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  1. Just found this thread intending to post the same! There's a couple of other games free at the moment as well, but the deadline for claiming is Thursday. im in two minds about getting back into football manager. It's years since I played it, but way back then it was deadly addictive and time consuming. Can only think its even more so now.
  2. If I could pick one fault it's that they'd have been better sorting out an auto reply to the emails along the lines of: 'Thanks for your message. At present we are trying to get through a backlog as soon as possible but your message has been received and we will answer it asap.' which would at least have helped when we started to wonder if the email had actually been receieved. However, think we have to accept they're trying to fight fires with one hand tied behind their back due to Covid. They're doubtless doing the best they can and luckily it's a very big stadium, so I'm conf
  3. Ellie from BWFC returned my parents email, apologised for the delay and explained that they'd been overwhelmed by the volume. She sorted the season tickets out for them and as usual in their dealings with the club over the phone, they said she was lovely with them.
  4. Just as long as they get the same seats as they've had for donkeys years. Otherwise there's going to be problems.
  5. Just had a call from my mum who is worried that she won't get her tickets, on the website they're greyed out. I've told her that of course they've not sold them, they're greyed out because they're reserved for her. Have I 'unintentionally misspoke' and do I need to drive to Birmingham to test my eyesight?
  6. You could try talking to your wife, moving the dogs and looking at the insulation in the sprogs room before taking such a drastic and likely illegal step. I say illegal, I'm no lawyer, but I have a feeling wife culling is no longer allowed in England.
  7. Was always likely to happen once Elon Musk developed the Mersonometron 4000. That offers Talksport the chance to have a virtual Paul Merson appear in the listeners own home and piss in their face whilst making drunken comments about foreign managers being shite. Next year he's promised to install an Alan Brazil version which will piss twice as longer whilst singing 'We'll Meet Again'. The industry radio awards are already in the can.
  8. Another Total War giveaway, this time on Epic Game Launcher: https://epicgames.com/ Total War Troy is the latest one. No idea if it's any good, they go a little bit like versions of windows, some of them great, some not so much. It's a £35 new game for free though so that's nice, but only for 24 hours.
  9. As long as we win the post match interviews I'm past caring about the football.
  10. The only antidote to the despair brought on by hearing the dirges on Songs of Praise was the theme tune to Ski Sunday. That's why it was there, it was the only thing holding off the collapse of society.
  11. Just need hot weather and the FIA to keep messing with the tyres and there'll be a three way fight for the championship.
  12. Sad story behind that photograph. They found the man's camera some days after the body was recovered. The locals had already lynched the 'wizard' they'd caught earlier. You can see the 'horseless carriage' in the foreground that they dragged him out of. When the hapless photographer took out a black box and captured the image on it, that sent them into a frenzy. They said he would steal their souls if he happened to catch him and so they burned him, but luckily his camera survived and we got that very rare photograph. I think it was an iPhone 6 that it was took on. This all happened a co
  13. I like it. There, I said it. li
  14. This one popped in my head as I was donning my mask ready to brave the Co-Op. Never realised it was a cover...
  15. I think over time he's earned most of that luck. He earned his place in the best car by excelling in lesser ones. He gambled on Mercedes when they weren't the finished article. Today with pole he maybe wasn't as harsh on the tyres as Bottas which meant that he was just that closer to the line when they failed. He earned that position in turn by breaking the track record in qualifying. Finally when the tyre did go he kept the car on the track and ahead of Verstappen. He is an exceptional talent. Not sure if Pirrelli are really at fault, They were all pushing the limits of what that tyre
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