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  1. Rudy


    I was thinking more broke back mountain
  2. Wigan not getting -12 points would open the biggest can of worms Non starter. It’s written in the football league law. There’s no budging from it. And Wigan Warriors buying them. They ain’t got that much cash or collateral.
  3. Rudy


    @ZicoKelly I think we’ve briefly met at Blackpool away I think and a home game Anyways based off that and on here I always thought you were sound, cool, Fellow weed smoker and likes a drink. I thought he’s alright Zico I’ve been duped
  4. It has to come out sooner or later They must have something pretty concrete to arrest her. She’ll have a get out of jail free card up her sleeve.
  5. The vinyls should be cheaper now. Every cloud and all that
  6. Not sure if that’s a typo 😂
  7. Hope they’re live-streaming Maxwells cell
  8. Just finished that Epstein Documentary, if his ex girlfrien starts to sing like a canary I’d expect Trumps top lip to start sweating
  9. With or without your cowboy boots
  10. Tom from Kasabian done on domestic violence charges
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