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  1. 11 minutes ago, hughmungus said:

    Evatt has 4 games to achieve the bare minimum of expectations, if he fails then he along with most of the squad he must go.

    If, and it’s a massive if, he achieves what is expected, then its thanks and move on but his cv will be better than any other manager in this league.

    It’s not a massive if you massive bulb

  2. Just now, radcliffewhite1 said:

    More important he’s 100% for morecambe/Exeter games 

    Yep don’t rush him for the sake of it get him ready and right, even if it’s off the bench 

  3. 2 minutes ago, RONNIE PHILLIPS said:


    Frying pan & fire spring to mind. 

    Think United will suit Haaland more but he’s going to Real IMO, no secret that United look better when they have a no.9 but Kane isn’t a number 9, but if you have the chance to sign him then you go and do it, once a generation type player Kane

  4. 54 minutes ago, Escobarp said:

    Yep he would do a cracking job at a massive club and would suit red 😎

    I reckon he’s their no.1 target 

  5. 2 hours ago, DavidLeesMullet said:

    Just watched half a dozen videos of this band (Mulder And Scully, I Am The Mob, Karaoke Queen, Dead From The Waist Down, Strange Glue and this...) and remembered just how good a band they were


    She has got a voice that could shed a snake

    Someone out there has heard her sing and thought yeah record contract. Whoever it was should be tried at The Hague 

  6. 4 hours ago, waffer cup 07 said:

    A few contenders, highly to be Santos. Plucked from Barnet, looked an absolute donkey first few games. Now best central defender in the division

    By a mile. He’ll win league 2 player of the year 

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