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  1. Not sure selling them all at that price would be good as you don't know how many you would sell. Could do it on a sliding scale as in when they sell 9 thousand for example everyone gets a % back and all season tickets are then sold at that price, then when they hit another target you get more back. So the more you sell the cheaper they become.
  2. Nobody wants the chippy. It shut down about 5 years ago and has been available to rent with no takers. Why they think they can sell it in the current climate for half a million is mind boggling.
  3. Nixon saying admin have taken the money from the sale of Euxton as their fee.
  4. Watching Bayern. Playing a different game than anyone else at the minute. Just relentless fast attacking football, even when they were 5 nil up they were rushing to take throw-ins. Sane was brilliant on his debut.
  5. You not got a TV that you can pause for a minute?
  6. Has he gone off Twitter? I could see his tweetering yesterday and still can now.
  7. They taught him English for the video like when they taught Father Jack to speak in Father Ted.
  8. I watched on the app on my phone then connected to TV by SmartView (Samsung Phone).
  9. Surprised the admins haven't flogged them cardboard cut out fans that are in the stand behind them.
  10. Speaking to an Oldham fan about Wigan signing Dan Gardner and his response was "fuck me I thought he retired through injury".
  11. Its been a countdown screen for the past week, sick of watching it now.
  12. It should say Bolton Wanderers Football Club then is sounds correct. Without the football club part it doesn't sound right.
  13. Admin have just accepted a bid of £42.50 for Dan Gardner.
  14. Hadn't he just signed for Benfica when we signed him on loan? So couldn't imagine them selling him straight away
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