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  1. https://www.lakedistrict.gov.uk/visiting/things-to-do/walking/mileswithoutstiles/mws33 The car park is small, very busy on a saturday, you'll have to get there early or a weekday is best.
  2. Personally I hope they keep the academy and develop it. going Cat 2 in 2015 to save a couple of £mil a year, selling Euxton in 2016, the Anderson era, and large investment into academy facilities by clubs like Burnley and Wigan has made us less attractive over the last 4 years, for new recruits, than possibly 10 other local teams. For those who we did recruit before this (U12 upwards), they will be being watched by scouts from the 10 teams, who can now offer them more coaching hours, more matches, better training facilities, a school place, transport to and from training etc, and much higher wages, at an earlier age, than we can ( and can buy the players from us for very little (£25k per season that they have been at our academy from U12 onward)) We are unfortunate geographically because between U12- U14, players can play for any academy within 1.5hrs drive from their home, so that includes academies in Liverpool, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, parts of Yorkshire, and North Midlands. From U14 -U17 it gets worse, because Cat 1 academies can offer a full time scholarship to anyone in the UK, so it brings in a host of other teams who can take our players. It's going to be extremely difficult to keep the best players from being poached at an early age, if we stay as we are. A lot of the recent academy lads who have come through to the first team, Darcy etc, received most of their training when we were Cat 1, so it was easier for us to attract and keep them. If we don't do something, we will be paying coaches to train up lads who get cherry picked, for little, if any, profit, and the players we will be left with at U17 won't be good enough to make it, which means we then have to recruit for the 1st team. Huddersfield closed their academy up to U17, a few years ago, for the same reason; all their best prospects were getting snapped up by bigger academies before making it into the 1st team. Currently Wigan seem to get first dibs on all the Liverpool and Everton cast offs, and Burnley and Blackburn get the United and City players before us, so we need to change something. We need to improve the academy facilities if we want to attract and retain players like we did in the past, or scrap it altogether and concentrate on the 1st team pathway from U17 upwards. I hope it's the former.
  3. It's not working at the moment, it used to be category 1, with great facilities for the first team. They competed for young local talent, to an extent, with City, United, Everton, Liverpool. Since they've dropped to Cat 2, and sold off Euxton, they've been overtaken by Blackburn, Wigan, Burnley, Crewe, Stoke, who all have better facilities, more money, .They are now competing with PNE, Blackpool, Accrington, Fleetwood, Oldham.
  4. Ken didn't do anything that was good for BWFC unless it was good for him. Vince had the balls to call him out on his greed, so even if he looks like a crusty, soap dodging, chumbawamba accordion tinkler he's good in my book.
  5. They aren't training enough, haven't been since Ken, not doing the same hours as others.
  6. Last time I went was 2016. It's very old fashioned and not much room before you're onto the road. In the 80s they were trying to get 10,000 just in the lower tier section of that end!!!
  7. If you still think that the fans did anything on that day that fans from any other club wouldn't have done, then I'd suggest reading the hillsborough independent panel report from 2007, see if it changes your mind. To summarise, they spent 2 years examining 400,00 pieces of evidence from 85 organisations and found that actions from the fans, regardless of if some of them were pissed up and/or ticketless, played no part whatsoever in the causation of the tragedy. There were multiple crushing injuries at the three previous semi finals to be hosted at Hillsborough, 1981, 87 and 88. In 81 is was spurs fans, 38 injured, broken arms and legs and other injuries from crushing, a few hundred spilled onto the pitch. Luckily in 81, the Leppings lane end was one big pen, not split up into 3 as in 89, so was easier to escape. In 87, it was Leeds, crushing outside, so they delayed the kick off. In 88 it was liverpool, they closed the central passageway this time so fans filtered into the side pens. In 89, many fans travelling by coach arrived late because of roadworks on parts of the M62, and coaches were stopped by the police as they came off the motorway for ticket inspections before they were allowed into the city. It was a disaster waiting to happen, just needed the right circumstances. In my opinion it wasnt just Dukinfield, the FA, Sheff Weds and other police officials were equally negligent.
  8. I've not seen the links, but they were probably redirections to dodgy websites, where you can be duped into clicking on links that will, unbeknownst to you, download software onto your phone/laptop, which then runs in the background collecting data, compromising your passwords to any website you log onto. They want bank details, shopping website details, card numbers etc. Sometimes they want to control your device in order to launch cyber attacks from it in the future, making them hard to trace.
  9. These days it is pretty hard to remember defeats by 4 goals or more since we have too many of them. Keith Hill is a perfect management system for securing the points required for league 1 survival as it comes with a built in beard, and headwear such as peaky blinders cloth cap, Adidas Beanie and bald.
  10. My lad was a bit unsure with the different trainers at first, but after going to barca and seeing the pro's wear them it changed his mind, and now he wouldn't wear anything else. Most of the goalies and defenders wear Munich. Compared to normal footy trainers the toe and heel areas are a lot sturdier, and the sole has a much wider surface. They give better grip on a court, protect the toes from the harder ball, and the sturdy heel area is supposed to prevent ankle injuries. If you ever order any, the sizes are big, and it costs a bit to send back to Spain, so id print off the size guide first.
  11. Lofty the Lion, every home match since 1995. never scored and hasn't tweeted for almost 9 years. @Loftythelion
  12. England Futsal, playing 3 matches in home championship this weekend, at St Georges Park, all streamed live on BBC Iplayer /BBC Online 3 Bolton Futsal Players selected for England squad, 1 for NI @Mattoverton29 @Payne_Joe6 @jordandeer13 Northern Ireland @conorkernohan6 Friday 29 November - England U21s Exhibition Game - 1pm - Norhern Ireland v Wales - 5pm - England v Scotland - 8pm Saturday 30 November - England Emerging Talent Group Exhibition Game - 12:30pm - England v Northern Ireland - 4pm - Scotland v Wales - 7pm Sunday 1 December - Northern Ireland v Scotland - 1pm - England v Wales - 4pm http://www.thefa.com/news/2019/nov/25/england-futsal-squad-named-for-home-nations-tournament-251119
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