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  1. Baggio Ronaldo Rivaldo Figo Ronaldinho Zidane
  2. Was it not your scouse business fwend 👍
  3. She’s probably right, not that I’d admit it. Her uncle said they got a Jack Russell rescue, it snapped at him and he gave it a warning, few months later it snapped at the grandkid, so he went and put it down
  4. It’s a farce mate and I’m a Tyson fan. $30m purse split for it apparently. I’ll still be watching like 😁
  5. Fair play to you pal, I’d love a rescue dog but the Mrs did want to take the risk with a baby which I thought was bollocks but she wasn’t for budging
  6. My two know the score with my daughter, ones still a pup but he knows that growling won’t be tolerated, equally my daughter knows not to wind them up
  7. Yes mate! I love staffie, my mams mate had one when I was growing up called Duke, the friendliest dog you could ever meet. Bloody loved him
  8. Or Frankenstein, which is the Doctor which created him not the monster
  9. Get a few deers here, beautiful things, I’ve nearly hit a couple driving up lostock lane. Watching the dog run in his sleep is entertaining me tonight
  10. 2-0? Wanderers will score more than that tomorrow I’ll Stick to watching the cricket
  11. Could have been worse mate, went to Jamaica a few years ago and a fella in the hotel OD’d, him and missus fancied a night on the Charlie ended up snorting a line of Horse. Heroin is cheaper than coke for Dealers so they sell heroin and tell them it’s Cecil
  12. I’ve been eating pangolin and bat for years in preparation for such an event, I am immune to it now. Might be the Lockdown Perla that’s batted it away though
  13. She’s been listening to advice off here and rubbing herself with a balloon
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