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  1. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    Sorry if i offended you guys..now ive re-read its not that funny and sounds very selfish..opologies
  2. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    Cool dont suppose booking.com will be nice and give me my £60 back haha
  3. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    If the rearranged match is midweek and folks cant make it will there be refunds available or is it tough shit and late back on a schoolnight ?
  4. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    Ps for the youger lads back in the day scarfs were just colours no writing on them haha
  5. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    I even had a blackburn scarf..?? but when i realised they were rangers colours i thought i was cool haha
  6. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    Yep..i even bought a hereford scarf..as you do..not realising it was red black and white..i was only young ..didnt realise the implacations haha
  7. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    I remember going all the way to hereford and match was called off due to frozen pitch..got called off at 10am..but was on a coach and no tinternet in them days..walked round ground so does that count
  8. Bowling alley had free samples if i remember rightly
  9. Front row with glasses on haha
  10. Dan P


    I remember the grass bank at wigan being frozen and quite a few slipped haha
  11. Dan P

    Lincoln away

    Away stand holds 2000
  12. Dan P

    Rotherham (a)

    Im in billy no mates so far but waiting for x 2 to decide told em hurry up cos theyre gonna sell quick
  13. That would be me and the mrs..nice meeting you btw..cracking day out..proud and loud...were back
  14. 46 gillingham rd apparently haha me7 4rr thankyou to mrs dan
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