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  1. Stuart Ripley was fast as F**k
  2. Can we change the name of the thread to Taken Over Thank Fuck
  3. Fuck Maggie tetlow and Leeds and Wigan any another fuckin idiot Does anyone know what is happening or not For Fucks Sake
  4. So have we got to the bottom of the delay again Is it Anderson who only needed to sign something or is it more sinister than that
  5. It makes me wonder if something is happening as Marc Iles hasn't had any story's out yet and at 10 am that's a bit late on match day for him
  6. Why were we or the Admins in court yesterday Has anyone heard anything
  7. I hope your right but it seems we have been saying this for months Just hope it really happens
  8. But the FV consortium must have known about this level of Debt as they paid 25000 to see the books So they must have money to sort this out and money for the running of the club in the future
  9. Parky has to go for 1 it was costing a fortune last season turning up for the game and being back in the pub 40 minutes later due to being a couple down and playing shite And 2 the way he treated some players was verging on the ridiculous Mark little might not have been everyone's cup of tea but to totally ignore him and put Jason Lowe as a specialist full back was fucking insane The mans a first class cock
  10. What a load of Fucking Shite being posted on here recently
  11. There's nowt wrong with Boris
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