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  1. Their manager; Flynn; would have been a good choice for us. He knows the division.
  2. Michael Lonsdale who played the villain Hugo Drax in Moonraker in 1979. Died aged 89 on Monday, he appeared in more than 200 films including The Day of The Jackal, The Name of the Rose and the superb Ronin.
  3. Got free tickets through work and sat in the Colin Bell (main).stand with the City fans. Difficult not to smirk every time they hit the woodwork and when Diouff won our last minute pen. Sibierski was their star man; how times change. Pre-match was having a beer on the concourse and a lot of press were milling around. One was Japanese so we asked "H a v e y o u c o m e t o s e e N a k a t a?" to which he replied in a broad cockney accent "Yeah mate". He worked for a Japanese press agency and was assigned to watching all our matches.
  4. Phil Foden will now be able to take Yaya's place in the team. Every cloud ...
  5. The percentage of black coaches and managers in the sport is way below that of actual players. How that can be resolved is key; until it is I think the game is missing out.
  6. Last time I was in Bolton I had the misfortune to sample the popcorn flavoured ale at Northern Monkey. Thoroughly vile muck.
  7. Ken Bates was chairman of Oldham in the 60s, then co-owner and vice-chairman of Wigan in the 80s (when Larry Lloyd was manager).
  8. I hope things change for the better so you can come in December but it is nigh on impossible to predict what will happen here.
  9. Not allowing any foreign tourists in yet. Might be some allowed in October but no details so far. Tourist industry is really hurting here.
  10. My memory not so good, fancy mixing us up with Wolves. Jimmy Hill was Cov manager, galvanised the club and their fans.
  11. Was at Cov when they won promotion v Bolton, mid 60s. 50,000+ on.
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