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  1. Well, my dad supports skem United so there was no way I was following him. Next door neighbours dad was bwfc, as were his two sons, they basically made me support. Took me to matches when I was young and impressionable, that was it.
  2. haha My gran had 6 brothers, 2 died in WW1, another was shell shocked and killed himself a few years after, Had a great uncle on the other side of the family that was in a tank division that liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp at the end of WW2, he was never the same after the sights he saw - if you arent familiar - have a read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bergen-Belsen_concentration_camp They were all young lads, must have been fucking awful. have you watched 1917?
  3. That's were my dad grew up - was a lancashire mining town until the 1960s - my dad speaks with a broad lancashire accent,. we moved out the year I was born, thank god.
  4. Texans just recived a text mesaage telling them anyone caught not weraing a mask indoors in a public place, or outdoors, (when not able to maintin 6ft distance) can be fined $250
  5. There's loads, I grew up in West Lancashire, nearer Wigan than Bolton, BWFC fans lived next door, no Wigan fans whatsoever went to my primary school, mainly liverpool and everton, some bolton, some PNE. A lot of the lads that I know who now watch Wigan used to support other clubs when they were young - and a lot of my kids friends who go and watch wigan now actually support Man U, City, Liverpool etc. If you go and watch the academy its scouser central Think it's probably because they were non league until 1978.
  6. sorry I'll clarify - what I meant was; The large scale use of the st george cross symbolism by those on social media who also post right wing twitter content, is, in my opinion one of the reasons why others get incorectly called or assumed to be Nazis etc, when flying the flag for other reasons. I don't see the same on twitter with for example the saltaire - this might be because I'm not getting the feeds though so maybe I'm not exposed to it, I don't know. When I see the saltaire (in the world - not on social media accounts) it makes me think of scotland the country, the scottish football team in 1980s world cups, and crap shops that sell edinburgh rock, shortbread in tins etc. It doesnt make me think of scottish nationalism - the \snp sign does Are scottish nationalists generally right wing? - I dont know enough about it.
  7. Im not talking about "people" with saltaires - I can't recall seeing them - I don't notice it on social media, maybe because of who I follow.
  8. I haven't - doesn't mean I can't get a rough impression of them by the content of their tweets - have a look yourself loads do it - they put a flag or some symbol up to show what their political leaning is - there aint many moderates ive come across that use flags
  9. Maybe the way we are exposed to it alters our perception - I don't see many scottish flags at all, so I'm not getting those people on my feeds. These are honselty the first three national flags I see if I scroll on my twitter feed - I've not looked in depth at them - don't know any of them personally or any history lefties do it too with the rainbow and the gay flag or whatever its called. https://twitter.com/gr8brit69 https://twitter.com/cottrell7 https://twitter.com/willchamberlain
  10. They've changed the way they report cases today - not goy my head round it yet, one set of data looks like we've had a big upsurge, the other shows the opposite?
  11. dunno - if it means we can save some cash then I'd be happy with the old one - if it means that we can make some more cash, then lets get a new one.
  12. That's becaue far right types insist on using the st george cross with their symbolism, e.g putting a flag icon next to their name on social media accounts to show their ideaology. If I see one on social media I automatically think - far right, I dont think " he loves his country". Many US Republicans do it too, as if to proclaim that their political leaning makes them more patriotic - it's bullshit in my opinion, If I see a Scottish one, it makes me think - Scotland.
  13. Depends what you want to watch, and if you can be arsed. There's more on IPTV, but it's more of a faff, not as user friendly as SKY, Virgin, netfx etc. Personally I have IPTV because it means I can watch new movies sooner, there's more old content to chose from, there's specialist stuff - so for example I can watch Barcelona TV that shows live academy matches, Live Spanish Futsal , Old Muhammed Ali fights, all stuff that I enjoy, but would struggle to get in a couple of button presses elsewhere. I also have basic BT TV, netflix and amazon prime accounts anyway because they don't cost much and the kids and the Mrs prefer the interface and I have BT sport, and Sky go on my mobile - so I'm not saving anything, at all! just have loads more to chose from which allows me to watch what I want. If you're already happy with what you watch, and you don't miss the money, then stay as you are would be my advice
  14. You can cherry pick what you want. You don't have to agree with everything that every political individual or movement says. Better to climbdown than carry on with stuff you don't believe in just because you were naive. Everyone makes mistakes. Its those that have the balls to admit, and then try and rectify that should be appreciated IMO, so we'll see what happens.
  15. Isn't it an exile for mainly right wingers? - regardless I won't be downloading it to have a look, they're all time stealers designed to keep you on as long as possible - This is what the Guardian has recently written about it On Tuesday, Parler’s 26-year-old chief executive, John Matze, put out a list of “basic rules” for the platform. Those include a blanket ban on pastimes that seem important to its audience, such as: posting photos of fecal matter whenever you disagree with someone; threatening to kill people; or repeatedly spamming people with “fuck you” in every comment. “It’s pointless. Grow up,” Matze said in his statement.
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