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  1. Without fear of a backlash do the neville bell ends count as they were born in a BL postcode
  2. Ive done olympic stadium..its still impressive imo.. Also done maltas national stadium
  3. There used to be two scouse brothers from great lever.. mick and ste i think..one spoke more scouse than the other..they drank in and around sweet green around late seventies and both went to burnden
  4. I remember coming back from somewhere on a coach and a window got smashed by some man u at a service station..anyway driver was fuming so when we got back on motorway he pulled along side a couple of coaches full of man u and the loons on our coach put there windows through with bottles etc....cant remember what year but maybe late 70's iirc..anyone remember..i think it was hereford away that got called off but our coach went all the way down
  5. I knew a guy who thought he was shit hot for directions to away matches...we called him junction 13 haha
  6. Lad i know "acqiured" a red, white and green chelsea scarf from that game
  7. We went to 13 aways..some one had a CAMRA real ale guide and we picked a pub in each town before hand..remember going in carlisles end and some of their fans snitched on us and we got escorted to the away end..so much for the border crew or was it casuals haha
  8. Sorry if i offended you guys..now ive re-read its not that funny and sounds very selfish..opologies
  9. Cool dont suppose booking.com will be nice and give me my £60 back haha
  10. If the rearranged match is midweek and folks cant make it will there be refunds available or is it tough shit and late back on a schoolnight ?
  11. Ps for the youger lads back in the day scarfs were just colours no writing on them haha
  12. I even had a blackburn scarf..?? but when i realised they were rangers colours i thought i was cool haha
  13. Yep..i even bought a hereford scarf..as you do..not realising it was red black and white..i was only young ..didnt realise the implacations haha
  14. I remember going all the way to hereford and match was called off due to frozen pitch..got called off at 10am..but was on a coach and no tinternet in them days..walked round ground so does that count
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