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  1. Agreed. We have shown zero signs of progression for me since he came in - relegation inevitable or not we still needed some improvement and progression and it hasnt happened so for me we get rid in the summer.
  2. Those stats are quite worrying... he's never actually done a good job anywhere! End of season, can him off, and take pick of those that are available (as more will be then than in March) - plus who wants to come in now and have a relegation on their CV?
  3. How much are corporate ST's in different areas of the ground, anyone know?
  4. Yeah, its massive for the kids and that is exactly who we should be targetting... kids bring parents so its 2 season tickets quite easily. Massively impressed with FV so far with everything so lets hope it is a sign of things to come!
  5. Great stuff, really hope we smash 10k!
  6. How can you just 'forget' those match day tickets.. it's all part of the season expenditure to watch Bolton at home, so would normally be included and built into the seasonal cost. Like I said im not complaining, just £378 for a season of L1 Football in WSL strikes as expensive & could have been better. £12.70 is North Stand, not all areas either.
  7. Yes of course, the club needs the dosh and it isn't priced so people will be put off... I think i just expected less, so it was a surprise perhaps.
  8. Before I get lynched here, please note I am buying a ST. But.. I dont think the prices are particularly fairly priced to be honest, given its L1 football and a third of the home games will have gone before they come into use (Ipswich, Cov, Oxford, Sunderland, Doncaster, Bury) at £278 (where I sit). If you have been to the first two home games, then purchase Oxford, Sunderland & Doncaster at an average of £20 a ticket, its an extra £100 on top of the season tickets so £378 which is quite steep. I appreciate the club needs the money etc and there are other factors, but I would
  9. How many are Vile bringing? Really not an exciting prospect of going on Friday... even more so if there's 5k of them!
  10. Why was the original thread deleted and now you need to log in to view? 🤔
  11. Davies’ have recalled shares today and liquidation proceedings have begun! According to Will from @ LOV
  12. Wow... so that answers the question where all the transfer fees went!! How can he not be done for this??!
  13. No sky tv on the concourse. No food in hospitality. No supporters in the stands. No salaries paid still. No passion on the pitch. No ideas from the manager. No sign of a new owner or a light at the end of the tunnel. Our club has passed away... it’s gone, taken it’s last breath, and the owner frankly doesn’t care. The end of the season will be our last, ever. RIP BWFC, my passion, my love.
  14. I’ve been told this morning that by a friend who works in IT (who has a friend at the company that supply Bolton with IT) .. they were owed £45k so switched off the internet last Friday... so there was no power surge bla bla bla. They basically held the club to ransom to pay it. i know it sounds like my friends, friends dogs uncles cat scenario but they were adamant it was true. Also, all company phones at BWFC currently on incoming calls only because bill not been paid!!
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