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  1. They took the decision to continue with BW and tough out what was always going to be a difficult season, believing that 2020/21 would be better, whether in level 3 or level 4. They probably considered letting BW die and starting a phoenix club in the non-league sphere, perhaps in 2020/21. They might then expect better playing results in their initial season, and try and work their way back to the EFL in time. I guess most would agree with their choice.
  2. Accrington 7 Bolton 1, not quite the worst League defeat. Three 0-7, Burnley, Sheffield Wednesday, Manchester City, long ago.
  3. The owners knew they came into a very difficult situation. Points deductions, known and unknown, weak squad due to finances, protracted negotiations meant timing not the best. Now losing 1-7 at Accrington. Their good news was the low price they paid for the club. After yesterday they will re-affirm that never again will Bolton Wanderers be in such a mess. But it will inevitably take some time to work through all the issues.
  4. Bolton last played Accrington in 1926, won 1-0 in the FAC.
  5. The uncertainties facing Bolton are gradually being cleared up, progress on and off the pitch. A good day.
  6. bolton8

    1000 Up

    England 1000. Bolton 4844 League games to end of last season, rsssf.com, 14 this season, so 4858 in total.
  7. Tough with points deductions known and unknown, played 14, so 30 games to go, anything can happen, 3 wins in a row, just keep winning more than losing and see where we end up, whichever division good momentum into next season.
  8. 3 League wins in a row, first time in 3 years, well done.
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