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  1. He’s conceded 47 goals compared to Hendersons 27
  2. Watched The Truman show for the first time last night what a film
  3. Mate they still want Justice they will milk this cow until it’s dry
  4. Wasn’t Villas wage bill about £75m before they went up? But at least they went up. Wigan are going to have to do some serious offloading and hope they can sign a load of free agents.
  5. Rudy


    All the Scottish
  6. Rudy


    This is my beef with BLM it’s all well and good being outraged at the high profile issues because that gets likes and hits but there are bigger issues all across the world, it’s to selective, hypocritical and riddled with misinformation
  7. Rudy


    Probably owns it fronted as a window cleaning business
  8. He’ll undoubtedly be in the conversation of greatest of all time and Schumacher Senna will be there as well, but Lewis in the wet, there is no one close it’s incredible
  9. There’s not a better driver in the wet than Lewis ever.
  10. He does what he wants He does what he wants That wotsit dick bastard does what he wants
  11. Tell them you served in Germany
  12. Rudy


    Genuinely not sure if you’re serious or not
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