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  1. Ex Rochdale Ian Henderson snapped up by Salford. Will get plenty goals at Lge 2 level.
  2. Whitbread ... the pint that thinks it's a quart. Double Diamond works wonders. Harp stays sharp ... Brew Ten, pissed again.😊 Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.
  3. He organises a good works do.
  4. I never knew that about Jimi. I was a bit too young to see him.
  5. Nice one. The Kings Head pub next to Huddersfield railway station had Jimi as the King on the sign outside.
  6. All this unity and brotherly love doesn't stop some players from rolling around trying to get an opponent yellow carded. Step forward Jack Grealish.
  7. Wearing a mask has been mandatory in Thailand for about 4 months. Mine's about due for a wash now.
  8. I always take some M&S tinned tongue back home when I visit the UK. Their tinned stewed steak is top notch too. I used to like Walls and Richmond sausages. People wanting meaty sausages should just buy meat. Sausages should have rusk in them and be a shocking pink colour.
  9. Pre '74 wasn't Walkden in Bolton, now in Salford?
  10. We didn't do badly with signings from Scotland. Coyle, Walker and Mixu.
  11. I could never catch a motorbike.
  12. Nothing I think. An Act of Parliament created Greater Manchester. I always remember it was basically the old SELNEC area: South East Lancashire & North East Cheshire. I was once chatting to a chap in a bar who told me he was from Cheshire, Stalybridge specifically. Much like many in Greater Manchester still consider ourselves Lancastrians.
  13. No foreign tourists being allowed in since April. Some are being allowed in now for "medical tourism" subject to 14 day quarantine after treatment. People with work permits and family here will be allowed back too. Month by month more relaxation of restrictions will occur but it is all subject to countries having a low infection rate. Korea, Japan and China will be first in, guests from Western Europe, India, Russia and USA will have to wait. The hope is that by October/November things will be much improved. Phuket specifically is going to be one of 5 islands in the South accepting tourists in "bubbles". Fly in, stay in a resort hotel, go home. No going outside the resort. It is baby steps for now. Bangkok is pretty good now for Thai tourists as it is bereft of the mass of tourists, most of whom would be Chinese. Bars re-opened this week. In Pattaya some are OK, others less so. Some hotels are open; Hard Rock has 500 guests this weekend with the Govt subsidising room rates and domestic flights. Other hotels may never re-open but construction of new hotels continues. Two new builds near me, one 24 floors, one 26. Plenty of street food here in Pattaya, seems as much as there ever was. If you ever need an update on how things are, please let me know. My brother wants to come early next year and my beloved better half has 2 businesses that rely on tourists, so I am keeping a close eye on things. The online version of the Bangkok Post is also a good source of info.
  14. Too true; I was so looking forward to seeing Gerald (bloody El) Cid.
  15. Chickens, swans, a partridge.
  16. A Tory MP in rural Leicestershire put it down to clothing sweatshops in the East of the city. They stayed open during lockdown to meet extra demand for clothes bought online. Put the blame on the mayor who comes accross as a bit of an arse.
  17. Some Barrow fans seem quite keen on Hillcroft replacing Evatt. Is it worth mentioning that Bolton could save £200K or thereabouts if Sol gets taken on? I suspect Southend were hoping we would move for Sol and get them some compo instead of the cost of firing him off.
  18. He upped and left to join Palace, hounded out by the fans. None of his successors has finished as high in the table as he took them, even St. Rafa.
  19. Don't know if there is any money to be made from hosting a semi final, but if there is the FA could help out a couple of smaller clubs. Have them at Walsall and Northampton, for example. Same goes for the final: City v United at the Unibol.
  20. Just listening to Phil Neville summarising Leicester v Brighton on the telly. I wonder if he considered throwing his hat in the ring. Wouldn't be my choice but it's not me deciding.
  21. I don't think FV will make the decision. Why appoint Toby as D Of F and then overrule him? If a new manager gets off to a good start he will win the fans over, whoever he is. Reverse applies of course; all fans are fickle. I will be satisfied if we finish mid table and delighted if we do better than that. Relegation is the nightmare scenario.
  22. It was a "team building" weekend at Mottram Hall on an FA Cup date and we were already out. I heard it was a broken jaw with a sink. Never had that in Cluedo.
  23. If Toby and him didn't fall out at Macc then all speculation about anyone else could be pointless. Campbell must have a masochistic streak in him.
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