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  1. Already a big spike in "suicides", apparently.
  2. Wanderers captain Gareth Williams had a sports shop on Churchgate in the late 60s. I couldn't understand half of what he said because of his strong Welsh accent.
  3. It is. It was affordable and many liked it. I did when I was young. Hot with chips at UPC, cold with salt, vinegar and pepper in a small tubs from the market. Sure it is still available if you look around.
  4. Of course. I believe UCP stands for United Cattle Products or similar. Not a very snazzy name. http://www.unitedcattleproducts.co.uk/ucp_memories003.php Ecky thump. They have a website with 91 pages of memories, many from Boltonians. T'internet. Magic.
  5. Sign trade deal with US in early December, swarm into HK between Christmas and New Year when the Western world is metaphorically asleep.
  6. 26 years is a long time to wait. I blame the FA.
  7. Yes but ... it's Charlton who are valiant. School hymns eh? Remember them like yesterday. We were all brainwashed!😆
  8. Holding captain for Arsenal in Guimaraes. Poor turnout by the Gooners - only the top deck of the away end open and they can't even fill that.
  9. Len Fairclough. Keen swimmer too.
  10. The sooner the better, but really must be before the transfer window opens. That is not just for our sakes, but for the integrity of the league, particularly those teams who will be battling it out with us in a presumed relegation struggle.
  11. More than Koln last season?
  12. And that is Lincoln's last 10 games; they won their first 4 and were top. The manager Cowley leaving has had a bad impact on them.
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