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  1. If you mean the Siren study, it shows at least 5 months antibody cover, reinfection chance was in 0.66% and of those who were reinfecteced they had much milder symptoms than first time, and it was healthcare workers, who are exposed to much higher reinfection risks at a higher prevalence than joe public, so it's pretty low. And this wasn't vaccine cover, the vaccine is supposed to provide higher cover than average infection 83% v 95%, so hopefully it will be a tiny number.
  2. Nah, I reckon it will be much longer than that, a few years at least I bet for most. Theres only a handful of people who caught covid in early spring that have been reinfected 10 months later, so antibodies, or the ability to remake antibodies looks like its long standing. I might be wrong but hope not.
  3. My ex wife's mum had a pet tortoise, it was about 50 yrs old . She'd drilled a hole into an overlapping bit of its shell years ago, when she was a kid. They put a long length of thin rope through the hole and let it roam through the back garden, through trees and bushes in summer for hours. One day my ex's younger brother was mowing the lawn, he went over the rope, it got caught in the blades and flung the tortoise around the trees like something out of a cartoon. It survived
  4. Dogs can lick pedigree chum off your gonads . Cats have got spiky tongues
  5. Most famous cats Top cat - basically a mafia boss Garfield- fat cunt, steals lasagne Tom - psychotic torturer Mr Bigglesworth - evil bastard Most famous dogs Scooby-doo - helps unmask criminals Lassie - saves children who've fallen down a well Littlest Hobo - all round good guy Bouncer - shits on Mrs Mangel's flowers.
  6. Yeah - the data coming out from Israel looks like the pfizer one is definately reducing onward transmision - and reading between the lines, I think all the vaccine producing companies are almost certain that all he vaccines will prevent onward transmission to a large extent, they just dont have the data to prove it because it's nigh on impossible to prove conclusively, and so they won't publish it The fact is, if the virus stops someone "developing" covid, they aren't going to be expelling anywhere near the amount of viral particles (if any at all) into the air as someone with ful
  7. hahah Depends on what's going on around you - the more you go to places where other people are, the higher the chance of catching it is regardless although the % increase might by miniscule its still an increase - some unlucky bastards might catch it from doing what they think is a very low risk action, someone might walk past you and sneeze into the air - some people travelling to the football ground might crash their car, fall off the ladder, get hit on the head by a dying seagull or albatross
  8. haha - depends which stadium it is probably by about 0.0000000000001% at ours, because there's never any fucker there. depends - if you were riding right behind a load of other cyclists and they were all gobbing into the air, then maybe - or if you fell or were knocked off you bike - broken leg - hospital - covid - then yeah. I've got a mate who does triathlons - he's stopped going out on his in case he comes off it. But the wind is going to blow all the viral particles all over the shop so I'd bet its almost next to nothing. which reminds me - another conspiracy
  9. Yeah, he was simplifying a bit, it doesn't really make mutations happen any faster, it just creates a situation that allows a mutated virus to flourish faster - say the vaccine is 95% efficacious against the current strain and only 80% against a new one, the new one would take over because it becomes more prevalent. The issue we are going to have is that realistically we need all the world to get vaccinated, if we don't the mutations are going to rumble on in poor countries, so worldwide we arent going to get rid of it for a while, Van tam thinks never, but some others think it's possible
  10. almost definately the decreased contacts because of lockdowns, maybe a bit of herd immunity in the south east from the populations that weren't bothering with restrictions.
  11. it roared back into health after a few days - theres some other lions with it in barcelona apparently, but it's supposedly rare. I'm going to make sure I socially distance from any Lion I come into contact with, just to be sure
  12. mate that was a tame one, there's some mentally unhinged people about - one woman ( a spiritual healer from Middleton ) thinks volunteering to help the vaccination programme is the same as throwing babies into a furnace - they're seriously tapped.
  13. Hello chaps - sorry I've been busy fighting knobheads on conspiracy websites for the last few months. Some of the shit they believe is mind warpingly outstandingly bonkers. One bloke thinks domestic cats are the prime cause of Covid (because a lion cught it in bronx zoo), Boris knows this, and he decided that letting a load of old people die would be better than culling all the cats because of the political unrest cat lovers would have caused in the UK, and Sage is funded by Cat food companies! I've given up fighting them, fuck em. Good news is; Cases are down 7 day
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