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  1. It’s quite common especially with coaches who are former players from that era. Coyle didn’t do it here but that’s not surprising
  2. The clubs with the best resources will have a dedicated set piece coach and analyst, sounds a bit unnecessary but the level of detail and time they put into getting it right is unbelievable
  3. One of the most frustrating players in recent memory
  4. Wasn’t exactly Bowyer vs Dyer but what a dickhead
  5. You watched Mrs Spoder give birth in your favourite boozer whilst it burned down?
  6. @Cheese take it easy luv x
  7. She’s goes scout road chippy that much there’s a blue plaque with her name on it
  8. Cried when my kids were born Before that at St Ann’s square after the Manchester bombing I was in amongst the crowd and a woman started singing don’t look back in anger and I just went
  9. Cheers Dave couldn’t have done it without you
  10. Kit man for the dog n duck
  11. @RatchetMan FWIW my opinion on football is no better than yours or any other person because I work in football. You’re entitled to it but understand if people don’t agree with yours they’ll pull you up about it, that’s how it works
  12. Is it? How many league one games have you watched this season? We’re a league one side in league 2, we can only beat the teams in front of us, which we have been doing for a good while now. It’s not a huge gap at all it’s a smaller gap than the PL & Championship We’re doing what we need to to get out of this league, we’ll strengthen in the summer and I’m confident we’ll have a good crack at league one as well
  13. Yeah how do you know we won’t be beating teams in that league by a single goal ?
  14. Some low standards on here lately
  15. I will never not laugh at that
  16. Owen Coyle was like that. Rather play wide open and gung Ho even if it meant us getting tanked. Now he was a plum
  17. It’s so true no team wins a league without being hard to beat
  18. Can we not do a Wanderersways POTY? Get an award made up Santos for me
  19. WHEN we bring the L2 trophy home at the stadium , De Havviland way will be bursting at the seams
  20. We take more shots than we score
  21. I mean that’s unforgivable 😂 Right it’s simple, John is our best crosser from open play, he should take corners unless Sarc is playing The 3 biggest lads we have Williams, Baptiste & Santos Them 3 go and stick together in a three tight, 14 yards out in a huddle Doyle on the keeper right under his nose You have a man at the front offering short or a flick on by getting in front of their first man Isgrove loitering at the back Lee Dapo on the edge of the area following in for any second balls or watching for the break GT in the middle of the half, Jon
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