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  1. guilty was just more hope that we wouldnt get hammard again.
  2. fans can dream. but feel its managers job and players job and the owners jobs to have a good go at it
  3. ye lets hope he hasnt been employed
  4. was peed of with parky when clough came on loan played one full match and scored and then didnt play again
  5. i trust fv know what they are doing they seem very good bussiness people. but lets see why does that sound like nixon oh shit im turning into a fud
  6. just been thinking with wage bill so low now i bet its under 50k a week compared to the 250k i think it was not too sure. so i bet wage budget would be around 100k leave 50k spare so should be able get a couple of good solid players in there.but maybe im wrong just thinking
  7. who ever we get think we needs to invest in younger players. and sell off and reinvest. best way to make profit. and as long as its done in clubs best interest im happy
  8. bwfc now have a mom.not many other teams have one
  9. when my kids are older i ges. hope they may take some interest.
  10. would nolan and keith hill not work together with nolan as assistant. just thinking maybe nolan needs a bit more xp i dont personally think we will stay up but id like to think we go for the best men and give it a good go.and hope
  11. anything can happen from lunch time. with bwfc
  12. he did that then he would be a hero, but doupt
  13. if we survive build for next season
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