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  1. There’s clever football and there’s clever footballers. We didn’t have either today.
  2. Bi Polar Keef Someone complimented me on my Adidas today, must be one of you queers 😁
  3. Correct mate it’s going to get worse before it gets better. And if anyone thinks league 2 will be a walk in the park you need to give your head a shake.
  4. We’re going down. Fact. This season is a write off. Fact. I don’t have a problem with Hill he needs to prep for next season. His decision making is questionable at times, selections, subs.
  5. @miamiwhite There’s no way Greta isn’t a massive lezza
  6. How the shitting crikey was that clear and cunting obvious.
  7. Or amplify the mission statement of “Death to America”
  8. “We go with what we’ve got” We could get well and truly turned over today
  9. Can’t believe Trump forced them to shoot down a commercial jet.
  10. He’s ruling Horwich with an Iron fist don’t worry mate you’re in
  11. I think a meet up is required
  12. Are Miami and cheese ex partners? It has to be more than politics, theres a sexual friction there I can just tell.
  13. Rudy


    And have infected spinal columns on a bap
  14. Rudy


    If you’re vegan then it’s usually for one of two reasons, morally or attention. So going into KFC where they slaughter millions of chickens a week to make profit should be going against your moral fibre.
  15. Rudy


    Kentucky Fried Chernobyl
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