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  1. https://www.kellypottsmartinez.com/ethicaltaxidermy
  2. I've not heard anything about an app, but sounds interesting, if it's true I wonder if its linked to the club/football or something totally separate? I do think there is loads more money to be made, especially for the smaller clubs, by expanding into other markets and getting the community more involved. How many fans do you think we realistically have, we've got almost 300K followers on Facebook.
  3. They can choose to suspend points too, they did it with Blackpool in 2015 when a pitch invasion/fan demonstration caused the match v Huddersfield to be abandoned. I'm clinging onto the hope that they'll be similarly lenient with the Doncaster punishment, and just make us pay for any costs incurred by Doncaster.
  4. I'm not sure that they know exactly what the punishment is going to be, although they may know what the possible extremes are. The EFL board have have a recent history of investigating the circumstances, and deciding on only a financial punishment in the recent case of Liverpool fielding an illegible player, so there is a chance that we may get away with the same in the Doncaster match case, if there is enough evidence to show that playing the match would have broken the EFL's own guidance re the welfare of young players.
  5. 3 point penalty, with a further 3 points suspended, a fine, and the Donny match re-arranged is the best we could hope for IMO.
  6. They've got us , MKD, Wimbledon, Accy and Tranmere all to play between now and mid Jan, so I reckon we should get a good indication of how crap they really are by then.
  7. A slightly autistic, successful professional football gambler, who I've had a few chats with, always says that form is a much bigger indicator than most folk regard, when placing bets. The form of BWFC for the last 7 league matches, which goes back to 17th Sept, a couple of weeks after Keith took charge (which I think is a reasonable date to measure the current team from), is an average points tally per match of 1.285. If this continues, we'll end up with 38 points. ( an avg of 1.285, is mid table form, 12th - 14th) if we compare this with the current season so far form, of the 4 teams above us, the table would end up like this Accrington 41 Bolton 38 Wimbledon 36 MKD 36 Southend 14 Obviously this is just pie in the sky and doesn't take the potential points deduction, new managers influence etc. into account, but I don't believe its' as big an ask as some may think, mainly because the teams above us have been particularly crap recently (Accy, MKD and Southend have 1 win between them for the last 15 league matches they've played collectively) The future points deduction is going to have a massive impact, I'm hoping that the FL delay is because they don't want the deduction to have an effect on us staying up/going down, if they can help it.
  8. Georgenital Wartjnaldum
  9. Southend have now replaced us as favourites for the drop with some bookies. If we carry on current form from last 4 matches, and Wimbledon carry on their form from the start of the season, we'll finish above them. Big ifs I know. And also need to take the further points deduction into account, but I think survival is still on. November is a massive month of opportunity. Fleetwood, MK Don's and Accy. If we get it right, we will be in a positive points position in a few weeks.
  10. How do you know I'm a man. Showing your tendency to stereotype again 😏. It's just fucks me off that people who probably share common ground on many opinions, lifestyle, ethics, hobbies, sense of humour are being coerced into taking sides, and petty arguing, and I'm bored to shit with Brexit and UK politics. I used to enjoy following it, thought I was learning from it, now it's like watching my gran and granddad arguing in 1970's about whether to watch the wrestling on World of Sport or the Boat Race on Grandstand. They're both shit. Can we not all go to the park instead?
  11. Polarisation, Stereotyping. energy and time is wasted on infighting and mocking the preconceived characteristics of one type of supposed person instead of empathy, co-operation diplomacy. Adopting one set of ideologies on a multitude of topics and then arguing with individuals who are diametrically opposed. No-one backs down, attitudes are reinforced, no-one reconsiders their point of view. Closed mindedness. It's an echo chamber of ever increasing arguments. I don't know what the answer is, but finding ways to divide people is an age old tactic used by the rulers to distract the masses from what's really going on, and it's happening here and now. Throughout history, those who bring people together, who work for change whilst showing empathy are ultimately seen as the good people, the pioneers. Those who seek to divide usually get a bad press.
  12. Divide and conquer. Leave and Remain are both shite. Labour and Tory both shite, politicians do what they want. Meanwhile wealth distribution inequality grows, corporations become richer, and the population becomes more polarised. It's depressingly boring.
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