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  1. No one has to. Good luck to him. Hopefully it is just precautionary.
  2. If only it were. The Government guidelines state that people shouldn't travel to exercise, but the legislation doesn't forbid it. If people persist in travelling to exercise and they do it in increasing numbers then an emergency amendment will be required.
  3. See @kent_white's post on the previous page.
  4. Because it might be in their best interests? I think health professionals will have a good grasp on who can give meaningful consent and who can't.
  5. I don't think anyone's being forced to sign one?
  6. Tomorrow will tell us how seriously people are taking it.
  7. No, but clearly health professionals think we don't have enough to meet the coming demand. It's for that reason people of a certain age are being asked to sign DNARs.
  8. The 2-2 against United at home, after we went 2-1 up minutes from time, was a right fucker.
  9. The reason people are being asked to sign DNARs is because we expect we won't have the capacity to deal with the number of people requiring intensive care. No one's crawling up his arse - I've had disagreements with him myself - but what he posted is correct. I can't understand why peiple have taken such issue with it.
  10. It's particularly bizarre because all he's done in this instance is post a factually correct statement.
  11. The legislation does detail a list of reasonable eccuses. Whether that list is intended to be exhaustive or not is open to interpretation, but there's nothing there that I've seen which specifically states people can't travel to places to exercise.
  12. I think that's still very much up for debate, to be fair.
  13. I'd like to think so, but I just can't see it. I don't think it'd take very long for things to get back to where they were.
  14. Not if the club goes bust. And if it doesn't, literally every club will owe money to players so presumably compromises will be agreed.
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