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  1. Blimey... 20 years Congrats Happy I joined towards the back end of Rivals Then once it went indie i bet for the first 7 or 8 years i spent at least half of my working life chuckling my bollocks off going from thread to thread Used to sit in my chair at work desperately trying not to piss myself pretending i was busy constantly thinking one day i would get rumbled One of my early memories was someone posting a website with a hidden sunbed camera Reckon i would get my front door knocked down at 5am if you were caught sharing that stuff
  2. Liam Feeney was walking down past Lucianos this evening towards the ground.
  3. Bigtoe

    Taken over

    If the chinese buy in then Big Sam walks through the door I will have the biggest wank ever.
  4. Bigtoe

    Taken over

    Left it I will go regardless
  5. Handjobs all round Sorted
  6. Get them in a Zorb winner gets a dance off the Bolton Belles No touching though
  7. Hahaha You weird fucker, grow up
  8. Bigtoe

    Taken over

    Right after seeing the video im booking 50 tables online at Motcombs and co every night for the next 12 months until Ken finally fucks off. #InLaurenceWeTrust #HardHatArmy
  9. Bigtoe

    Taken over

    Wouldnt be too bad if Jim White actually let him speak the massive nonce
  10. Bigtoe

    Taken over

    paypal family and friends - skips out the taxman
  11. Bigtoe

    Taken over

    Just seen Bassini at the stadium wearing a cracking pair of blue loafers
  12. Nice one I loved Arillas, just been unable to get the accomodation we wanted Cant beat the Corfu beer
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