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  1. 4 at the back with a DM. full backs go forward , DM drops. Communication from the GK, don’t play a high line because we aren’t quick enough, play deep with a DM, that’s how we’ll be hard to beat
  2. Getting the ball on the deck, trying to play through the channels, his CV
  3. Right possession football. A few things you need Every player comfortable on the ball Every player understands how their teammates like to receive the ball, into space, into feet, which way they can turn. All players need to be super fit, to press the ball to be constantly on the move. We just aren’t there. Possession penetrating football takes years to form a DNA. and a blueprint. It took Ajax, Holland, Barca, City years to get there and yeah we aren't them but you can see that’s the foundations IE is trying to lay down. we lack quality, creativity and a strong men
  4. Mexicans cheese. Got some from a deli with ghost chillis in Larverly
  5. It’s alright Scarborough
  6. FFS IE don’t use food analogies
  7. It pains me but I agree with Mounts
  8. 200 days since we scored a league goal. Holy moly
  9. Fuckin IN. Fuck me Wanderers.
  10. Can’t believe Crawford was subbed
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