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  1. frank_spencer

    Annual weightloss/get fit thread

    Fad diets piss me off. Fucking detox this and cleanse that. If you've got functioning organs they'll do all that for you. If you want to lose weight eat less and move more there's no need for any other bollocks.
  2. frank_spencer

    WBA home

    It's fucking comedy, its up there with some of the shite Wenger Out ones from last year. Wouldn't take more than a warm pie to send it up in flames tbh. Good job there no chance of that at the wanderers.
  3. frank_spencer

    Town Centre Latest

    The development at Church wharf will help revitalise that area. If it looks anything like the proposals I saw 5yr ago Bank Street will be flattened anyway. The bottom of chuchgate won't be a dead end for bagheads and council workmen to hide in
  4. frank_spencer


    The Pats are the manyoo of the nfl. Even down to unless you are a Pats supporter you want them to lose. The Cowboys are Liverpool not won the league for years but bang on about history
  5. frank_spencer

    Driving at 97?

    Currently sat in Tesco cafe with the 85yr old grandad in law as grandma in law does the shopping. My bringing them to do the big shop was one of the ways to make her agree to him having his licence taken away due to his vascular dementia. The old bugger was a fucking nightmare driver before his dementia.
  6. frank_spencer


    If it's Saints v Pats I want a post 2 minute warning pick six from Marshone Lattimore complete with him flicking the V's at Brady. Not that I'm petty or anything.
  7. frank_spencer

    In Or Out Again

    Kicking out the poles and fellow Eastern Europeans will be about 20% of my regular customer base, still got the Rayguns and Africans they're always popping out babies.
  8. frank_spencer

    In Or Out Again

    I way past the point of leaving the EU being a good idea or a bad idea. The whole process has become a massive clusterfuck. If there was to be a second referendum it'd have to be on proportional representation with 3 or 4 options.
  9. frank_spencer


    That's ace!
  10. frank_spencer

    Sweaty Ken

    My dislike of the BEN goes back way before Ken and Iles squabbles. Possibly even before Iles rocked up at the rag.
  11. frank_spencer

    Sweaty Ken

    It's like the number 1 rule of the whole forum
  12. Ken and Lee should do the golden gamble draw.
  13. frank_spencer

    This 14 year old murder victim in London

    14yr old on mopeds don't usually ride sensibly and courteously, it seems like he's unfortunately acted the knob in front of the wrong people. No matter if he was a cunt or not someone's kid has been murdered
  14. frank_spencer

    Does anybody still....

    There's a big fat wood pigeon that lives near the parents who nicks all the food my mum put on the feeder table. He's too fat to land on the hanging feeders so there's loads dotted around. No idea why as the dog barks at any birds and chases them out of his garden.
  15. frank_spencer

    Todays Games

    Saw on twitter that city should draw their team for the next leg from a hat. So you could end up with Aguero in goal and Ederson on the left wing.

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