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  1. Emperor Rosko (remember him?) has a weekly C&W show syndicated worldwide to numerous radio stations from his studio in LA. I am no C&W fanatic or officianado but I do enjoy his show. He has some very listenable stuff on and the ooccasional surprise e.g. a Country song featuring Jerry Lee Lewis and Mick Jagger. I listen to it in Thailand on Pattaya Fabulous 103FM. You should be able to pick it up on't internet. It starts 11am UK time on a Monday, repeated same time on Wednesday, I think.
  2. Your recipe plus: stick some anchovy fillets in with your garlic and when they have completely melted into the oil all is ready. Fry some breadcrumbs in butter and oil. Watch they don't catch or you will have ashes. Chopped parsley; dried is fine; to finish.
  3. Social distancing taken too far by Everton's defence.
  4. I woz no gud at sums in skuel.
  5. Sometimes they even turned it on.
  6. I read it on their transfers list. Wigan is more logical; it is a stretch to think he can get a gig at a top half Championship team.
  7. BBC reporting that Clough has gone to Stoke.
  8. Yes, I got him mixed up with Jimmy Mcllroy who lasted 18 days. BTW: Great pics.
  9. Future Wanderers manager Meadows, albeit very briefly (2 weeks?).
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