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  1. Has anyone had audio problem s with ifollow? or is it just me.
  2. Get in. Tough viewing for the second half that I follow actually showed, but they were gritty and the play is starting to develop.
  3. I think my stream is behind as I've only just seen him go walkabout
  4. This is beginning to look like a team you can actually enjoy watching play football.
  5. I Got a couple of minutes at the end of the half. They looked to be playing well.
  6. I get a minute and then the buttering symbol returned
  7. Can you watch any match with the code that bolton send out? im still listening to the audio having given up on the video, anyone having any joy with it?
  8. I'm just listening to the audio commentary. theyve acknowledged a problem and say they're working on it
  9. Turning off in disgust is the new going out.
  10. I think they're trying to play better football than they're capable of.
  11. I wish I'd not watched that. Feel for santos, him the fans and kios about the only ones who didn't deserve that.
  12. Santos is a cool customer, dropping his shoulder and stepping past players. that should've been a goal
  13. Utterly random music continues with that ready or not track by I forget who
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