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  1. I’m surprised they don’t get light headed trying to keep the blood going
  2. Steve Bruce never played for England because they thought he was Scottish
  3. Been at city 10 years there’s about 600 employees
  4. Yeah chief cone inspector and bib ironer extraordinare
  5. The third one she looks more dead than the second
  6. Rudy

    Bull ****

    That’s brilliant. GT looks like he just wants to play football and nothing else, just like McAteer
  7. Rudy

    Bull ****

    Is it true we signed him for £500 and a bag of balls or has my Granddad been winding me up for nearly 30 years
  8. Rudy

    Bull ****

    A few things about McAteer, he was brilliant, he was the first person we sold for big money that I remember and couldn’t comprehend that amount of money, I was gutted when we sold him. A lad who I work with now worked with Barnes and McAteer at Tranmere and he says McAteer is the thickest person he has ever met
  9. This one? Or this one or this one
  10. Remind us of the picture
  11. Isn’t he in the lemon party picture as well?
  12. Bolton News really is dog wank sign up, register Just fuckin show the list ILES OUT
  13. Fuck that, don’t know where he’s been
  14. More like a wrapping paper tube
  15. Ffs you’re hard work. The one you went to was closed so I said you should have carried on to sokrates, they’ve never shut
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