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  1. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    Football creditors (players wages) are guaranteed and as such players will always come to the club no matter what. The PFA will pay their wages on an ongoing basis if necessary and be reimbursed when the EFL/Sky money is due or from the Administrator/Liquidator if it ever got that far. It is illegal to trade if the club is insolvent, so clearly the players that come in will have to be in our ability to pay them range - so don't expect much more than frees and loans, or broken players like Steve Ireland attempting to make a comeback. The fat lady hasn't sung just yet and there's half a season to go, so fingers crossed things will get better for us soon.
  2. Sluffy

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    Hardly looks packed to the rafters! (picture from LoV twitter)
  3. Sluffy

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    I had to laugh when McGinlay was asked directly if he wanted the protest to lead directly to Administration for the club and the penny suddenly dropped with him as to what he could well have got himself involved in! Obviously not the sharpest tool in the box. As for the LoV bloke and leader of the protest on Monday speaking up loud and proud that he wanted Administration - clearly without any understanding the ramifications or even the basic requirement for someone to even fund Administration, it shows a shocking lack of naivety and comprehension of what that would mean. Even (and I stress EVEN) Iles knows that to be an extremely undesirable outcome for us and the first people to suffer and lose their jobs would be the staff - these very low paid employees with monthly bills to pay that the ST woman and McGinlay have told us that need the most protection from KA! Hence the saying of 'be careful for what you wish for because one day you may get it!'.
  4. Sluffy

    Radio Manchester Fans Forum - Wednesday 16th January

    They keep banging on about the EFL what do they want them to do? If the club has broken any rules their sanctions would be a fine and/or points deductions and if they request proof of the clubs financial ability to see out the season - and it can't - they would have to withdraw the clubs membership of the EFL - and bang we've gone - is that what they really want see happen to us? The jobs of the staff of the club the likes of Tetlow and McGinlay are banging on about protecting would probably go immediately! Sometimes people should have at least some understanding of what their questions may lead to. Sometimes it might be better get your head down and battle on hoping that something will turn up - like KA's been doing, than knowing the pot is all but empty! Same goes about wishing for Administration - those wanting it have absolutely no idea how devastating it will be for us - Christ even McGinlay doesn't want it!
  5. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    It looks to me that the link below relates to another Allanson issue that pre dates the one Tricky found. It's a finding by the Financial Conduct Authority dated 4th April, 2018 and is a Final Notice 35 pages long basically ripping into one of Allanson's companies. I don't know if this leads on to Tricky's link or is a separate matter completely - the addresses of both seem to be different to each other? Certainly doesn't present Allanson's in a particularly good light though. https://www.fca.org.uk/publication/final-notices/bouchers-with-allansons-2018.pdf
  6. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    Two months ago (Nov 18) Allanson set up a company Bolton Wanderers Supporters Community Interest Company with the specific aim to "...take ownership of the club" https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/11612819/filing-history See Memorandum of Association Objective number 1, on page 2, Section 5, Objectives, Powers and Limitation of Liabilities. See PDF Download under Filing History.
  7. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    How is pointing out something I believe to be true 'licking someone's arse'? Maybe they did randomly decide to write a letter and to add to it without any asking or encouragement how esteemed Iles is (the esteemed one didn't manage to suss out that having a debt the size to match United's or Real Madrid was somewhat strange for a small provincial mill town in the conurbation of Manchester, or even write a brief history of Ken Anderson's previous misdemeanours even after him being here all but three years yet it was the very first thing the likes of Conn, The Times Chief reporter and every other Uncle Tom Cobley and all journalists , who only looked into the story from the start of this week! Christ the two biggest stories in his entire career have been staring him in his face for the best part of ten years and he's missed BOTH of them - how esteemed does that make him??? And I can trump you being a fan from ONLY 1967 'junior' if it counts for anything - which it doesn't - so why even mention it?
  8. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    Isn't one of the Baronesses, Trish Morris the wife of Judge William Morris who is on more than nodding terms with non other than Terence Rigby the Chair of the ST, which are in turn great allies of that "esteemed journalist" Marc Iles? I did think it was highly random for the two Baroness to get involved as they did (didn't anyone else think that too?) - and probably explains the high praise for Iles if they didn't actually pen the letter themselves but rather just put their names to it.
  9. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    Good point BD.
  10. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    I don't know if you were asking me a serious question but Maguire himself states the average wage that season for the players was £335,000 and even if you assume Moxey was at the very bottom end of the pay scale (we were embargoed when we signed him) he would hardly have been starving on the wages we paid him and I doubt his 'bonus' would have amounted to a kings ransom. But before others jump on my case for saying that, look what Holdsworth was taking out of the club - something like four times as much as KA was - yet KA is seen as the bad guy in all of this? If Holdsworth had put the £5 million from his own funds as he should have done and not stitched us up with BM and taking out of the club circa £2 million that season then maybe the money might have been there to pay Moxey and the rest their bonuses on time! Now there's a thought! PS - Wonder if Holdsworth got a promotion bonus too?
  11. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    I don't but KA has said it was the highest at the club other than for the players.
  12. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    For what it is worth my quick summing up of the piece is that Kieran Maguire as simply rehashed old news about our company accounts for the year we had in the third tier of football, two seasons ago - I don't see the point really? For what it is worth there is certainly one factual inaccuracy he stated in his article that even a non Lecturer in Football Finances such as myself could see! However he does include a number of points of interest (to me at least), the first being in respect of what the club was paying to Holdsworth in respect of just the interest HE was charging the club on the BluMarble deal HE set up on the clubs assets (remember the BM loan was to his Sports Shield BWFC company, which in turn he leant on to the club) - "Bolton also paid £33,000 a week in 2016/17 in interest charges, partly due to an unusual arrangement with a company called Sports Shield BWFC Limited, controlled by Dean Holdsworth, which charged a Wonga-Tastic 24% interest per annum..." That works out at an eye watering £1,716,000 to Holdsworth from the club and that's on top of him being paid the clubs highest wages as the clubs CEO (and people are bitching solely about KA's £525,000 he took in that season accounts?). The next is this statement from Maguire - "This is where Dean Holdsworth and Ken Anderson stepped in, although it seems the former was all fur coat and no knickers when it came to covering the day to day running costs, and the two fell out, resulting in Anderson obtaining majority control". Clearly confirming what KA had been saying all along and hardly an equal partnership between the two on keeping the club running - particularly in view of the point above of him taking around £2 million out of the club that year in interest charges and salary alone! The next point I found of interest was this - "Love them or hate them, player wages are a regular topic for discussion amongst fans and based on a rough and ready formula we estimate that Bolton’s first team squad would have been averaging £335,000 a year". Just puts into context the job KA's had to turn the club around with no financial help from Holdsworth - remember DH should have brought £5 million NEW investment into the club - not take £5 million out of it via the BM loan. In effect KA has had to refund the £5 million for BM plus bridge the gap where DH's 'new' £5 million should have been - so in effect start from minus £10 million from where he should have been in attempting to turn the club around!!! Next, "Anderson was paid £525,000 for his services via Inner Circle Investments Limited, a company he set up in 2015 with an investment of £1 of shares. By having such an arrangement, it allows him to legitimately say that he is not being paid a salary by Wanderers". This is merely confirmation of what I said yesterday that (weasel words or not) KA was not telling lies when he said he was not being paid a salary. Finally and no doubt he really tried to nail this one, "In addition, £125,000 was paid to another member of the Anderson family, which appears to Ken’s son Lee Anderson, via something called the Athos Group. A trawl of Company’s House reveals that Athos Group is a services company that seems to have no executive called Lee Anderson". As I've said all along there is still no proof to the claim that nearly everybody makes that LH is being paid £125,000 each year in wages. (Maybe he is but even someone who is clearly anti-Anderson as Maguire is can't prove it!). As for him being anti-Anderson this is a tweet he's just made - "A Bolton fan asked me if it’s deliberate that the first letter of each sentence of the #BWFC financial review spells ‘Ken Anderson has a small willy’. It’s just an amazing coincidence, I’ve never met Ken or measured his todger". Hardly necessary or professional of him to tweet stuff like that to his 'audience' is it?
  13. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    To be pedantic he is correct in saying he's not paid himself a wage - he paid himself as a consultant - the difference being if he paid himself a wage the club would have had to had shouldered the employers tax burden, which instead was passed on to KA's company. Ok it probably was deliberately misleading but not actually a lie (weasel words maybe) and fwiw better for the club to have been paid that way. You are correct that the accounts are for a twelve month period but KA clear states the payment was for consultancy for 2016 and 2017 and as such I assume he was shown as a creditor of the club in the 2015/16 accounts with settlement in full for both the two financial years falling in the 2016/17 accounts. Therefore it certain doesn't imply that he's taken a further half million as most people believe for 2017/18 and 2018/19 financial years as many people clearly believe he has (we won't know either way until the accounts are published in due course). I'm not trying to be an apologist for KA but merely trying to give a reasoned explanation of what was said about these points.
  14. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    2 - No I'm not fibbing. I comment as I see things based on the facts or knowledge I have at the time. I've certainly commented on how I believe the ST as a public body has acted in a way not compatible at times to how I understand one should act, I've similarly stated many times that Iles was acting unprofessionally in what he was posting on his own Twitter account - and I believe Holbrook's comments have since back that up, and I've said above my position on KA - up to you whether you believe that or not. As for 1, I'm more than happy to make a fresh start and for 3, at my time in life I'm much to be old to be having crushes on anyone or thing - regrettably!
  15. Sluffy

    Sweaty Ken

    Maybe he had the money last season (Madine sale perhaps?) and didn't have enough this year until recently? Just a thought.

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