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  1. You posted a link to his twitter feed, so I clicked on it which takes me to the top of his feed. The tweet I posted is his 2nd latest one, yours is a few earlier. He's posted a picture of 20 folk walking down a tube entrance. If I scroll through his other tweets I can see 8 out of about 12 in the last day that are anti lockdown there is no 2nd wave, anti tests, Sage are bobbins etc. It's plain to see what his viewpoint is and I don't agree with it. Sorry if you don't like it, its not personal.
  2. He said " no one at SAGE has a clue" I said " Says Dean, the recruitment consultant company owner" That was it. I don't agree with him. Do you think no one at SAGE has a clue?
  3. Nice one again. What does he know about SAGE Jules. Post shit on here mate and ill counter it. I'm sure he's a massive expert on starting up succesful recruitment consultantancies but to say no one at SAGE has a clue, is a bit of a bold statement to make. I didn't really assassinate his character did I? I just think he's talking shit about SAGE.
  4. Says Dean, the education recruitment consultant company owner.
  5. From what ive read, we might make about £15k from i-follow per away match. No idea what we'll get from home, probably less I bet. Half a million a season maybe. Who knows.
  6. If they pay them in bags of quavers instead of money until we win, we'll be reet.
  7. They look totally shite. 24 shots Newport had today. 24. Absolute bobbins. We've deserved to lose every match. You can't polish a turd, and we've run out of glitter.
  8. A shit song, covered by a shit group, made into an even crapper house track.
  9. Cheese in German is Käse. You weren't trying to say this in you bolton accent were you pal and asking waitresses and shop keepers to see the Kaiser?
  10. not ideal, but If you had a test in a NHS hospital, you're either in hospital already isolated, in which case you already know you're ill, and the chances of someone bluetoothing to you in your hospital bed after the test is pretty fucking slim, or you're a clinical NHS worker, the weekly testing of whom is supposed to pick up asymptomatcis early on, so I think this risk isn't as big as some of the commenters on there are claiming. the pillar 4 is partially serology so is picking up some folk who are past being symptomatic anyway.
  11. Thursday night covid club. Team up the modern virus with one of our all time "Britsh favourite" sexually transmited diseases Slow cooked crabs Pan fried Clap Sporty Warty Add on a pint of Witches Minge for £1.50
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