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  1. There’s different ones Do you know which one she’s bought you? How old is the car?
  2. Worlds first mime goalkeeper
  3. I had wrote him off however last night I noticed two things A ball got played down the channel Santos went after it then I heard Gilks shout, left shoulder LEFT, Santos got the ball turned out right and knocked the ball to feet, their striker was on Santos left shoulder , gambling on a backpass or tackling him. Then almost identical ball, Gilks shouted My right, without looking Santos knocked it into the path of Gilks right foot. Withiut hearing Gilks that either looks like blind luck or telepathic football, but it’s just a commanding goalkeeper helping him out. He reads
  4. Do they reveal is Diana has a bush?
  5. If him and Delaney stay fit and Crellin is nowhere to be seen we’ll have the best defence in the league, don’t see anyone dropping half a mill on one player in this climate so I’d imagine he’ll be here until at least the summer. Clean sheets win leagues, he could be a vital asset one way or another
  6. Hierro wears Santos Pyjamas
  7. 4 points off the playoffs 👀
  8. It’s the biggest contribution to my grey hairs
  9. One of our weekend security lads does security at Aldi he says it’s a great gig, you can spot them a mile off, walk in with no basket l or trolley, walk up abs down every aisle then spend ages eyeing up the booze
  10. Surprised you’ve not got a 40inch tv in that car of yours
  11. Love the reverse psychology man management Edward
  12. 2nd delivery was a belter begging to be nodded in
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