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  1. WHEN we bring the L2 trophy home at the stadium , De Havviland way will be bursting at the seams
  2. We take more shots than we score
  3. I mean that’s unforgivable 😂 Right it’s simple, John is our best crosser from open play, he should take corners unless Sarc is playing The 3 biggest lads we have Williams, Baptiste & Santos Them 3 go and stick together in a three tight, 14 yards out in a huddle Doyle on the keeper right under his nose You have a man at the front offering short or a flick on by getting in front of their first man Isgrove loitering at the back Lee Dapo on the edge of the area following in for any second balls or watching for the break GT in the middle of the half, Jon
  4. Good call swapping ends that sun was blinding
  5. Bet it smelled like an antique shop
  6. First full time job was in an insurance company, 12 the boss would leave for the day, so we’d go to the pub, try and drink as many beers in an hour. Managed 4 pints once and went back to work. Miracle no one was ever sacked.
  7. For how much and what was the potential to win?
  8. Not on us winning the league though.
  9. @boltondiver @Zico what are your cash outs now?
  10. Imagine how much it would be if they found out about all the cash in hand jobs Just offer them a chicken drumstick, or a chocolate Marble Arch
  11. When Brockbank went out injured I feared for us, first couple of games Jones looked a little shaky but he’s gone about his business and just been solid.
  12. Gonna be releasing a Stig Tofting range
  13. Focus on ourselves one half at a time
  14. Well could be said for the other way around, don’t mistake a weed smoking hip hop listener who loves cars and Kung fu films for someone not having a PHD 🙂 Not that you would like
  15. Please don’t swear at me darlin
  16. IE If you’re reading cocker, if you need a set piece coach who is willing to work for free to go over set plays give me a bell and I’ll sort us right out
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