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  1. It's probably already been said but why the fuck did it take 20 mins to get Zouma on the pitch after the red card? Can't get my head around that decision.
  2. stimmau5

    Next manager

    That's not a bad shout I remember they had some decent results in the FA cup a few years back, beating Leeds and then drawing at home to Spurs.
  3. stimmau5

    Take Over

    Fucking buzzing! Looking forward to seeing who we manage to sign and who takes over as manager, finally some positivity, get in there. COYFWM!!!!
  4. stimmau5

    Take Over

    Whats your confidence based on?
  5. stimmau5

    Take Over

    I think it's best to avoid anything to do with the Wanderers on Twitter at the moment when you've got to read fucking gobshites post garbage like this. FFS!!!
  6. Absolutely steaming but fuck it come on you whites, I don't care if it's the kids playing fuck it. COYFWM!!!! Sick to the back teeth with all thes shitthats being going on but we have a very very good core fan base, the wanderers will never die.
  7. stimmau5

    Take Over

    Stop posting shite from that daft cunt, positive vibes today please.
  8. stimmau5

    Take Over

    EFL statement on Bury - https://www.efl.com/news/2019/july/efl-statement-bury-fc2/ I thought we were in a worse position than Bury, seems thats maybe not the case.
  9. stimmau5

    Take Over

    After one too many bank holidays bevvy's I can't help but close my eyes and hope for a decent sensible owner with fairly deep pockets looking for a long term project. I can see Gudni as chairman and Steinsson as head of recruitment/director of football and a young progressive and exciting manager that takes risks and tries to play at least semi entertaining football. I can see Vela back to his best and Connell with him in midfield doing damage. In reality I am absolutely shit scared of what will happen to my club, I know the chances of my dream coming true are less than 0.001% but I have to dream as the reality of what may be coming doesn't bear thinking about. COYWM!
  10. stimmau5

    Take Over

    I dont think that lazy cunt could bust a nut never mind bust a gut.
  11. stimmau5

    Take Over

    Very well put Dr Faustus.
  12. stimmau5

    Take Over

    Thanks for this Howard. So were fucked then? Its unlikely anyone will want to fund admin based on what you have said.
  13. stimmau5

    Take Over

    Critical failure of the stadium’s IT system? 😂 jesus christ. Players have told Ken to fuck off is my bet and decided not to play but the club dont want to report it.
  14. stimmau5

    Take Over

    Fascinating reading the last 4-5 days posts on this thread, we have had a load of potential new owners from Basran, the Turkish fella to Beckham and Fuller and we’ve gone through some managers as well, Rowett, Clough, Grayson and the holy grail of BSA and Nolan. Sprinkled in between, we have had a Howard and Custard showdown, Howard leaving in a fit of rage and then returning like the bloody messiah and a debate about us being a bigger club than Southampton is. Also who could forget ‘I have a Master’s degree in Business, don’t you talk down to me’ haha absolutely fantastic. I feel obliged to thank Howard as many others have. I have had a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach over all this shite that’s been going on, and reading Howards posts (whether accurate or not, I guess only time will tell) have helped me feel a lot better about the whole situation, so thanks for that Howard, also did we ever figure out if Howard is a bird? Finally, I have been visiting this site since I was 16, I visited the site looking for posts about pubs/bars that Wanderers fans would be going to in Munich (remember those good times?) and have dropped by every few weeks since. I felt obliged to finally register and post as reading the posts on here have cheered me up no end, in contrast to the absolute dread I feel whenever I hear BWFC mentioned. Cheers Fellas, keep up the good work and COYWM!
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