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  1. Do Wiggin have any assets that the new owner would be able to sell if the team goes up the shitter?
  2. Madison needs to ditch that fucking head band
  3. In watching this one so we'll lose.
  4. End of the day all that really matters is the three points. Playing shit and winning will always be preferable to playing well and not winning
  5. Who Zaha or the bloke compared to a house slave on Miami's link.
  6. If you think he's a dick tell him why you think he's a dick. No need to bring his race in to it. As Jules said on the last page the extremes of both sides are cunts but are the ones who generate those lovely clicks which pay the wages these days.
  7. Had a few pairs of zx500s possibly the last pair of Adidas I wore regularly
  8. same in bury and it includes caring responsibilities which is why i'm getting mine. Unless i'm more of a fatty than i thought.
  9. A pair of something different to the usual silouettes they churn out would be worth getting excited about. Maybe some Tyshawns
  10. That's just an odd statistic then. The only other explanation I can think of is they've picked up folk from the neighboring regions too
  11. Being realistic are these going to be anything more than a glorified gazelle?
  12. I take it that means some have had their 2nd jab?
  13. Due to get my first dose of the vax tomorrow. I hate needles with a passion so I'm not looking forward to it. But i want to be able to watch the footy with my dad again so I'll just have to stop being a fanny.
  14. It's not related to the football ground, it's going to be Asda themed as it's Aspden's favourite place to do his big shop.
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