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  1. That's the one, in the nitro can 👍
  2. Salt DDH DIPA is a bargain at 3.50. Heard theres been a couple of bad batches but I've drunk loads and all been ace. Tesco are also doing another DIPA from Buxton that's also a cracker. Brewdog/Evil Twin Roaster coaster is another Tesco go to.
  3. Fog from Rivvy brewery is a great beer, they've dropped the strength over time from about 7-8 percent Just had a Cloudwater delivery arrive today, cant wait to tuck in
  4. Electra Houses in Stoupa Only 4 rooms so shouldn't be as big a risk I'm fancying Kefalonia again next year
  5. I'm still hopeful I might get to Greece yet.
  6. Had the Cherry Tree Sunday lunch menu the other day, really recommend it. Booked in for Greek night on Friday. Had a couple from Lucianos at the Millstone and from Francas which is back open.
  7. end / hanon / wellgosh / sneakersnstuff / oipolloi / caliroots / footpatrol / consortium are the obvious ones off the top of my head
  8. Bigtoe


    Well it certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
  9. Bigtoe


    Did anyone else get a semi watching it?
  10. Bigtoe


    Agree, Chickens been a great addition, 7/10 min every game ive seen Also O Grady has been great, holds it well moves it on well Both good additions on a freebie
  11. Ive gone for the ZX8000 Aqua
  12. Northern Monk, Pilcrow, Beermoth cafe are great Also Port Street Beer house, 57 thomas street, Cloudwater tap, the brink , crown and kettle are great if you like your boozy impy stouts ive just had a few bottles of founders kfb and founders mountain brown ale delivered, well recommended (beerhawk)
  13. Bigtoe

    Iptv With Mag Box

    Is there a FB group Horwich and how much do you pay? My subs finished for my mag box so having a nosey around
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