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  1. All clubs will be given a £450m solidarity payment for signing up. So a bribe?
  2. Neville is gonna go full David Brent when they invite Salford
  3. Signed off after Club elections in la liga after they said they wouldn’t go ahead with it. I don’t see it happening, hope FIFA have some bollocks about them
  4. All transfers have to be ratified by FIFA if they don’t recognise the competition under their umbrella then they won’t sign off the transfer, I hope James Milner is ready to play another 10 years.
  5. All the supporters trusts have come out and condemned their own clubs, FIFA and UEFA will stick them on their shit list, we’re supposed to be bidding for the 2030 World Cup this won’t help, just give it to another oil state. Like spider said threaten it yeah sure, but sign it and push the button, crikey o’reilly.
  6. FIFA and UEFA have said players can’t play for their international teams, and they can’t play in their own domestic competitions. This makes me think that it won’t happen and it’s just a power play for the new Champions league format proposals which just so happens is today. Even if it is a power play, the damage these clubs have done by even trying to defect is massive.
  7. No way UEFA let’s any of the defectors continue to participate in CL or Europa league. Should just let Roma v Villarreal be the final for EL And give PSG the CL trophy
  8. Rights are up for grabs in summer, think it will go to Amazon with BT still having the CL and Sky wanting the PL. The statement is interesting, they want to compete in this but then their domestic league as well, parallel to the Champions league, so how does that work, top 4 who aren’t in the super league get champions league, so in theory. 7th - 10th could get CL football. Joke.
  9. Happens to the best of us
  10. 😂 I remember you more than the game, I thought I was pissed you were another level
  11. Pretty much Tv rights money Sponsorship money Sponsors will go with them, PL will make less revenue, so will the championship etc It all has a knock on effect. Clubs are struggling and these greedy fuckers are pulling the ladder up
  12. It’s exactly what the top 3 in Spain want
  13. The thing is it affects the entire pyramid. That money thats gets filtered down through the leagues will end up being less because these big drawer audience teams aren’t bringing in the ratings for the sponsorships. It’s selfish
  14. Let me know if she fancies a run
  15. Oh I completely see what you mean I just think there’s a level of arrogance for some of these teams to jump ship to a so called super league when they can’t even compete in this league
  16. Spurs arent Arsenal are a shambles of a club United haven’t won the league in 10 years but are still arguably the biggest club in the world Liverpool Chelsea and City have dominated The last decade but imagine going to a league without real competition
  17. Well not really, the old money division one didn’t break away and start a new league and select certain clubs, Arsenal haven’t been in the CL for 5 years, never won the CL haven’t won the PL in nearly 20 years, but now think they can just go into an ‘elite’ league? There isn’t a big 6 in the PL, that’s utter nonsense.
  18. Dad was a Nonce wasn’t he?
  19. He’s right but he’s still a cunt
  20. Can I just interject and remind everyone that Gary Neville is still a shit moustache rat face cunt and I won’t hear it any other way.
  21. It won’t happen Players can’t play in this and play in FIFA & UEFA international tournaments Trying to apply pressure to UEFA & FIFA to give into demands
  22. It was an emotional day
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