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  1. ah yeah the good old anderson holdworth combo
  2. who was the last last minute one
  3. fv have a basran replacment backer
  4. id take him over bassini. atleast we will be stable.
  5. soul of this club is being destroyed.
  6. he does seem to scaremonger alot. i need to block the fud
  7. surprised he hasnt got on board with fv considering basran is leaving
  8. imagine that would be the guy that owns middlebrook or something. if it was true
  9. blocked me but i have a second acount. just to spite him :lol:
  10. they have agreed heads of terms. nixon talks out of his ass. marc said its still moving and beleives will get done. think marc is more reliable then nixon. ps mr nixon try blocking me again. you dont know my second twitter haha
  11. cant see them buying hotel just to sell the ground
  12. thank got for super football venture whites. eh. dont wanna be another coventry
  13. must of been the last owner of man city then :lol:
  14. probly getting his ideas for the team.
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