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  1. Yeah in all seriousness I want to get a chicken coop. There’s a lot of foxes about round here though. Don’t think the dog would be arsed
  2. 😂😂 that’s brilliant. Don’t ever change pal.
  3. This day just keeps getting shitter and shitter. A couple of people I know have now passed. Chin up BB have a drink and chill with the sprog
  4. Definitely a speedos man
  5. Is it their largest city? Is that why they had such a bad pollution problem?
  6. He also said when his funeral premium came in oh bollocks to that just throw me in the bin. Not sure what colour bin he’d go in.
  7. I’ve got a bit of land at the back of my house, the plan is to make a big pond, get some ducks and a chicken coop maybe a baby goat, fatten it up wring it’s neck and make some curried goat. By the time i can retire Wanderers will be in the Champions League so I’ll end up spending my pension on that.
  8. I love that. When my house gets repossessed and me and the wife are living under a bridge at least I can turn around and say I told you I was right.
  9. I was thinking this the other day. I’d either go mad or my brain would turn to mush. I think I’d have to own a little business or something. Some Chinese folk build their own coffins. My old man likes this idea because the thought of paying for a funeral really pisses him off.
  10. So sorry to hear that Spider. God only knows what you’re going through. Glad she’s at rest now and went peacefully. I text me mam just to tell her I love her just off the back of what you said last night, they are ace mams and they are incredibly selfless and often taken for granted. Sleep well Mammie Spider. x
  11. Has he ever worn Chinos?
  12. I was a broke student fucking around with a. Part time job in insurance £600 a month I probably got. So it was always finding the cheapest way and they ended up being great adventures. Never missed a European game I must have spent a fortune but I’d do it all again ten times over. One particular highlight was celebrating Stelios goal in Marseille I jumped up and I accidentally cracked a guy in the nose behind me. Claret everywhere. Still see him now and again at the match he always laughs.
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