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  1. Never been. Done boro and Newcastle.
  2. Sunderland trip next season then?
  3. Used to work with one of the lads boxing. Top bloke and mad as a box of frogs.
  4. If one of our 1st team was unable to play due to his nationality I'd tell em to get fucked.
  5. 524s are usually single decker so they'll have a job.
  6. Morgan can fuck off his treatment of serving military personnel pales in comparison to lobbing dairy products at an old man.
  7. Either way that's a horrible way to treat an owd fella. If some knobbers have thought it a good idea to chuck a shake on them then they are cunts and want finding and prosecuting. If he has been used as a stooge then that's the actions of a twat.
  8. I could have squeezed into one once upon a time but my 'dad bod' has seen to that one.
  9. I was in on Monday and thought the same. Got mini me a t-shirt but nowt in adult sizes fer me. If you or your yoof wear a small the kits are 8 quid can't go wrong with that.
  10. frank_spencer


    Like I said before we are at our lowest ebb and are gutted to be having to play the likes of Bury. They are on a high at being at this level and playing us. If things don't pick up at gigg they could be on minus 12 too.
  11. Bring in tailgating! Not sure how popular it'll be on a piss wet November evening.
  12. Can't see it putting off buyers as apparently its only relatively small amounts that those owed had given up on but now with administration can at least get some back. Oh yes I know that but you'd like to think that by the time the 3 weeks for the club being on the market happens that the vast majority of the report will be complete to enable the process. This being said they way things have gone so far it would not surprise me if something emerged from the woodwork to scupper things.
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