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  1. And they my friend are hard to find.
  2. This. You watch a game and I really dont want to hear that Jimmy farnsbarns is 33 today and is Athertons biggest white ever . Fair enough they have to give these a mention , do it before the game then cut it off. Another thing, 75 minutes gone , its 0-0 and 'we just had a tweet from dorothy in smithills and shes going for a 3-0 victory today ! Wtf. Totally gone off subject but 100% agree with mr evatt.
  3. This is the one where we give out a good hiding. 5-0 happy Saturday neet
  4. Was 150,s and 20,s after last Saturdays win.
  5. Do you really think karacan could motivate a team ??
  6. This. People still take him/her on.
  7. I would keep Arthur as our David Fairclough, he seems to thrive in that situation , give him last half hour, job done.
  8. W.cramp


    Santos mom for me . That pitch last night was primed for a possible fu## up bringing the ball out or receiving a pass from gilkes but the lad looks to have grown in confidence - also likely to be because he trusts baptiste next to him.
  9. Yep, come on here and the usuals are moaning at 3 points . Were you expecting a city style performance today? Yes it's a hard watch but 3 points is exactly that.
  10. The poormans ginger diouf
  11. I would become a staunch rcd mallorca fan and attend as many home games as possible.
  12. I see the league 1 and league 2 salary cap has been withdrawn. I guess that's a pretty good move and good timing for us with the transfer embargo ending in summer.
  13. I notice clough has already been dropped from the starting xi. Was dragged off after an hour in midweek.
  14. W.cramp

    Salford (A)

    A lot has been said about maddison the maverick but I dont think I have seen much about a player who states his first name as m.j , not sure I can take this lad serious. 'Whats yer name's 'm.j' 'fook off'
  15. City are a class above the rest of the premier at the minute. John stones must of played himself back into the England xi, be interesting to see the the defensive line up now.
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