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  1. Newton White


    Branagan was much better with his feet than Jussi - Branny played County football as an outfield player in his youth - I've spoken to him about this and he admits that he was a massive beneficiary of the back pass rule coming into force.
  2. Newton White


    Dolphins for nearly 40 years - seemed like a good idea at the time. Hopefully things are gonna get better. Also a Hurricane fan and thats not going great either
  3. Newton White


    I really enjoyed the XFL - I like the in game player/coach interactions (except interviewing the kicker after he'd just missed was a bit brutal). I liked some of the new rules too, in particular the points after TD which add a new tactical dimension. The standard is a bit below NFL but 95% of the players have been in NFL or CFL set ups so its not too shabby. Dont know if I'll ever follow a team like I follow my NFL team but it will entertain me for the next few weeks until the draft and the NFL pre-season. One of my favourite sports bars is just across the road from the USF campus in Tampa so I've picked them as my XFL team as I intend going to watch them if they are still around in a couple of years. I am doomed to support struggling teams if the first week is anything to go by.
  4. Newton White


    Kick off return or punt return was the most mental but also the most fun which maybe says a lot about me.
  5. Newton White


    I also played fullback for a bit right at the start of the Braves when Dave Batty was head coach. Work stopped me from playing saying they wouldn't pay me if I got injured playing a 'stupid' sport
  6. Newton White


    I honestly wouldn't care what they call it - based in London it would have no more relevance to me than any other team. Ive been a Dolphins fan for nearly 40 years and if we played the London Beefeaters or whatever they would be called I would still want to beat them
  7. Newton White


    It is played to a pretty decent standard in universities over here - the prem North and the Prem South take it very seriously - my son is a quarterback and they do 2 two hour training sessions on the field and a 2 hour classroom session studying film every week. At the university of Birmingham they are the best funded society. Xplosion is the biggest event at the university of Birmingham where about 4-5k of supporters turn out to watch - you can check it out on youtube. There are also academies over here - my lad played at Filton in Bristol last week. Filton regularly send kids to American universites on scholarships and there were a few americans and europeans playing for them. One lad has just made it to the CFL. The NFL have also just set up an academy in London but from what I know that is just a bit of a sham. Neil Reynolds lad goes there.
  8. At the very worst we should be building him up in the public eye - telling everyone how great he is. Then with the Zouma name flog him for £4m - some idiot will pay it.
  9. Newton White


    Stadium hosts table tennis - he will fit right in there then. In all honesty what a gig to get for a shit manager. Once the toxic foam has been cleared the beaches will be lovely 😁
  10. His art work is brilliant
  11. Got into a scrap outside Bank Street Taxis after chucking out time because someone pushed in the queue
  12. If you like a bit of light hearted history then 'you're dead to me' is good. A little bit more serious but still interesting is Dan Snows History hit.
  13. I got that much - good for the academy then if he hasn't been anywhere else first. And you obviously haven't mastered spelling - its appearances 😝
  14. I've been trying to find out a bit more about this kid (albeit only by googling) but not coming up by much - I saw him against Blackpool live and thought he was decent but given we are prepared to stick him into the first team at 17 I thought he must be a bit special. Has he been with us since he was young (er)? Did we sign him from somewhere else? Has he represented a country yet at any level? Anybody know anything?
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