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  1. we can't compete on wages with Salford surely? It will catch up with them one day but not yet.
  2. I can understand him going to Salford as they will continue to pay big wages but Swindon are now in league 1 so after such a good season why would he stay in league 2 (other than Salford if he's just interested in the money). If we can get him then fantastic just can't see it myself
  3. No way will Doyle come to us!
  4. keep it running. I very rarely go to the pub anyway as we have young kids so i'm a home drinker.
  5. I have a friend on FB who believes every conspiracy theory going, is a Trump lover and is always referring to MSM and did mention blue and red pills yesterday. He loves American politics but has lived in Bolton his entire life, he has crossbows and seems to be hoarding food and supplies just in case. I did mention this to people at work and someone said he sounds dangerous and i should report him before he goes on some kind of rampage. I know the fella but not seem him for many many years and i think he's just a delusional crank but you never know do you?
  6. I'm sending a copy of this thread to Stonewall, expect a call from their lawyers 😆
  7. Just my opinion on what i've read so far, nothing else. If it does turn out to be terrorist related then fair enough but i think it may end up being a mixture of both reasons.
  8. The BBC made a point of mentioning the 3 men were gay, not so sure this is terror related more mental health issue i think.
  9. My mate has a perfect draught and is always trying to get me to get one, there is a shop in Little Lever that does kegs and you can take your empty ones back there for recycling apparently. Not sure i want on as i like the variety of having cans and bottles from lots of different breweries and Beerhawk.
  10. Not a big lover of stout but have the odd one now and again. Seven Brothers don't do NHS discount as far as i know 😄
  11. I am but still wouldn't 🤢
  12. I'd rather stick my dick in a vice than go anywhere near that hag.
  13. Just drinking the watermelon wheat beer from seven brothers and it is very nice!
  14. Not heard of them before but always like to support local breweries and i would get free delivery as i live in Manchester. Seven Brothers are another good local brewery https://www.sevenbro7hers.com/seven-brothers-shop/
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