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  1. Let's hope he's better with money than his Dad was!
  2. i think the idea of an emergency Government is the best idea, Boris is like a bull in a china shop and can't be trusted to make a rational decision on anything other than what blonde he shags next.
  3. Norpig


    Glad to see some NFL fans on here! I'm a Steelers fan so as you can imagine not too pleased with the season so far
  4. Howdo fellow Bolton fans, I'm new here as i usually post on Bolton Nuts. I know there are a few posters from there on here now who will recognise the name. Thought i'd spread my wings and see what this forum has to offer. I'm a long time Bolton fan, starting watching them in the old 4th Division and have been going ever since. I'm Bolton born and bred but now live in Manchester but still have a season ticket.
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