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  1. I suspect you to be Mike James or Brett Warbuton
  2. With Bassinis past and it only being 6 days till your party can claim shares and with Saturday and Sunday being days where people won’t be in the office , due dilligence is bound to take a lengthy period of time as he isn’t even at stage 1 of that process , think your boys will get in as it’s really not that long away @Howardroark?
  3. Calling it - ken goes back to Howard’s group - 10 p on it
  4. Nixon reporting Anderson is taking less for himself , does this bring back your party now ? @Howardroark
  5. Howard - Odds on your boys owning the club by whtever deadline tomorrow brings ? @Howardroark
  6. Howard what’s has your party had to say about today’s events are they twitching and wanting to improve there offer ... ?
  7. Are your boys out completely ?
  8. Well maybe that fake account with now 3 followers was me all along trying to get a point across ?
  9. https://twitter.com/KianHorrocks/status/1112351194729590785?s=20
  10. https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17545208.mystery-buyer-says-deal-to-take-over-wanderers-is-on-the-verge/
  12. Does Bassini have a lot of funds behind him @Howardroark
  13. Say a prayer before you head off to bed everyone
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