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  1. Oh and Andy Kellett scored for Guiseley.
  2. Scorers tonight: Pritchard Accy McGennis and Eaves Hull Earing Halifax Faal Barnet
  3. Did Mad Gerry Mcllhinney used to play? You could just tell anyway by the way he played footy.
  4. Looking on a SAFC forum the mood is euphoric. Some names mentioned; one or two in jest I guess; as replacement: Cowley brothers, Megson, Pearson, Big Sam, Joey Barton, Roy Keane, Lennon, Chris Wilder, Gus Poyet.
  5. Trump giving his first interview since the election now on Fox News. He is convinced he has been cheated and he is not giving up with appeals. The interview is more like a speech.
  6. 15 years to the day George Best died. November 25th - Flawed Genius Day.
  7. Our decline in the 80s coincided with a recession and mass unemplyment (4 million?). Throw in rampant hooliganism and fans fenced in, stood in the pouring rain and pushed around like cattle and going to a match was not always a fun experience.
  8. It was a 1st team game; he played centre back. As you might expect, was solid.
  9. 2-0 loss at QPR when Mark Little was sent off. It was Saturday 3pm kick off so for overseas viewers only in theory. I am sure some pubs can get a feed from Europe - Greece, ROI or wherever. It wasn't a classic.
  10. And in other news .. Nat Phillips makes his Prem League debut for Liverpool.
  11. Ricky Heppolette born in India and played for Preston before going to Orient in the mid 70s. Something tells me he lived in Bolton while at Preston.
  12. Going to the barbers. Might have been because Dad told me the barber had little boys ears, chips and gravy for his tea.
  13. Robbie Savage is one of a group wanting to set up a new club based at the ground.
  14. Their manager; Flynn; would have been a good choice for us. He knows the division.
  15. Michael Lonsdale who played the villain Hugo Drax in Moonraker in 1979. Died aged 89 on Monday, he appeared in more than 200 films including The Day of The Jackal, The Name of the Rose and the superb Ronin.
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