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  1. Haha Spot on Shorty puts Isles and Nixon on instant tweet notifications so he can reply straight away Neither of them want a pint with you mate Anyway You know when you drop a log and a fart gust pops out straight after? Shortland is the shite vapour. Isles is the log maker.
  2. Ahhh Inject it in my veins These people think throwing 20 slazengers and siding up with a local legend who has as much of a murky side as the owner has triggered a sale within a week Get fucked
  3. Im hearing Ann Kenderson will be the new owner.
  4. Smithills Estate today, was great.
  5. Holiday home Cas or buying with a longer term relocation view?
  6. Half of me hopes its the devil spawn of Ken purely buying it to finish off the internet moonmen who follow us. Day one a lovely announcement of signing Parky up with a 10 year contract. Day two, selling Luca Connell for a pound to Wigan, Day three, announce Donaldson as club captain. The likes of Shortland Smurf and co, I would love them fall off a cliff edge.
  7. Id love to nail that and McQueen
  8. Ive noticed he plays in gloves all through the season for some reason
  9. haha classic move ken takes the heat off him for a few days if that comes off
  10. I hate atmospheres like that Quite a bit of me feels for Parky No money to go at, all the off field distractions, his better players sold We have lost direction though Taking the best player off was a bad call imo, Connell was a massive plus I dont know what the answer is, can a different manager get anything more out of this squad? Maybe Lack of cash to pot him and his staff will be the problem
  11. Are you reading John and co? No suprise he pissed several people off with his ill informed nonsense https://www.bwfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/behind-the-scenes-with-jimmy-phillips/
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