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  1. England V Germany Futsal on BBC iPlayer now. 3 Bolton Futsal players. Cook, number 12, Overton and sub goalie.
  2. I can remember it vividly - "Hi I'm Tommy Musto", the Stone Roses are coming up............... in 5 hours" I had two cans of coke and a twix all day.
  3. It's sad, doing a lot of harm to ourselves and becoming a more divided society, whilst they argue amongst themselves.
  4. You won't need to go to the baths, with global warming, the beach will be in Wigan
  5. I think authorities aren't arsed as much when the media/adds are used to try and persuade you to buy a certain brand of trainers, a book, holiday destination, because deep down they're just after your cash. With the CA/Facebook thing, they were trying to push a political agenda by distorting the bias in favour of one party/ideal (because of the motivations of the founder of CA). An analogy would be BBC1 allowing a Tory political broadcast to be an hour long, but Labour ones only 5 mins, Ofcom regulation wouldn't allow it. Also the method they used to extract the data is illegal, breaking data protection laws in UK and US. https://www.google.com/amp/s/techcrunch.com/2019/01/09/cambridge-analyticas-parent-pleads-guilty-to-breaking-uk-data-law/amp/
  6. You had to be there. Dion Dublin's uncle or something on drums. Waitresses dressed as 11th century wenches. Classic gig.
  7. They should have changed the name to " Vote Leaves" cos that's what we'll be eating.
  8. Stone Roses at spike Island in 1990 were shite. The sound system was awful, and distorted because of the open layout, couldn't hear a word. Shawaddywaddy at park hall, on a works do in 1993 were awesome.
  9. Jimmy Vavile (Himmel Fix-it)
  10. haha. yeah, we'll all be using solar powered casio watches and will be too busy farming turnips to go on facebook
  11. the privacy issue was Facebook giving Cambridge Analytica access to personal data, which they then used to pinpoint people who could be swayed politically. Cambridge Analytica then sold this list, along with advice on how to influence these people, to political parties/groups with a right wing ideology. CA were founded by Steve Bannon to spread his idea of separatist, right wing beliefs. These are all facts that you can decide to ignore if you wan to. I can't be arsed trying to explain anymore. England footy's on in a bit.😁😁
  12. I agree to a certain extent. Social media creates an echo chamber when you have established views. However, when you don't have an established view, whoever has paid the most money to facebook, google, twitter etc, gets to try and sell products or ideologies to you. Everyone has topics/subjects/ideologies that they don't have a strong view point on (in many cases, no viewpoint at all). I know very little about cars, even though I've spent thousands on them over he years. I've little interest in them. I've owned and purchased cars for years, but never watch motor racing, go on any car related websites etc, therefore it's probable that I could be more easily swayed into buying a particular car than a car enthusiast, cos I know sweet FA about them. I'm also much less likely to be loyal to one brand of car. I'm a dream customer for a car manufacturer's marketing department, it wouldn't take much to persuade me that one type of car is better than another, because of my lack of knowledge and lack of interest in carrying out any research. Now if BMW paid an analytic company millions of £s to use algorithms based on personal search history to pinpoint me, and I received ads, saw other people posts, was recommend films, books, blogs, articles showcasing how brilliant BMW's are, and other's how crap Audi's are, I'd probably be more inclined to buy a BMW, even though its a bit unfair on Audi. Tough shit, Audi should have spent more money on advertising. Cambridge Analytica did the same thing with politics, in multiple elections over the world, the only thing is, they used (by paying facebook millions of $) the results of personality test quiz that hundreds of thousands of facebook users took part in (thinking it was going to tell them what sort of personality they had). The data from the quiz gave CA an inclination into personality traits, and access to their previous interactions, likes, clicks etc, which enabled them to create profiles that suggested how likley they were to be influenced politically. It also gave them the same access to every friend linked to the quiz takers, some reckon over 80 million profiles in total. Whatever anyone thinks about this being a conspiracy theory, Facebook and CA were caught doing this in the US and UK. Facebook were fined $5 billion dollars in July this year, £500k (the maximum penalty in UK) in 2018. CA closed down because of it. I've no idea how much impact it had, and as many have pointed out, it's history now, but it really happened, and I'm sure it will happen again. PS I've got a KIA, like half of Bolton.
  13. Mark Zuckerberg must be pretty pissed off, having to pay a $5 billion fine, over a conspiracy theory, 6 weeks ago.
  14. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/mar/24/aggregateiq-data-firm-link-raises-leave-group-questions https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facebook–Cambridge_Analytica_data_scandal
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