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  1. I think their board probably saw that he was cheap and got us promoted with fuck all last time in league 1. Think they must have been in a coma for the past 2 years though. Only thing he did well in the last 2 years was staying professional despite all the shit he had to deal with.
  2. I know what you mean, but haven't FV capped prices at £20 so far since they've been in? Fairly reasonable, even without the senior players. I think they probably could have worked faster to get the ST out, but when there's been so much to sort it makes sense to have it starting from a specific date. Gives more time for people to get them, so I wouldn't really count that, but if they announced before International break it would have been good so people can buy them before the Oxford and Sunderland games. Still, don't think the price is too bad considering what they've had to pay to
  3. Good prices I think, really decent for any concessions. Unfortunately I can't rope anyone into coming with this year, is it worth going alone, and if so, where's best to sit?
  4. No mention of Darcy, do you think he's good enough? Didn't Brockbank originally come through as a centreback or am I thinking of someone else? If he did and he can get to grips with playing there, especially in League 1, then I think we could develop him well. Don't see why a few clubs wanted him in summer unless they see the same potential. I don't think he has the qualities to be a right back, especially with the way full backs play these days. Think he'd be a decent CB though, given a chance and if he can hold his own in a league where every team will try to be overly physical a
  5. Not seen it asked yet, but what's everyone's thoughts on how we'll set up and what the line up will be? Obviously not spoilt for choice, but still curious
  6. Think that's the point. He's trying to have a pop over a massively hypothetical possibility. With the Doncaster game it'd probably be harsh for a serious punishment, because it can be rescheduled. I think we'll get a 6pt deduction for the Brentford game, so EFL will probably release a statement and shove Doncaster in the statement so it looks like 3 points each game. Think he's just finding something to moan about, and no one is taking to it kindly seeing as it's the first time in 18 months we've actually had a reason to be happy/optimistic. Absolutely no need to stick the boot in, e
  7. He's not specifically talking about us and Bury now though. He's crying because we were the whipping boys of the division because of the EFL and now we actually might win a few games. Our situation is unique (in the fact that we had 2 morons stopping the deal every possible chance), but we were supposed to be close to completing the deal. If the EFL stopped us from starting the season but the deal was done 2 days later as was due, then we'd all be pissed off being docked another 3-6pts+. I think the EFL need to take more preventive action, and I agree with Andy in that sense. Just
  8. Hill is 100% the sensible choice. More experience, plays a better style and has a decent record at lower levels. Nolan would have the fans behind him for longer, but he's not been around enough to properly see what he's about. Also wouldn't be long before people get tired of his style of football if his last jobs were anything to go by.
  9. MJ and FV in general deserve massive credit for sticking around. Still think there was some fucking around during the 2+ months we ended up waiting, and that it could have been hurried along but now it's done who cares. Eddie definitely deserves something, think naming the stand after him would be a nice touch. He basically kept the club running for an extra few years after he thought he'd sold it and his family have been forced to write off his money because of a horrible self serving cunt.
  10. Fortunately not, and yeah, it'd all depend on whether he fancies the step up too. Even though it could end up being a write off season, I don't think anyone wants to see another Sammy Lee type come in. Just think out of the names mentioned, the set up he's been involved in looks best overall, and you'd hope he's been learning from that.
  11. I think of all the possible names mentioned, Dean Holden sounds best, considering pretty much all of them are massive punts. At least he's had almost 3 years of being at a club that doesn't spend loads, plays decent football and have been fairly successful for their size. Can't expect him to replicate it, but it's probably the best punt we've got if the few names mentioned are the only ones available.
  12. Saw a Blackpool fan on Twitter laughing and hoping for us to go bust yesterday, few others replying to him agreeing. Of all clubs you'd think they'd have some decency after all the crying they've done.
  13. Yeah, that's what I mean. The other clubs probably had more money left in when admin was done. I assume it was probably done mid season too in a few cases, which means games being played every week or two. Unlike Ken who waited and waited to make sure we suffer as much as possible from it.
  14. Admins refused to sell ST though, because they can't guarantee we'd still be running, I assume. Doubt it was just ST money that allowed them to keep going. Owners possibly had a big enough admin pot before leaving?
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