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  1. Oh yeah I know that but he's a doddery owd bugger as was Bernie. Its a shutter they've gone from Obama to these crap options
  2. Suarez and Costa managed by Simeone. Athletic Madrid may as well change their name to Shithouse FC should be a cracking watch anyway
  3. Reminds me of our election. A decent candidate would trounce Trump. But they've got Sleepy Joe. A decent labour bod would have trounced Johnson.
  4. Apparently they're very lovely chaps. Produced the wife's cousins first ep. No idea what they sound like.
  5. Another loss coming up. Maybe if we scab a 0-0 I might be more optimistic next time out.
  6. Probably as we've looked toothless so what the harm in giving him a game. See Riga, Mustapha for more info.
  7. Have a look at his wiki page he may not be a nonce but he's definitely a mentalist! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noel_Edmonds
  8. Definitely the second one.
  9. I was gonna get a brew from Costa on Victoria Square and sit in the sun but it's closed down.😄
  10. Excellent game between the seagulls and the cheats. After that tipped interception which you can't blame him too much for Wilson was phenomenal
  11. In Bolton TC trying to kill time while my car gets its service and mot. Can't even go for a brew and a sit down. Place is a ghost town at the best of times its proper shite today. I imagine the same is true in towns all across the country.
  12. The best ones are where one of them gets a thoughtful piece tattooed on their mate and end up with a massive jizzing cock on their back
  13. Missus said collarbone was by far the most painful she fell asleep during most of them.
  14. Got redzone on the way they reported Saquon Barkley likely out for the season sounded like someone died.
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