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  1. They barely had a sniff. We could've had a couple at least. Onwards and upwards. @hughmungus any positives tonight?
  2. Our first league win where we had more possession, I believe.
  3. Great win to keep the momentum going. Got my 2-1 prediction right 😄. Second half was sloppy but worked hard to see us over the line. Moving in the right direction.
  4. Could probably do a good job in League 2 but I fear he's missed a lot of football in the most crucial years of his career and may have stagnated. Would take him all day based on his previous form with us but only if he was on a cheap wage and maybe on a trial basis first to assess his ability.
  5. Watching it back, it looks like Taft actually gestures at Crellin to give it to Comley. And Comley actually does take it on the half turn and could've passed it to White but instead turns back into trouble. Still a shit decision to give it to Comley whether he was told to or not. Greenidge was on his own in loads of space if we want to play out from the back, Mascoll too. Think Crellin did start hitting it long after that but it kept going out of play when he did... 😂 I'd feel more sorry for him if he hadn't cost us so many points.
  6. Mantra

    5 Subs

    Good to have the option. I think 4 subs would've sufficed though, not sure why they jumped to 5.
  7. My first time starting a topic. Thought I'd get it in early. Score predictions? Any changes to the team? I'll go 2-1 to us, same team, keep the consistency. Maybe a cameo for Thomason off the bench instead of White.
  8. He was class. Hit every pass and made a couple of good tackles. I was willing to give Comley a chance since the whole team was a bit shit this whole start of the season but he's fucking shite. Gordon actually did a little better in the second half after another crap first 45. All in all a positive game. Crellin has fucked it, Comley and White too. Rest of the lads can give themselves a pat on the back.
  9. A little, but doesn't look weak. Reminds me a bit of Chris Basham when he first started for us.
  10. Pleasantly surprised with Thomason. Looked assured.
  11. We don't half make throw ins look difficult
  12. Crellin, Gordon and White are bobbins. The rest have been OK but nothing special. How many points better off would we have been if them 3 had never played.
  13. I'd actually blame Crellin more than Comley for that one. Why are you passing it to someone who has two men pressing him? Bad turn from Comley yes but there wasn't any options from Crellin's pass. Then just gets beaten from a ridiculous angle at the near post, should never have been a goal from that shot.
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