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  1. Razor Ruddock = the Colin hunt of 90s footballers
  2. I started in 92 and I can't remember the football being as shit. Winning footy is exciting footy. Big hoof up to centre forward, laid off to the midfield and goal. Might not be Barca tiki-taka but it's plenty satisfying
  3. She's a lefty. Oh and she wants a debate about removing the British monarch as head of state for NZ. 2 things guaranteed to upset Bolty
  4. Always me laugh this. The lefties also dislike the beeb as they see it as Tory propaganda.
  5. We've hardly seen much coverage of the slaughter of Rohingya Muslims by the Buddhist Myanmar government over here. Our news tends to deal with only a few select countries, unless a British person gets caught up in the chaos. So sadly the actions of horrific groups in places that don't directly affect us aren't given the coverage they are due.
  6. Got family in and around Timaru. My uncle moved out there probably about the time Bolty went to Oz. Never been over, really want to, but a trip to New Brighton is about our budget at the moment.
  7. If it's good enough for the arizona cardinals it's good enough for the wanderers.
  8. frank_spencer


    OBJ, Landry and Chubb could be terrifyingly good if Mayfield keeps up his last season form. The Bungles look set to take the Browns place as whipping boys. Though this is the Browns so there's still a way for them to fuck it all up.
  9. Most folk would struggle to beat their 34 in the air, he was immense. Why we persisted in keep trying is beyond me.
  10. If you don't shoot you don't score. Not sure our players know this tonight.
  11. Chuffed to bits with that result. A few things to grumble about but I'll save them for a later date. Need to follow it up with another 3 points on Tuesday
  12. SISU are still involved in the mess at Cov which is keeping many fans away. I know of a few who now go watching the Ice Hockey home and away instead.
  13. Can't forget that tv income went up dramatically between BSA and Megson. So whilst Megson did get more cash to spend that's because there was more coming in
  14. Same experts making such a grand job of the process so far?
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