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    Only added 30k on to next year's total salary
  2. My best mate is fashion stunted. Needed a pair of jeans and insisted they had to be boot cut and cheap. 12 quid primark specials. To be honest most of my close mates are the cheap jeans and trainers type. Apart from one lad who fancies himself as a Teddy Boy/rockabilly type.
  3. Some of the bigger Sports Direct have stock from USC and Pulp in them. Wouldn't surprise me if he started selling HoF stuff through there too. Last time i was in Kendals they had some sports direct tat on the top floor filling the space previously rented out to a concession
  4. Its probably the influence of the last few years but I'm refusing to get excited about football and what staff and players we have and haven't signed up til we start playing and actually started getting results in the pitch. Too many false hopes from little Sam onwards
  5. Public sector spending was being cut back under labour at the council at least. No where near the levels of the Tories but it was being reduced. Our department had to achieve reductions in public funding spent each year.
  6. My extended family are wheat farmers in Saskatchewan so if warbies are buying from them then i'm happy. If it's from anyone else then it's a stupid deal.
  7. Same applies at the unibol to be fair
  8. Can't stand villa or Grealish but he's a good player and with anyone who can kick a ball straight playing with him would be a lot more effective. Not sure he's 'big 6' material but would be really useful at a best of the rest team.
  9. According to this as soon as August 29th. https://www.bristolpost.co.uk/sport/football/could-202021-championship-season-start-4283754
  10. How long til she "commits suicide" do we reckon?
  11. Premier League is due to start second weekend in September. So following usual timings then charity shield and EFL starting 1st weekend in September?
  12. Nige is losing his shit about net migration being 300k. He'll have a right wobbly when 3 million rock up .
  13. Defunding the police (like lots of the BLM arguments) is very yank centric and doesn't work in the UK. Where cops have been being defunded by the Tories for around 10yrs now. In the US cops get shit loads of money and military grade equipment thrown at them and very little training or oversight in what to do with them. Mental health, addiction support and other help for factors behind what drives people to crime are only for those with jobs/money to get health insurance. The defund cops angle works along the lines of stop giving police all the money and fund services to help folk.
  14. And a bouncer on the car park who looks straight out of a rubbish gangster film.
  15. The extra odd thing with the Biden mixing up thousand and million was that he corrected himself straight away. It's not like he said million then had to come back later to correct it once his staffers had told him to. Old man Joe isn't an ideal candidate but up against trump he shouldn't need to be. Hopefully a younger level headed person can be Joe's VP and take over the reigns next election.
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