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  1. Rudy


    Williams reminds me of Campo but I can’t explain why
  2. Just as well, you being Cheese n’all
  3. Some streaming channel some anti semites set up to show Disney films and family bollocks
  4. Lad I went to school with used to sneak into swan lane mill and rob bags of it 20p for a handful
  5. Rudy


    Man deserved of own thread What a turnaround, me and included wrote this man off, not good enough they cried Then he stepped up, became a completely different player and well in his way to being our player Strong as an Ox , quick as a flash, nice as pie. I said to my mate, the best defender we have had level by level since ..... He said Cahill, someone on here said Bruno imagine holding him in that high regard at the beginning of the season
  6. Happy that someone is breaking the hold on celtics grip Be happy for a 3rd team to break into there
  7. Wealthy but you’re right
  8. That would imply that I pay them.
  9. Stop it Mounts you’re bigging up potential for the greatest season in 10 years
  10. What the fuck is happening to this site?
  11. If you’re gonna dress like a twat make sure you do the business on the pitch, otherwise you’re just shit with shit dress sense
  12. @boltondiver 16-1 to win it
  13. He’d be out on the left for me. Do the simple things, find feet with the easy ball.
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