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  1. I think you were ahead of the game with this as well as the circuit breaker idea, weren't you? They should get you on SAGE
  2. It looks like you could do with a bit of what the women sat next to you is on
  3. It was "to writing", but I refer you to definition 1 of the Collins Dictionary: https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/writing
  4. Indeed, but it reads to me that we won't be getting everyone vaccinated, just as many of the vulnerable, or potentially vulnerable, as possible. Even then it won't prevent infection in all cases, but I think what it will do is reduce the death rate substantially and result in COVID becoming similar (in terms of deaths, hospitalisations, etc.) to a form of seasonal flu. (I know it's a coronavirus and not a flu, but you get my gist)
  5. A good bit on vaccines and the effect they'll have here:
  6. As of roughly a fortnight ago it was estimated that schools and universities were responsible for the highest increase in the R number (about 0.3 to 0.4).
  7. I've just remembered David Dunn is their manager. That equaliser well after time just felt even better.
  8. I thought it was how big your telly is relative to the size of your house?
  9. Possibly yes, but I'm not arguing that population is the one and only measure. Scotland isn't currently under Westminster's tiering system, and it's confirmed cases rate is much lower, so we're not comparing like for like. Many of the businesses in Greater Manchester have limped along for the last couple of months under fairly heavy restrictions, and are now being told to shut altogether or operate in a way which could end up being unviable. It just strikes me that if it's determined that Lancashire should receive a total of 40m, and the Liverpool city region £51m then the figures being q
  10. My point isn't that population should be the measure, but that areas with higher populations will likely have more pubs, bars, restaurants, etc. and therefore will have more people working in the hospitality sector. Bearing that in mind, the reported figures being asked for don't seem unreasonable. Scotland isn't currently subject to the tiering system, has a lower confirmed cases rate, and has its own devolved government.
  11. But that's my point. Greater Manchester, a region with almost three million people and one of the country's busiest city centres is surely likely to require more funding than Lancashire with roughly half the population? Almost twice the population, plus a busy city centre results in many more pubs, restaurants, etc. The reported figures being asked for seem about right to me, and seemimgly the Tory leader of Bolton,council and some of the region's Tory MPs.
  12. No, I'm not saying it's for the whole population, but it's surely proportionate. The more people within the region, the more jobs are affected. If the Liverpool city region is allocated a total of £51m, it doesn't seem to me that the sums being asked for were unreasonable.
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