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  1. https://www.skysports.com/watch/video/sports/football/teams/bolton-wanderers/12076551/colchester-2-0-bolton The clip starting at 0:30 was one of our best moments of the game. Good accurate passing and a creative spark from White to get Jones to the byline. Didn't see much of that last week and I think we'll see more and more of those moments as the team develops. I do worry that teams may figure us out and make us pay on the counter but the more we dominate the ball, the less chances teams will have against us and the more we will find ways to unlock defences through moments like tha
  2. Crellin - 5 - bad mistake for 2nd goal, did do some decent passes Jones - 6 - solid defensively mainly, when he did get forward he didn't get his crosses to connect. Baptiste - 6 - solid defensively, kept most things simple. Santos - 5 - seemed to lose his man for the 1st goal but I don't think he's as bad as many are making out Hickman - 7 - fantastic delivery on several crosses and passes, worked hard with his running. Comley - 6 - nothing spectacular, played better than last week though. Would like to see more pass and move from him. White - 6 - similar to Coml
  3. Started well in both halves but shit response to going behind both times. Both goals against us were shit too. Fuck off.
  4. Been better today but Colchester also had a couple of good chances. "Shooting ourselves in the foot" will be the post match thoughts of Evatt again. We can turn this around though. COYW!
  5. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/18729412.bolton-wanderers-frustrated-wellington-phoenix-striker-david-ball-chase/ Looks like we have some budget freed up
  6. I'm more getting the impression that he doesn't believe there's any disadvantage to BAME people in modern British life (in the main institutions, healthcare, welfare, education) and so he doesn't think our system should be held accountable for the situations of the Black Community, when Indian/Chinese British are performing well despite also facing historic inequality. However, https://www.gov.uk/government/news/asian-muslims-and-black-people-do-better-in-school-worse-in-work This report from 2016, acknowledges the better school results but claims "Young people from black and Asian M
  7. https://www.newsweek.com/absent-black-fathers-myth-racism-1509085 This is from an American POV but probably has some relevance to the UK too. "...children generally have one legal address, which is particularly important for purposes of determining school districts. Most often, the legal address is the mother's. This is a major reason that fatherlessness statistics in general are overblown. Fathers' homes all too often are not counted officially as being "homes with children." (Also, some unmarried couples live together, making the marriage statistics even more misleading.)"
  8. I think it just has bad connotations. BNP, EDL etc. Historically white people have been the dominant race, so we don't need to bring extra attention to our culture, because white culture is already firmly established in everyday life. Ethnic minorities are as such, minorities, and so being proud of their culture makes more sense because it is less "mainstream" and has faced more challenges and oppression to their culture than whites. So I guess people are proud to be black or are proud of their black heritage because their ancestors have gone through especially tough times. It doesn'
  9. It was pretty ugly last week, just not the right kind
  10. https://forums.vitalfootball.co.uk/threads/new-thread-for-all-things-takeover.107291/page-106 Post at the top of this page is an odd one... Look like they're nowhere near getting a buyer. Mind, I still think they'll find someone considering they just signed a player today, admins must have hope that someone will complete. Considering how Wigan fans were all slagging us off for starting last season in admin and getting "preferential treatment," they're not exactly getting rinsed by the EFL who have accommodated them so far. Could have easily prevented them from starting the season.
  11. Think he's been watching Spurs All or Nothing documentary. Lloris mentioned how hard it is to build confidence and easy to lose it and Evatt's said that here. Jose was saying how all the Spurs players are nice lads but need to be a bunch of cunts on the pitch. Which Evatt is saying here but in a more PG fashion.
  12. I read a few posts on Latics Speyk a few weeks back and noticed that when they were discussing what they would do if Latics went pop, there was little mention of setting up a phoenix club, sounded like most of their fans would just give up or support another team. Someone even set up a thread called "Does the town deserve a football team?"
  13. It was a good debate with Birch, he had good points that were well backed up and we kept it civil which is something that I don't see a lot of in these sorts of debates. I still disagree with him about the pre-match protests being too over the top/frequent (not to twist his words but that was the gist), because at least the leagues and players are standing up (or kneeling down) for a good cause and not just ignoring the issue. Whether you want to give/take the message as systemic racism or just racism is bad is up to each individual. It gets conversations going at least and helps us under
  14. 2-2, come back from behind to go 2-1 up, only to bottle it in the 92nd minute.
  15. In that Guardian article it's mentioned about it being difficult to sell a lower league club so close to Manchester United/City. Looks like we got bought at just the right time... touch wood.
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