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  1. I am on 5 promotions and 6 relegations need an equaliser at the weekend
  2. Hate to burst anyone’s bubble but no way are Wigan going bust there are still bidders hanging around they can’t do anything until Spanish is rejected by admins but like FV with our admins Wigan will survive but very very badly damaged
  3. The only time I’ll get worried is when the deadline has gone and we haven’t paid they negotiated a deadline it hasn’t passed yet so nothing to worry about it’s a story by the athletic to stir things up nothing more there is nothing in that story that we didn’t know about anyway
  4. They are not near a deal yet according to the admins
  5. As per admins club WILL NOT be sold by 31st August I assume that there will be an extension
  6. Admins have got a press conference today which should reveal exactly what’s going on I think they will get saved in all honesty
  7. Apparently admin have now said they will only stop selling players once grounds are open as they have no income but wages etc still need to be paid their issue is that they can’t get any money from ST as like us last year they can’t guarantee games but from what they have said about player sales that doesn’t sound like deal is close
  8. Apparently these Americans that were supposed to be interested in Wigan are time wasters nearly another week gone and no end in sight sounds very familiar at least we had FV who had been hanging around well before admin and had MJ on board who is a Bolton fan so they had a good idea of what was involved Wigan don’t seem to have any long term interest
  9. Politic potentially out for season looks like knee injury
  10. Politics potentially out for season just been told suffered knee injury in today’s game
  11. Let’s not forget ex wanderer Leam Richardson now in charge at Wigan
  12. Chrisj

    Keith Hill

    The only thing he got right yesterday was giving Bunney a run out I thought first 30 mins we played some good football but he needs to start playing the guys who are starting next season in the positions he sees them in we have 16 free hits to get it right but as for next season he has five games to start well if he doesn’t then get rid
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