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  1. A few square miles providing a 3rd of the whole countries tax contribution I'd have to agree it's keeping the rest of the country ticking over.
  2. WWE style? Is Bassini going to come out part way through and suplex Sharon through the table?
  3. You aiming for the 'numpties behind the reporter' bit on sky sports news? "FUCK HER IN THE PUSSY!"
  4. Given away a penalty. Shit big brother
  5. Ask Bassini what he thinks of Tranmere and if his answer isn't a stream of expletives then he clearly know fuck all.
  6. Good to see the issue being noticed outside of Bolton.
  7. Caller number 2 can fuck off too.
  8. First caller on GMR "not been to the game today" fuck off you cunt!
  9. Tremendous effort from the kids. Darcy, zouma and Edwards especially impressed.
  10. At least 1 of Family Spencer has been at pretty much every home game since 1938. Can't see us breaking that cycle anytime soon.
  11. Hiwula has looked pretty good for you. Proper lose lose game for your lads. If they win it'll mean nowt as its against kids. Any other result will be a shit one.
  12. You're spot on there. It's shit they don't feel able to play but it's hard to blame them.
  13. frank_spencer


    Running back is a prime position for a rugby back. Christian Scotland-Williamson (ex Worcester) is trying to make it as a tight end at the Steelers which I can see being a tricky change.
  14. Seeing GnR depends on which Axl Rose turns up that night. Self indulgent arrogant cunt Axl and they'll be late on and shite. Rock star Axl and they're one of the best live acts I've seen
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