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  1. We do it so often It infuriates me that we don't whip crosses in
  2. One of our centre halves had been sent off
  3. Santos having a good game About the only one who is
  4. I thought he'd given a soft pen due to Crawford's push in the back, then he books Delaney?
  5. I don't like 4-4-2 either but it seems clear these players need simpler instructions
  6. I expect the third to last paragraph before will be the key one.
  7. And even then, we only know which strain a person was infected with in 8% of deaths.
  8. He's signed for Fortuna Sittard. (Verlinden, not Clough)
  9. I respect people's opinions and know that we all vote for what we think is in our interest, but it still amazes me people could vote for such a huge constitutional change to the country just on the basis it might allow them to sell more fish.
  10. It doesn't. It's just a list of factcheckers considered to be nonpartisan (by however compiled it) and then provides some details about the things they like to research. In the case of Snopes, they like to conduct research into "urban legends, internet rumour, e-mail forwards, and other stories of questionable or unknown origin", which all seem like standard things a factchecking website might want to look into. But anyway.
  11. But what you've posted there is just a list of the things they like to reasearch, it's not a comment on their research methods?
  12. The information you posted in your previous post labelled Snopes as nonpartisan.
  13. We obviously view it differently then. I don't think any of the criticism equates to criticism of the people at the sharp end.
  14. A Government poll suggests that just 17% of people with symptoms are booking a test. Not good.
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