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  1. Globally will probably be Wolfsburg and VW although that's kind of cheating
  2. Given they're all bullingdon twats anyway would it not be a game of soggy pig's head?
  3. The Watford play off final was especially painful as I was really excited as a kid and really hopeful we'd go up. Had really good seats and a cracking view of my dreams being crushed. It was my second visit to Wembley and I'm still yet to see us win there or Cardiff.
  4. Not a player but the missus was watching one of those weight loss reality series a few years back and there was a big fat Chelsea fan on and the abuse he got from the notrights under the score board in the ESL after he appeared up the steps with an arm full of pies was the final push to get him to lose weight. Odd sense of pride in that.
  5. Shearer was a massive cheat at times but still one of the greatest strikers ever. Scored every kind of goal going.
  6. During the era we kicked lumps out of Arsenal and they all got the hump, I remember Terry Henry shanking a cross into the North stand and getting a very loud WAAAYYY. He lost his cool and started gesturing at the champions badge on the sleeve of his shirt and getting another WAAAYYY for his reaction.
  7. Had to go to Oldham hospital to pick up my dad's drugs and it was spookily quiet.
  8. This place does a bang up job if you need something fixing up https://instagram.com/sneakerlaundryglasgow?igshid=xt0a1vib2e2i
  9. There's the Reebok Bolton Not the same asthetic though.
  10. Back to Stormy Daniels description of his todger
  11. Pretty sure Paris Hilton has done better financially with her inheritance than trump has? And she's thick as mince.
  12. As Bernie Sanders isn't looking likely to be the democratic nominee Corbyn wouldn't get the job either as they're pretty close ideologically
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