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  1. Bisect bisect bisect. We won a game, 3rd on the rip. Carry on doing what your doing mr hill.
  2. W.cramp


    We are no longer favourites for relegation with skybet. That honour is now with southend ! Who,d er thowt it. Onwards and upwards
  3. Bet it was them Lauta Hools.
  4. To coin an old un but gold un, have some of you grown men ever kissed a girl ! Get a grip
  5. W.cramp

    Keith Hill

    Love that "I was at astley bridge cricket club".
  6. Sure someone can answer this- when buying a ticket over the phone-does an email then get sent to you with details and barcode on that you just scan at the turnstile? I got tranmere tickets from them and have to say I was pleasantly surprised at the efficiency. If they can do it then surely we must. Small steps as Keith n Dave say
  7. If I,m right then as long as his contract was terminated before deadline then he is now a free agent and able to sign for any club
  8. Anybody bothering!! Ticket details anywhere yet ?
  9. That defence will be bouncing with the bunney Hobbs.
  10. Methinks 4 or 5 free agents this week will take us to our quota of 23ish. Am including zouma politic brockbank Edward's and the young keeper in that.
  11. Mackems will be my first attendance for 2 seasons.
  12. So Hobbs done. I think keep quiet about any other players till the teamsheet goes in. Why broadcast to the gills that we are or are not turning up playing the kids. If Conway karacan pringle o'Neill do rock up then could they play on a pay as you play basis- earn your contract , because surely the future manager will be watching.
  13. W.cramp

    Take Over

    Accountants/solicitorsways RIP.
  14. W.cramp

    Take Over

    Last word on the slug k.a - I see motcombs has had some lovely TripAdvisor reviews !!
  15. W.cramp

    Next manager

    Thoughts now drifting to this. Nolan - most peoples choice ?
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