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  1. Lt. Aldo Raine

    Dean Holden

    It doesn't seem to have gone down well...
  2. I think he might've been, yes. Although I'm not sure what the soap opera here was.
  3. Eh? He signed after the takeover and won't have had to worry about being paid at all.
  4. I take the point, but he was playing in the southern equivalent of the Northern Premier League. I don't think the others were playing quite so low down the pyramid. I want him to succeed, but I can't help feel he's up against it.
  5. I think there's been some suggestion that there are installments on transfer fees due.
  6. To be fair to him, I think he's just stating the obvious to people who haven't quite grasped what this all means.
  7. The independent disciplinary panel were lenient with us.
  8. I know what you mean. I don't generally buy replica shirts, except occasionally to play five-a-side, but I'd like us to play in something decent.
  9. Correct. This football club of ours has landed on its feet with Michael James and Sharon Brittan.
  10. Aye, maybe. But if not...
  11. I'll be amazed if Crawford doesn't start the first match of the season.
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