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  1. That’s disappointing I was going to start that next
  2. Has IPTV been completely knocked offline?
  3. Russia has a greater surface area than Pluto
  4. The wins will come if we play like that bloody refreshing
  5. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/09/20/the-pentagon-will-deploy-us-forces-to-the-middle-east-on-the-heels-of-the-iranian-attack-on-saudi-arabian-oil-facilities.html
  6. Cheers mate I’ll keep that in mind
  7. Looking at going to Portugal next year, thought it might be ideal for two of us and a three year old, not to hot and short flight but never been before
  8. Yeah it is don’t think the wife appreciates me walking in the house and saying “what you sayin blud”
  9. Just started Top Boy. Finished the first series, bloody great, can’t believe I missed it when it was on TV
  10. I went to South America a couple of years ago, Argentina, Peru and Columbia for work. They’re brilliant and really beautiful places to go, Argentina is a bit mental, it’s like no one is in charge but a really nice place and the natives are friendly enough. Peru was good for Machu Picchu but not a lot else. Columbia is brilliant, i did the Full Escobar/Medellin tour which was fucking superb. Cuba I’ve done on a separate holiday which was great especially if you like history. ( Cuban Revolution/Missile Crisis/Bay of pigs)
  11. It’s a weird thing Tanking, can come back to bite you in the arse as well
  12. They have for a few years now. Yeah I love NY I’m a big basketball fan but unfortunately the season hasn’t started yet, so tried my luck so with the Giants tickets and managed to get some. Great stadium
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