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  1. Same here, think I'll turn the sound off next time
  2. We got this shark a few months ago with the pet attachment, even though I don't have a pet 🙃 https://sharkcordless.co.uk/?promoproduct=IZ201UKT&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsMubuNzd7gIVAp7tCh2HsAZNEAAYASAAEgLswvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds It is good but I'd say the anti hair wrap is shite, don't know how they can even make that claim
  3. Oops thats right.. machines, its one of those that the alcohol content creeps in only after you've supped a couple Belting
  4. The rivvy blood lines DIPA is a thing of beauty About time they brewed a big impy stout
  5. I love the Great North Pie company It was either a trip to Alty market or the cafe in Ambleside or online with a pricey deliver charge Found them on the deli counter at Booths at Christmas 👍
  6. Non Covid and at home Just feels like there's a group of people who may be delayed in getting it No idea how she would be well enough to get it even if/when she comes out When I spoke to the doctor at hospital he said it was being discussed at the moment, hopefully it gets sorted
  7. My Mums currently in hospital, had her invite for the jab at the doctor ls while she's there There is no process in place for her to have the jab in the hospital at this moment as its not part of the current policy at this time, so there is a group of people who really do need it missing out Hoping this changes quickly This is Bolton, not sure if its the same anywhere else
  8. I'm running Windows 11. No issues since.
  9. There were 24 in a hop box and i ordered another 2 impy stouts, but doubled up i ended up with 52 🍻
  10. Well my brew by numbers box came, however someone in their warehouse doubled my order up in error so yesterday I got 54 cans delivered.
  11. My Dad is having his jab on Friday at Kildonan, he's 75, my Mum got the call too but sadly she's in hospital at the moment which is a worry. Will be glad when my Dad has his. Need to work out what they do with my Mum. I'm trying to make sure he's managing okay while at the same time the missus is in school every day and they've just had 2 more positive cases today, 1 the day before. I'm going to have to be even more careful now. Can't wait till this shit is over.
  12. Been in leyland booze buster Picked up a couple of cans from Deya and a couple of Pomonas and had a chat with the owner Hes a top fella He is after someone to build him a website he can update with new stock as it arrives and said he will get some mini kegs soon Hes round the corner from one of my customers so its a bit too handy
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