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    As we are due to play Rotherham tomorrow, I recall that is where Sasa played his last game for us, at Millmoor, in a night time pre-season friendly. I remember the sky turned black as a huge thunderstorm headed to the ground. Sasa scored a blinder and celebrated by sprinting up the touchline, as he did. I think he was sold the next day.
  2. Sharon certainly talks the talk, but beyond sentimentalised, vague and abstract concepts can anyone truly say what the business model is? I heard her say she was going to put her own money in but does she intend to get a return and how and when? Without wishing to pee all over anybody's fireworks, I do think it is really important for the supporters and employees to know more of the detail. Time will tell, I suppose.
  3. Under normal circumstances, without points deductions and with a proper team, you would fancy us to finish 20 points or more above the bottom 3. Southend are played 6, lost 6, so maybe one less to worry about. This lot might take a while to gel, but with 3 points for a win you can move up the table sharpish. I think we have a better than fighting chance to stay up if we get some momentum going.
  4. We are not playing this weekend because of the international break, but because we were due to play Bury. Preston, Blackburn or Wigan could give us a game.
  5. From my time in work, I know that business has been lost to Leigh and; more recently; to Salford Rugby League's new ground. I'm talking events with 500+ attendees and I know the reason to change from Bolton to either of the other 2 is due to pricing.
  6. I would like to see a business model. How will the new owners generate revenue from the non-football assets? I doubt we will see one and will just have make a judgement on developments as and when they happen.
  7. Good call. Loan? If we bring in Championship standard players they will cost more, but ultimately that is where we will end up. Same logic applies if we bring in League 2 players.
  8. Anyone fancy Luca Connell coming back on loan? I know we need experience but a bit of quality would not go amiss. Someone has to get the ball to the superstar strikers we will be getting in.
  9. Team bonding (ha,ha) weekend at Mottram Hall, CT was still manager. Moved on to Charlton where he twatted team mate Dean Kiely.
  10. Mannyroader

    Take Over

    One unknown factor to consider: who will we be bringing in on loan? We could sure do with a striker or 3 for starters. None of the triallists seem to fit the bill.
  11. Mannyroader

    Take Over

    I have a good feeling for Sharron Brittan. She is a mum of 4 and a succesful businesswoman who seems to graft and values integrity and loyalty. I think the more we get to know her the more we will appreciate her. I hope everyone gives her and Michael James the fullest of backing, just as they have the young guns out on the pitch. The season starts here.
  12. Mannyroader

    Take Over

    Now, which millionaire should I just hand my money over to? Ken Anderson or Michael James? Or maybe neither. Plenty of players have been made into millionaires over the past 20 years with money from our accumulated pockets. We chose to hand it over. Perhaps they can choose to hand a bit back. Kevin Davies can be 1st in the queue.
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