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  1. Verlinden will go back to them so their new manager can take a look at him but I wouldn't be astonished if he was sent back to us. He's clearly talented and changed it for us today but he still needs to learn to use his raw ability more effectively before he can expect to get in their first team regularly. He will get there, probably very quickly, but he might be better off playing here for another few months.
  2. Apologies, it was a shit attempt at making a joke about you mispelling Chicksen as chicken.
  3. I think it might've been an FA/PL directive that prevented us from playing the U23's rather than the EFL. The EFL were at one stage keen for us to play the U16's just to get the fixture played but, if my memory serves me correctly, Brentford told the EFL they wouldn't be in a position to play the fixture within four days after the end of the season. They were then awarded the points.
  4. Indeed. Increasing in the number of bursaries and grants available to those from lower-income backgrounds should be the focus, not tuition fees. It would certainly get more working-class students through university anyway, which is a bigger problem than getting them into univeristy as best I can tell. But I suppose that's less of a vote winner.
  5. For the most part, the concern regarding the "debt" relates primarily to the tuition fees rather than the living costs. And the difference with tuition fees now is that they're significantly higher than they once were.
  6. A long-term injury to one or more of their front three could make it interesting.
  7. The problem with VAR is that no matter what's being reviewed the majority of the time the referees are still being asked to make a judgement call. And if that's the case there will always be some people who think it's the right decision and some people who think it's the wrong decision. Even with offisde.
  8. You're almost right. John Ritson was definitely before my time anyway. 😀 I just think Laville and Candela were two of the classiest defenders I've watched play for us, even if their stays here weren't long ones. I suppose it defends what the criteria for "ultimate" is.
  9. It's difficult to justify him being in ahead of Gardner considering he spent such a short spell with us but I liked him a lot.
  10. LB: Candela CB: Laville CB: Bergsson RB: I can't think of one who particularly stands out
  11. I don't know about us as a country but Thatcher certainly wasn't keen.
  12. Bizarrely, plenty of bookmakers have us as the underdogs.
  13. Alternatively, he might genuinely be struggling with his mental health.
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