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  1. Good player, I'd have him back.
  2. Not a bad shout that.
  3. We are in a position where we cannot afford to bring a manager with the experience we need as I can imagine we are not the most desirable place to work. So we need to be realistic with our options. I do think that Nolan would drop everything to come here and I for one would welcome him with open arms but I also think that David Lee deserves a chance and also expressed interest in the job.
  4. If you do, stay at the hotel next to the Dockside (Premier Inn I think). That's where I go when visiting family but there's quite a bit to do there as well.
  5. Not me mate. Had this game been later in the year and not close to the little ones birthday I would have gone down for the game and stayed at my mum's for the night :lol:
  6. Anyone going and you're after some good places to drink get off at either Rochester or Chatham (My neck of the woods this). There is a Weatherspoons about a 5 min walk away from the train station in Chatham and Rochester have some nice little pubs.
  7. Tino81

    Take Over

    Fingers crossed someone get close enough to Bassini to swing his fucking jaw tomorrow if he turns up!
  8. Tino81

    Take Over

    To be honest it was probably Nixon from the Sun in disguise asking.
  9. Tino81

    Take Over

    Made me fucking cringe hearing that daft bastard hounding her like that. Bet he's like that at Christmas waiting for his mum to get up "Has he been yet? Has he been yet? Has he been yet?"
  10. Tino81

    Take Over

    That's all I'm waiting on bud, learnt to ignore the "fuds" as Nixon puts it.
  11. Tino81

    Take Over

    Cheers pal, I've been keeping an eye on the forum for a while now 👍
  12. Tino81

    Take Over

    That's been my reaction for the last 4 months 🤣
  13. Tino81

    Take Over

    New to the forums, hi all. Just seen a post on Twitter, this time from someone saying apparently the Admins are starting to pack up their stuff. Make of it what you will.
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