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  1. Yes, put us 1 up. There were about 6 teams who could have gone down that day. After Moores scored Charlton scored 4 and down to Div 3 we went. Moores was nicknamed Shirley Temple because of his blonde curly hair.
  2. He is negotiating a new contract at Derby. Plenty of time for him to go to Chelsea.
  3. Bielsa to Chelsea, Bowyer to Leeds my guess.
  4. I'm not sure about David Lee as manager. If he has got to his fifties without having done the job already he either lacks ambition or, if he has applied for jobs and been repeatedly knocked back, nobody has thought him up to it. That isn't a failing on his part, by the way. Some people are suited to the role and some aren't. Nolan for me, I'd be happy with Phil Brown too, but he is managing in India apparently.
  5. It is a dream, not a prediction.
  6. You say that, but here is the dream scenario: Eduardo Savarin is a Brazilian businessman who has previously helped Basran financially. With his friend at university; Mark Zuckerburg; he co-founded Facebook. The 2 fell out, Savarin left the company but retained his shares. Savarin has a net worth of $10.1 Billion, according to Forbes magazine. He lives in Singapore, having left USA to avoid paying a tax bill of $770 Million. Let's hope he is still friends with Basran and; being Brazilian; has a love of football.
  7. I wouldn't want Sam back; his best is in the past. Nolan would be a good choice as manager; he has a win % above 40. That is play-offs without point deductions, probably safety with them.
  8. Safe to say Salford are loaded and I fancy them to waltz through L2 into L1. Let's hope we are still in L1 and get to play them there. Vela, Beevers, Little and any others who have joined another club may end up regretting it at the end of the week. Act in haste, repent at leisure.
  9. Me and my brother used to stand just behind you & your wife. We were aged mid to late 30s when we moved to the Reebok. I remember a chap with with white curly hair who once shouted at Richard Sneekes in a game against Wolves "You're not worth a carrot!!" A split second later the ball was in the back of the net after he hammered one in from 25 yards. I think he got 2 that day and we won 3-0. Happy days.
  10. You weren't a fireman then were you? Your father-in law stood with you too?
  11. Sacre bleu!! Cantona n'est pas?
  12. My money would be on Alan Pardew.
  13. Back to Brizzle. Probably homesick.
  14. At the end, North terrace, next to the tunnel at the top. Got a bit crowded 95/96 in the Prem, otherwise nice spot.
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