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  1. My dad said; after he scored a hat-trick against us at Ewood; that he reminded him of Nat.
  2. Alan Ball used to get dogs abuse when he played for Southampton at Burnden. Farnworth lad, let go by the club, World Cup winner ... so obvìously deserved it.
  3. That Newcastle game their fans tore down an advertising hoarding for Henrys (a bar in town owned by Warburtons?). We won 3-1 with Tony Henry getting 2. A Newcastle fan methinks.
  4. The bass player in This is Spinal Tap, played by Harry Shearer: Shrewsbury Town.
  5. Southampton at home in the FA Cup. Anyone on here wagged it from school? Not me. We were all on notice, caning from Paddy Roberts.
  6. Depending on which province you are in you may be allowed on a beach but subject to social distancing. That is not difficult as most tourists have gone home and none are being allowed in.
  7. Gets better as it goes on. I thought it was a bit much early doors but I was in a cinema, paid my money so stuck it out. Glad I did.
  8. Jonny Marr interviewing Gove. I am sorry I missed that.
  9. Hell or High Water. Just seen it recently, though it came out 4 years ago. Starring Jeff Bridges as a Texas Ranger and Chris Pine and Ben Foster as the bank robbing brothers he's after. Great story and script. Soundtrack by Nick Cave.
  10. Ace basketball player Tom. Got lots of practice in that Castaway film.
  11. Don't Seabrooks use sea salt in their ready salted? More flavoursome. I worked in Bradford for a few years and their Smokey Bacon are my all time fave. Canadian Ham and Worcester Sauce were 2 other greats. I am in Thailand and amongst the locals Salted Egg flavour Lays are all the rage. Seaweed flavour are also very popular. I once tried Lays Honey Butter crisps. They are the worst crisps I have ever had; one mouthful and straight into the bin.
  12. I think we could have taken him on when he left City, but we passed on him. Not kicked a ball all this season.
  13. The crowds at Trump's rallies are now singing 46, 46, 46 whenever DT Jr gets on stage to speak.
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