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  1. Woah woah woah rewind. Sturgeon isn’t a fella? Since when?
  2. Yeah but she’s been around so long it’s like she’s part of the family
  3. That should be on your campaign leaflet. Save The Economy, Smack for Jocks.
  4. The amount of money I’ve spent on Adidas trainers is ridiculous. The Mrs said one more pair and she’ll consider leaving me. Gonna miss her.
  5. I reckon you can tell a lot about a person based on their shoes. Any Adidas in leather ones to wipe the claret off after a night in the dancers. Hi-Tec. Nonce alert.
  6. New app just been released called WhatsApp. It’s amazing. Can talk and send pictures and everything. Even make phone calls.
  7. And you didn’t give him a lift? Tight bastard
  8. And surroundings. Example I’ve just arrived in Sheffield, now there’s a justified reason for doing drugs because what else is there 😁
  9. Alright fair enough but it’s not necessarily a case of smoking weeds makes you do lines of Charlie off the back of a toilet in the thirsty scholar. Its the individual
  10. And in 15 years of smoking weed I’ve never done class A drugs more than the odd one off as a curious youth.
  11. Day one of the impeachment trial. This thread should be fun
  12. Does anyone do hard drugs after not being on the sauce excessively? No one does Class A drugs and doesn’t drink
  13. Sorry that’s his 100. Part of a team don’t know how many they tested in full. He’s over here to meet with a UK research team who are testing 20,000 people, and he presents his findings to them today For all these testings though there will be individuals who react badly or show no improvements, so the jury is out. I’ll continue to do my own thorough research
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