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  1. Last orders at half 2 makes much more sense. My dad can't drink at the mo so we won't be going but I want it to be successful for the fans that do.
  2. That's up there with some of the oddest sentences ever typed on this place. They've gone on the 2nd longest winning streak in top division history. Can't stand the scousers but they are a tremendous football team. They don't have the strength in depth that citeh do but their 1st 11 will beat anyone
  3. We went 1-0 up Bit of experience and we wouldn't then conceed 3. Buckley out wide and Dodoo in the middle has to be the long term aim.
  4. Zouma gave the ball away in their half. Daft play but there was 10 other players could have given him an option to pass to or stopped the breakaway
  5. If he stops falling over and giving the ball away. Up there with some of Zat Knight's fuck ups that.
  6. Just think if Ed Milliband could eat a bacon butty properly we wouldn't be in this mess.
  7. One issue with using the UK emissions figures and praising them is that British business does most of its polluting abroad where wages and costs are dirt cheap.
  8. I follow a guy on Facebook and one thing he's amazed by is the number of people who bang in about science being the proof behind everything until it conflicts with their own personal views. They'll babg on about the science showing climate change but then be dead against the science when it comes to vaccines or GM foods
  9. Had the new spzl in the Adidas shop on carnaby Street on Tuesday just sat on the shelves in amongst the rest of the stock. Only ones not there were the Blackburn.
  10. He was, this has been known for a long time. Misogynistic arse too apparently.
  11. I always thought that all our borders have to be same to the same rules under WTO. So we wouldn't need a hard border in Ireland if the same rules were applied at Dover etc. It have we received clarification that this isn't the case?
  12. Gonna be some og coming all the way from Oldham
  13. The end of this article suggests they're on proper contracts https://www.theboltonnews.co.uk/sport/17759511.bolton-teens-dennis-politic-ronan-darcy-impress-pre-season/
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