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  1. Apparently Bassini has a new plan to construct a monorail to put Wanderers on the map, just as he did at north haverbrook. Although he's worried that it may be more of a shelbyville rovers idea.
  2. I hope some Watford fans can be bussed up.
  3. Clearly a false dichotomy ignoring the third way, invoking the ceremony of the removal of the BWFC car sticker.
  4. For a price... Let's hope he doesn't get anywhere near achieving this.
  5. That sounds plausible. I wonder if a legal battle is looming between Anderson and James over their respective claims on the hotel?
  6. There's a bloke in my local who knows something I'm sure of it. I keep on asking him what's happening at Bolton and he tries to fob me off by making out that I probably know as much as he does. Ha! A likely story! As you would expect I've got the special room ready and the van and the cable ties and a bottle of ether. I'll let you all know once the interrogation is underway and we can finally get some answers...
  7. This is the most positive thing I've read here in days.
  8. The frequency of transfers in itself seems suspect.
  9. In the context of the stadium I think its of some value. The ACV prevents anything being done as a fait accompli. It guarantees that plans will have to be made public six months before the sake can occur. That's the time in which a fanbase can be mobilised, direct action can take place. etc. There are some organisations that wouldn't want that sort of exposure. The ACV period could dissuade them from getting involved.
  10. Yeah that's the one. Just braved the match report (yikes) and I think it was Murphy, Lowe and co who may as well have been wearing wigs and false moustaches.
  11. Agreed. i can't remember the game, I think ptsd kicked in, but early on this season there was one match where the entire Bolton midfield didn't want to know for just about the entire game. I've never seen it before at any level. Players moving into positions where they couldn't receive the ball. Pratley, for all his faults, didn't hide in plain sight. Saw him in the playoffs and he was still putting in a good shift.
  12. That's a fair assessment and close to how I feel.
  13. It was in response to claims being made about the quality in that squad at that time. As such, it was a good response and the whereabouts of the players today is certainly relevant, moreso in fact than where they'd come from. Every year PL and upper championship clubs discard players who may have made several or even many appearances but who have been deemed surplus to requirements. They maintain some status from their origin, but often that's not merited and they are either diminished due to injury, were never that good and have been worked out by opposing players or have simply failed to kick on when expected. In these players case the fact that virtually none of them managed to maintain a career at the same level could tell us something about the actual quality they possessed.
  14. No-one may like Bassini, BWFC fans may want this whole process to end, but there's a story here and potentially a legal challenge. I don't think Nixon is under any obligation to drop it, quite the reverse. If a journalist has a story about administrators who have a legal obligation to secure the best possible deal for creditors as a whole turning down an offer of 100p in the pound in favour of 25p for unsecured creditors then the last thing he needs to do is drop it.
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