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  1. Couldn't get a hard on though
  2. In the Tutte fanclub Cool and calm everytime He can play
  3. Had the Northern Monk one, enjoyed that, 4 quid i think.
  4. Cloudwater have announced their Christmas specials, 12 bottles 150 quid!! The 3 stouts caught my eye.. all aged in remy martin, armagnac and port barrels. Love a big boozy stout so might grab a couple.
  5. Bought premium Krispy Kreme donuts at tesco before and scanned them as the original glazed ones Could have been a 10 stretch if rumbled
  6. Got some imperial black forest stouts from Vocation to have a bash at And a case of reds from laithwaites
  7. Hope you're kidding Evil Dead is a cracker Illumination and fog ace though
  8. Cloudwater TIPA 👌 by eck they are good Worth every penny Got a growler fill from banktop yesterday, that went watching England Been back to tommy wrights for another haul of rivington beers 🍺
  9. Fucking poppadom wrists Sorry but send him back to the fish fondlers pronto Then ring up Dave Felgate or something
  10. Yeah but whose that sat on my bog having a shit then?
  11. Tesco updated the craft shelves Tiramisu Stout is a bargain and Northern Monk Scafell and Vocation sure shot DIPA are great too If you like a well priced red they have just started stocking Porta 6 👍
  12. Last meal? 3 Courses from the Parkers Arms Last drink? Omnipollo yellow belly stout Last song to listen Here comes the Sun Last bird to sit on your face? Sofia Vergara Last words? Can you let Sofia know I've got Herpes Simplex
  13. That's the one, in the nitro can 👍
  14. Salt DDH DIPA is a bargain at 3.50. Heard theres been a couple of bad batches but I've drunk loads and all been ace. Tesco are also doing another DIPA from Buxton that's also a cracker. Brewdog/Evil Twin Roaster coaster is another Tesco go to.
  15. Fog from Rivvy brewery is a great beer, they've dropped the strength over time from about 7-8 percent Just had a Cloudwater delivery arrive today, cant wait to tuck in
  16. Electra Houses in Stoupa Only 4 rooms so shouldn't be as big a risk I'm fancying Kefalonia again next year
  17. I'm still hopeful I might get to Greece yet.
  18. Had the Cherry Tree Sunday lunch menu the other day, really recommend it. Booked in for Greek night on Friday. Had a couple from Lucianos at the Millstone and from Francas which is back open.
  19. end / hanon / wellgosh / sneakersnstuff / oipolloi / caliroots / footpatrol / consortium are the obvious ones off the top of my head
  20. Bigtoe


    Well it certainly leaves a bad taste in the mouth.
  21. Bigtoe


    Did anyone else get a semi watching it?
  22. Agree, Chickens been a great addition, 7/10 min every game ive seen Also O Grady has been great, holds it well moves it on well Both good additions on a freebie
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