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  1. Imminent in Bolton terms is anytime in the next 2 decades.
  2. We have until Tuesday then they will most likely serve a 2 week notice of withdrawl, I think.
  3. These administrators were the same ones who let Sisu back into Coventry.
  4. Then again, we were also meant to get an embargo for wages being overdue for over 30 days, so they're clearly willing to be more lenient towards us because of the situation.
  5. I'm sure more home fans will turn up this year, if we have a new manager and a decent owner.
  6. Wow, definitely too good to be true surely?
  7. Where does it say they are their parent company?
  8. Do you think admin will happen?
  9. What about the 7 days we get after liquidation? What can we do during that time?
  10. Reckon he's involved or just rumours?
  11. What if the court rejects admin though?
  12. Not even bothered about how competitive we will be next season, as long as we have a club I'll take it.
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