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  1. Worse thing of all he was in a Vauxhall Mokka The shame
  2. Great effort and some nice football at times Thought Weir was a class act Politic, Senior and Zouma were excellent, and hats off to Alexander in goal Crowd was fantastic Donaldson didnt dissapoint - absolute dogshit And an Anderson being a twat right at the end too
  3. still more prolific than Magennis
  4. Bigtoe

    Next manager

    Good news - good fit for us i reckon, know the leagues, known for decent footie, got an affinity with the club and town. Wish them all the best
  5. i like the cut of their jib how refreshing
  6. Bigtoe

    Take Over

    Just spat my tea out Nothing against homosexuals at all... just be aware I’ve been accosted by older men in the gents toilets twice this year.. must have some seedy reputation.. not much of a fun place, & I’m not into ‘touchy feely’ Grandads ... clearly the wrong place for me
  7. Bigtoe

    Take Over

    Gone to a lemon party to celebrate
  8. Bigtoe

    Take Over

    Brilliant news I hope Ken does a Robert Maxwell the greasy twat
  9. I am a regular at Alains Cant beat it
  10. Bigtoe

    Ipswich home

    Brown Sterling and King Harmes never gave up all afternoon Thought Phillips would have been more animated, he hardly got up off his chair, it was all Darby and Spooner Really felt for them at the end It cant carry on
  11. Prices are a lot lower - that was also a bonus Tavernas all look good We booked Georges with the pool so right near the beach and front Was going to do Kef again but having a change
  12. Booked Stoupa for next year Looks my kind of place Anyone been?
  13. Bigtoe

    Parky Gone

    It'll be on the highest shelf at the book shop
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