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  1. Yeh right, I'm going to break into a hospital and get myself infected: why the fuck shouldn't I? Hopefully I will die, that will teach them.
  2. So having a BBQ suddenly becomes ok just because Boris didn't do as the sheep of Britain demand?
  3. Oh god yes MSJ. We got the bus into Bolton and they got on various stops. Louise Charnley was one I think.
  4. Only girl I can remember from younger intake is Paula Fox. Looked much older.
  5. If you left in 86 were you with first intake of first year girls? Always felt so sorry for them! Unfortunately I don't do Facebook, had bad experiences but maybe I'll have to bite the bullet again...
  6. Definitely remember that name. Been racking my brains for others: Karen Yarrow, Anna Izza, Elise Reece, Jane Hill were ail sixth form I think.
  7. Could be. It's a million years ago, I didn't know many of the intake, I was in a state of shock at seeing girls!
  8. Almost sure Tetlow was in sixth form in first intake of girls
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