game for the rest of October I will still believe. November could be our kickstarter month. December is always busy, so with some momentum we could really take off. I remember Coyle x Elmander won the POTM and MOTM for November back in the PL, may just be our lucky month...
  5. I think we need to win 4 of our next 6 really to have any chance of survival, otherwise we will fall too far behind and the positivity and confidence will begin to ebb away. October: Rochdale at home - Win Bristol away - Draw/Lose Lincoln away - Draw/Lose November: Fleetwood at home - Win MK Dons at home - Win Accrington away - Win That's a very positive forecast for our next 6 games and that would only get us to +4 or +5 points after 16 games. Tranmere are safe at the minute on 9 points, so imagine they pickup another 6 points, that would put us 10 points off safety by December. Disregarding speculation on another points deduction, I think that's salvageable. Even though it's cliche, we do have to take it game by game right now, not expect too much and hope for a miracle. I am enjoying the season so far, Keith and the players have been a breath of fresh air but unless we build more hope it could get a bit dull when we have nothing to play for by January and players that may not be here past the summer start to give up a bit. I still believe we can do it, but like many on here don't think going down to L2 would be the worst thing, however, we can't assume that we will go straight back up!
  6. Fair, I assumed it was something to do with the old BWFC company being dissolved and replaced. If that’s the right terminology. People worried that the club is under one man’s name again. Didn’t want to rush into judgement though.
  7. People on twitter searching for answers on who Gary White is, as all the companies house links are in his name.
  8. Any of the accounting ways folk want to break this down for us?
  9. Shame. Happy with what we’ve got now, think we can have a right decent go at staying up.
  10. Is that something you can only do in the transfer window? Or could we see more players cancelling their contract just to come to us on a free? 🤣
  11. Matthews; Emmanuel, Wright, Hobbs, Bunney; Bridcutt, Lowe; Verlinden, Buckley, Politic; Murphy. or Alnwick; Brockbank, Zouma, Edwards, Earl; L. Murphy, Darcy, Weir; King-Harmes, O’Grady, Brown. Not our that into any order just whoever I thought of first.
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