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  1. Karacan's Mrs is newly pregnant. Would imagine that could mean he is looking to move back to the north west.
  2. And so another day of refreshing WW commences.
  3. Please could you elaborate - are we looking like things are sorted with Ken and EDT?
  4. A lot of negativity on here this morning - It sounded last night like we were on the verge of things being done; surely we should remain cautiously optimistic?
  5. He also looks about ten years younger!
  6. Sorry - I think Sluffy has boxed this one off but just to confirm; it was an update Alan Nixon posted less than an hour ago.
  7. Don't believe this has been shared on here yet: FOOTBALL VENTURES are close to sealing a deal to save Bolton Wanderers — thanks to superfan Mike James. The protracted bid for the club and hotel is on the verge of going ahead, with insiders revealing James will become the leading backer of the FV offer. Local property developer James, a secured creditor, will have his company’s debt of £5.5million returned from the sale of the club hotel. And James is set to take out a £3.75m stake in FV — despite having preferred to stay a background figure in his years helping the club.
  8. Has there been any update since the "stalemate"? My head is spinning with this we could literally be less than 24 hours away from liquidation. Alternatively is it a realistic possibility either MJ, FV or a "rival" put the money in to keep us alive?
  9. My personal opinion is, and has been throughout this process, that Alan Nixon has been fed information from a rival party with the sole purpose of dismantling confidence in the bid of FV. I am cautiously optimistic with what some of you are saying on here in that things are moving in the right direction. Would be brilliant for this to be sorted today once and for all
  10. I don't think many of us are disputing the existence of a second bidder for the hotel. What is disputed is that Nixon seems to refute claims that FV had agreed a deal for the hotel. Mr Appleton explicitly said that a deal was agree for both entities.
  11. Iles has said that talks are progressing well. Fingers crossed for an announcement today.
  12. I am also sick of it - just thought on a day like today, it was worth adding on here.
  13. At this stage, would there even be time for another party? Would they have the time to agree deals with secured creditors etc? My head's spinning with this I can't even fathom what could happen come Wednesday.
  14. Anyone else concerned that if the Kamani backed group get the hotel, that they won’t want the club and we either a) end up in liquidation or b) we end up with Bassini?
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