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  1. One year at Donnington was unbearably hot, rest of the time it's been raining or just overcast and miserable
  2. My dad loves Green Day so i took him for the day when they played at leeds fest a few years back. The hill up to the festival site was like a river of mud, not been to one since. Think if i was to do it again i'd try what i used to mock my mate for and stay in a nearby hotel
  3. Where do you find these sunny festivals? It's pissing it down 99% of the time when i go to festivals.
  4. We also had to fit into a tight space but i didn't want to give him flash backs
  5. If the GERMANY escape one I did is true to life you'd have needed to reconnect the air conditioning in a way that blows a ping pong ball in the air with a code number written on it.
  6. We've tried doing the odd online one but it's not as fun. Our next one was due to be Lucardo in Rawtenstall we were going to meet in bury and get the East Lancs steam train up there for the nerdiest day out. Then Rona happened
  7. Yeah usually go every couple of months and do 3 or 4 in a day we've nearly done the ones in Manchester city centre. They're a great laugh especially if you're with some good mates who don't take everything too serious. Also if the bod running the room is a good sort too. You can usually tell within the first minute of getting there whether the room will be any cop just by the way the place is set up and how the staff great you.
  8. Catching up with my mates either at gigs, escape rooms or just a brew and a chinwag. Working from home means that my day to day hadn't changed much but I miss being able to just go out for a mooch somewhere with my mate and put the world to rights over a burger and a pint. Getting back out into the real world and finding out that unlike on the internet the majority of people are sound and not argumentative pricks offended and outraged by everything.
  9. Which egg chasing? Yanks in body armour, posh twats in Cotton Trader or that one no bugger outside the M62 corridor cares about?
  10. Ok last one for a bit. This is just tremendous and one for Zico and his cowboy boots
  11. No video but a belter of a track
  12. Rock/Metal covers is like my specialist subject how i haven't posted n this thread yet i've no idea. Have this piece of German Nu-Metal greatness
  13. Yeah following my friend's wedding in Glasgow every haggis I've had frok the shops has been disappointing. Now I'm wanting to get back to Edinburgh even more.
  14. Oh and a happy Fuck You Brady Monday every body.
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