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  1. Obsessed and we ain't kicked a ball .
  2. Massive can er worms down Barnsley way if there is even a sniff of this being overturned
  3. Havent Wiggin got a possible minus 15 next season if they dont pay x amount in the pound to creditors in a certain amount of time ? Sure I read this somewhere.
  4. Is that how much they have to bet !!
  5. If anybody would say want to lend commiseratons to their situation. Which would be the sites to go on ?
  6. Atherton is a wigginer, I,m already booing him.
  7. Whoever gets the job, if he doesn't win his first 10 games by at least 3-0 then do we start booing him ?
  8. Just noticed dean holdsworth 50/1 , had a couple of quid.
  9. Ryan Lowe got a decent record.
  10. Who is the new chairman ?
  11. W.cramp

    Lincoln away

    Thought that was widnes.
  12. Rochdale first goal. Any idea why our big centre half decided he couldn't be arsed putting any effort into a challenge on their teenage full back. ? Pathetic
  13. This toto lad, fak knows how but I remember watching an fa cup game maybe 2 years ago shrews v west ham I think. And this lad stood out a mile in that game, him and the midfielder nolan. Not saying he is gonna be a florent laville, would be quite happy with a mark winstanley.
  14. Woollery scored a hat trick on boxing day for league leaders swindon.
  15. I heard recently that we are under a transfer embargo.
  16. The family of Amir Khan and associates from halliwell road
  17. Bisect bisect bisect. We won a game, 3rd on the rip. Carry on doing what your doing mr hill.
  18. W.cramp


    We are no longer favourites for relegation with skybet. That honour is now with southend ! Who,d er thowt it. Onwards and upwards
  19. Bet it was them Lauta Hools.
  20. To coin an old un but gold un, have some of you grown men ever kissed a girl ! Get a grip
  21. W.cramp

    Keith Hill

    Love that "I was at astley bridge cricket club".
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