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  1. Revelredne1961


    This is what pisses me off a player choosing Northampton above us, WTF he would rather play for a mickey mouse club than us 😳
  2. Revelredne1961


    This has totally pissed me off, fuck Luton wankers hope they go bust
  3. Can only see a loss but last time I said that we won so fingers crossed
  4. Miserable git, and Wolves are a poor man's Bolton Wanderers
  5. Can't believe how bad Sheffield united are this season after last season thought they would get better but they have totally gone backwards 🤔
  6. Ha ha that penalty miss has made my night
  7. How the fu*k are man utd top ruining my lockdown
  8. How the fu*k are man utd top ruining my lockdown
  9. This game is like a cup tie from the 70s, pitch is real leveller
  10. He is in my top 5 Bolton heroes, this breaks my heart
  11. My father is in a care home and I haven't been able to see him in the flesh since last March (he has Dimentia) but I used to take him to our local every weekend to watch the footy, highlite of his week, so if some millionaire footballer gets it before him I will be just a little livid, so it's a no from me to
  12. A true legend of the game, RIP
  13. That's what I was thinkng, the EFL couldent wait to get shut of Bury and Macclesfield what's the difference with these no marks? Same size club
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