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  1. Inside Man

    Take Over

    Ok thanks. Whats Ken's tactics seeing been court numerous times over past few weeks and never requesting a Validation Order to unfreeze the Accounts why all this been going on. Seeing theres funds in the Accounts? I recall over 3 years ago when similar events were going under Eddies reign, The Club requested one and got one to trade. Trying to understand why never requested one.
  2. Inside Man

    Take Over

    When in Admin, is Ken first port of call to payed out his 5m Loan as a secured Creditor? Before James and Warburton?
  3. Whats your predictions? 2-1 Bolton mine.
  4. Inside Man

    Take Over

    Staff have not been paid by BACS for last 3-4 months.
  5. Where’s Dyer? Injured or out of favour?
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