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  1. My herbalist 👀 does PayPal. He’s after a drone for deliveries 😂
  2. I got that impression when he kissed my head, so I kissed his back like Barthez and Blanc
  3. Neil Buchanan of art attack had died of a heart attack Turns out he binned it off to play in a band
  4. Think she’ll be wondering why you’ve withdrawn £40 cash at 9pm 😁
  5. Great day until kick off I was absolutely wankered, didn’t go back to my seat when the third went in, went on the concourse had a beer with @little whitt & @jules_darby Or it might have been right said Fred I can’t remember 😁
  6. It’s not a massive if you massive bulb
  7. Yep don’t rush him for the sake of it get him ready and right, even if it’s off the bench
  8. Think United will suit Haaland more but he’s going to Real IMO, no secret that United look better when they have a no.9 but Kane isn’t a number 9, but if you have the chance to sign him then you go and do it, once a generation type player Kane
  9. I reckon he’s their no.1 target
  10. He should get changed, ring his agent and ask him to get him to Manchester
  11. Definitely not, would make it go inverted
  12. Cum in her face then punch her in the nose Don't play the innocent
  13. Oh aye, rimming, bakewell tarting, the full Shebang
  14. Aye good point didn’t realise he’s almost at 30. Some going that
  15. She has got a voice that could shed a snake Someone out there has heard her sing and thought yeah record contract. Whoever it was should be tried at The Hague
  16. By a mile. He’ll win league 2 player of the year
  17. Kin’ell I bet he’s a boring shag
  18. Surprised me that. No age at all that
  19. No way that police officer who killed the 13 year old getting a murder charge Kid had previous with the police , didn’t listen to instructions, gun found at the scene.
  20. Another kid shot by a cop as well
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