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  1. 4 from Romiley. I'm going early so I can take in Rotherham's architectural highlights, which includes The Minster and The Chapel on the Bridge (nope, me neither...….).
  2. Am I the only one thinking my money for the Doncaster game has now evaporated? Is my £32 now on the long list of unsecured creditors, paying for 4.8 minutes of an administrators time?
  3. No and no for the record, but the court hearing was a pantomime. However, he (Appleton) has since said that their work is now done. The fact that it isn't is, one presumes, down to the hotel. I was on a radio phone-in in January and said of the takeover 'I will believe it when I see it'. This remains the case.
  4. This is a piss take. It is the grammatical equivalent of Owen Garvan. Ignore.
  5. That's the only reason I joined - I've therefore got to be 15's at least.
  6. The argument between Bassini and Anderson shouldn't hold the sale up, unless someone is looking for an excuse not to complete - Burnden Leisure were struck out of the injunction, so that's a green light to sell. What's left is an argument between Bassini and Anderson about that alleged deal and whether any damages arise. The injunction was hurried and unprepared, and it seems like a last ditch attempt to sabotage the takeover so he could step in and get the deal. Like I say, I don't think is anything to do with the club, he/Sullivan want the assets as they've identified an opportunity. Ironically, this may actually have bought FV a bit more time to navigate on the hotel. Plus, if they had completed, we wouldn't have had the Coventry experience!
  7. Definitely not, I wouldn't have worn that coloured suit, or used that tailor. And he couldn't afford a house in Romiley. Marple perhaps.....
  8. Bassini's race is run. He's done. As I said before, whatever his motivation, it wasn't a love of the club, it was an opportunity to make money.
  9. It's a suburb of Stockport that is a more desirable place to support Bolton from than Marple.
  10. I'm recruiting. 3 season ticket holders + 2 Liverpool, 1 United and 1 Sheff United. Seen you and raised you.
  11. He's an old bloke, late 60's I guess. Someone told me he's semi-retired and does it freelance, so he dips in and out, and probably gets his beer money out of days like today. He certainly didn't look like he was 'working the room' and was sat/slumped on his own. Most of his narrative is guesswork or 'fud' blocking, which makes me wonder how and why he's got so much currency.
  12. He looked quite dapper, although he had highlights, which I wasn't so sure about. Jacko was there (Dearden, not Michael), and Marc Iles and, peculiarly, Nixon. I'm not that sure he was paying close attention judging by his response.
  13. I was in court today, start to finish. I'm not sure what was more stressful, being in there or trying to get 7 Tranmere tickets - the 2 actually consumed an equal amount of my day. Anyway, we should be good to go now, as we should have been on Friday but for a 'misinterpretation' when Bassini sent the Thursday decision to the EFL, administrators and 'others', absent critical, and potentially contemptuous, information. The key indicator to me was when the Inner Circle QC turned to his solicitor and winked after summing up. That said, the Bassini QC was smoother than an oil slick and had me seduced for a while. Bassini was clearly upset in the side room at the end, but I really can't escape the notion that all of this (the bungled injunction) this was about money, not the club.
  14. Romiley White


    It's a bobbins website - click on the away end and there's availiabilty at the side. Wish I'd done that 2 hours ago......
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