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  1. If not a red then surely at least a yellow. Lost count of the amount of fouls he committed, took out politic loads of times. Their 22 was a dick but massively entertaining. From the El-hadj Diouf school of hate him in the opposition but a fan favourite if he plays for you
  2. Not watched WWE TV in ages. Less likely too now as I don't have bt. Not watched UFC properly since I ditched bt. And like the WWE I won't be watching now it's ppv
  3. How long has the UFC been on ppv over here? Or is it just this one coz it's McGregor?
  4. Right in front of me any contact was accidental. He's ace that Harrison, proper shithouse. He'd be a fucking hero if he played for us. Fucking soft free kicks doing us again
  5. New The Hell EP out today that's me stomping round with a massive smile on my face all day.
  6. Yup pretty much. Fucking fruitloops on both side have both countries in a right fucking mess.
  7. It's like a fucking cult. All of them posting the same hashtags and cultish slogans.
  8. More people voted for Hilary than trump just not in the important places. It's not the big cities any opponent needs to win round, it's middle America. Had a look at Don Jr Instagram earlier to laugh at him using the punisher logo in a maga tweet. Then I read the comments. God help us all!
  9. Is that to stop you looking like the former Archbishop of Canterbury?
  10. Used to see him front of the north bit of the wsl. Not spotted him for a while. I'll have a nosey tomorrow
  11. That's the saddest bit though. Even if he's not one of the many isms and ists that get thrown at him he's fucking mental and holds possibly the most powerful political position in the world. He makes Dubya seem level headed and sensible.
  12. Yup bonged on Nye then was further dismantled meaning that it'd need to be reconstructed to ring again.
  13. Most of the 'restrictions' will only bring the yanks in line with the rest of the world. He reminds me of old school Jose mourinho with the say something bonkers and have folk talking about that rather than the important stuff.
  14. No way is powertrip 25! Fuck I'm getting old! Remember getting a bollocking off me mum for buying a 'Spacelord Mother Fucker' t-shirt.
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