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  1. Indeed. I don't remember him being so critical as Coyle went about ruining us.
  2. I think it was Tonge Moor's own Nicky Adams.
  3. In League Two, clubs are limited to spending only a certain percentage of their turnover on wages. I think it's either 55 or 60%.
  4. I agree that some editing could be in order but the fact is that Hill gives long, rambling answers to questions. Cut him off part way through and it would be obvious. A bit of media training for Hill wouldn't go amiss.
  5. Their club statement is a bit Ken Anderson.
  6. The wage restriction under the embargo we're currently will be reduced on relegation. It's far more restrictive than ones we've previously been under. I'd expect Forest will have paid the majority of Daryl Murphy's income this season.
  7. It's the disparity between the very biggest and the rest that is the problem. And it's a Europe-wide problem, not just a domestic one. The very biggest clubs now win more often, by more comfortable margins. That's a result of the way the very biggest clubs have commercialised themselves. Their turnovers dwarf the smaller clubs in a way they never used to.
  8. The disparity between the haves and the have nots is greater than it's ever been and is only getting greater. I read an article recently which suggested the answer might be drastically limiting the number of players a club can register, with the contracts of players who don't make the cut being rendered null and void. It can only work if imposed on a worlwide basis by FIFA but it'd be interesting to see the effects it'd have. Ps. there was only ever going to be one of two clubs winning the PL this year, and probably for the next few years. The other "big" clubs might be bigger than the rest but they're still also-rans without much of a prayer.
  9. Take this with a pinch of salt if you want, but I heard we found it very difficult to convince players to sign for us. The registration embargo prohibits us from paying a transfer fee and restricts us to a certain wage ceiling. That makes it very difficult to plan for the future; it was more a case of simply trying to get bodies in.
  10. Some do, some don't. There's a growing de-trans community, many of whom feel they were let down by health professionals and who, as best I can tell, receive little support. It's a very difficult thing to gauge and balance.
  11. It's for people who are experiencing gender disphoria (although in reality I think it's sex disphoria) rather than issues with their sexuality. There are increasing ethical concerns regarding best practice, particularly relating to the treatment of young people, but there's no doubt that for many surgery can help to reduce symptoms. It's a very complex issue.
  12. Maybe they are unfit, but Daryl Murphy, O'Grady, Hamilton, Dodoo, Fleming, Bryan and Emmanuel did all have a pre-season.
  13. Perhaps my judgement is clouded by his interviews. He comes across to me as unprofessional, and then when I witness some of the things we do on the pitch I can't help but wonder what he's like on the training ground. He gets pretty much a free pass for most of January because we were suddenly left so short of quality and I don't know how much of an influence he has on transfer policy, but I still think we could and should be harder to beat generally. He has something resembling a proper squad now though so let's see how he does with it. As it happens I'd have preferred it if we hadn't have had a recent change of manager at all but that's by the by.
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