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  1. I think it was on here, just after he was appointed that I read a Rochdale fansaying that we could expect some bizarre stuff in press conferences and post match interviews, but nonetheless he'd been a fantastic manager for them. i think he's very passionate and the qualities that have helped him do a good job under very testing circumstances are also liable to make him a bit random on some of the stuff he says. i like him nonetheless.
  2. Merry Christmas one and all. Hope everyone has the holiday they've been hoping for and Santa remembers three points on Boxing Day.
  3. It's more likely to be a reaction after the fact than before. At the moment it's an abstract conversation about what may happen to another club, once it's a decision there'll be more attention and more positive or negative reaction, particularly once people start talking about how it could affect them or what precedents it sets etc. I've seen a few articles talking about Bury and Macclesfield as well with people calling for some structural changes to the league and how it deals with financial issues. So maybe there'll be some good comes out of this in the longer term.
  4. That explains a snippet in the Daily Mail about former players expecting payment this week, but they said it was after the 'collapse' of the PFA loan whereas this sounds more like FV deciding to sort it directly rather than involving and presumably paying for the services of a middleman.
  5. His delivery into the box from corners was impressive.
  6. On the keepers, I don't think there's much in it but edge towards Matthews. On the best 11, absolutely no idea, but it's quite exciting that there's an element of mystery around how Hill will put this assortment of flotsam and jetsam together.
  7. Indeed. Who'd have thought it? I was expecting him to say Wycombe or Leicester season ticket holders, but Bolton?
  8. Good choice. Delighted they've moved quickly and decisively.
  9. I'd like to see FV invite Sam in for the day and tap his brains, but talk of him returning to the managers role here is far fetched. FV can't afford him and the level will be so far below where he's reached that he's arguably not a good fit in any case. I'm worried Nolan lacks the experience for what's going to be a uniquely challenging role. Also not sure if his motivational skills will be suited to the twin tasks of pushing the established players (if and when they appear) with keeping the youngsters going. I can see him being far better with the former than the latter, although obviously that's only a perception from my seat and may be doing him a disservice. In general though I think appointments are best made without sentiment.
  10. Not completely unpopular as that was how myself and those I go the match with felt also. I'd come round to realising that for a large enough section of the support there was no way back, they wanted rid of Parky and were never going to change their minds. Given the toll that managing this madhouse would've taken and also perhaps FV's desire to start a new era off with a new man at the helm, it was probably for the best that he went when he did. Now he's gone and hopefully everyone can get round whoever comes in and there's a feeling of a fresh start, a clean slate and a manager full of energy and ideas with sufficient time and understanding from the support to build something that's sustainable in the medium and long term.
  11. Every club has its share of bitter, parochial muppets. They're best ignored, they would love to know their bile was being reposted on Wanderers forums. There will be plenty of decent Blackpool, Wigan fans etc who will have put tribal loyalties to one side when witnessing BWFC and Bury's plight. Best we focus on them and ignore the pondlife.
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