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  1. So do you know Michael? And/or Meriel?

    1. PastyBarm


      Thanks for just saying.

      ignoring remains an option. I manage to do that quite easily when trawling through the many other scintillating posts each day.

    2. PastyBarm
  2. Yeah? Wasn't convinced they could get mileage even though BB was brilliant, but thanks I'll give it a go.
  3. Anyone seen Weeds? Just finished Breaking Bad, looking for another multi series on DVD.
  4. Some mention of Katie Hopkins in other forums, so add her to my list.
  5. Does Kitty from That 70s Show come close?
  6. Does she have a name? For research purposes ...
  7. Victoria Coren Mitchell: you can just tell she's filthy
  8. Any chance we can get a topless pic of DC for this?
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