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  1. 2-0 philliskirk n reeves
  2. That's why my accas go down. I always read the game sequence the other way round. 10 game winning acca coming up on saturday
  3. Hartlepool around christmas was the worst I can remember, fakin freezing and it started snowing towards the end if the game . Think scott green scored with a cross, or maybe they did. Memory is shot.
  4. This could destroy crellin, being on sky and making the obligatory 3 fck ups. Surely evatt will have a heart and play gilkes, crellin will be missing with illness.
  5. Spot on. Think 3 of em went to bollock him. Why did delfoneso cross when it must of been much easier to shoot when through on goal ! Crellin made 3 errors I can think of, making it easy for any opposition forwards tactics from now on.
  6. Tonight was the start of our 24 match unbeaten run. Doyle goes on a scoring spree , bags 2 this game. 2-1 victory , Dion Dublin gets a late consolation for them after crellin passes the ball to him .
  7. He is poor, everything looks lethargic, does he think he is better than he is, strolls round like hes Glenn hoddle then plays a pass to the steward in row 12.
  8. Shout out to hugh Janus who has just erupted. Quality, who's responsible
  9. Rejected, and a efl bailout agreed, but was NOT unanimous. Let's see who rejected the bailout, created shit for there club for a long time I reckon.
  10. Santos and Delaney had decent games. We looked slow going forward and I cant see what Crawford does, poor delivery, poor final ball. Hopefully a bad game
  11. Like to see his name on the bench on saturday.
  12. Vela was on a mission from minute 1, he,all be happy with himself tonight. Thought the young lad who came on for white looked to have a lot more about him than we have seen in white , yes he made the mistake but looked confident for a 17 year old kid.
  13. Are you drinking heavily or on very strong class a,s ?
  14. W.cramp

    A positive

    Only 1 team gets relegated ! I,m taking that as a positive
  15. Bag er revels turn out, we end up being the coffee one first half then it all comes good as we turn into the orange one 2nd half. 2-1 victory doyle and an og
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