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  1. 3-4-1-2 the wing backs are genuinely useless for us forcing Delf & Doyle to drift wide leaving nobody in the centre. John Rooney was the main guy at Barrow in the hole behind the front two yet Sarce has been anonymous three games straight. The lack of pace & width is the main concern as without that it's ridiculously slow & lethargic no ideas. It doesn't matter who plays back three as they're all slow & can't control a simple ball whilst misplacing square three yard passes. I'll keep saying it if three at the back I want Jones on the right of the three he's safe but useless go
  2. With the defense I'd personally like to see how Jones would do on the right of the back three where Brock played tonight with Hickman as the direct attacking wing back based on the last two games, you don't need every centre back to be 6'4. Jones isn't as ambitious getting down the byline, looks to turn back to keep possession with safety in mind but is very tidy & composed with being a former centre midfielder which would suit him bringing the ball out of the three he would also find himself in familiar positions as he would playing as a right back when the defense splits. For our wingbac
  3. Thats exactly how most teams in this league will play at our ground, sit back, be well organized & hit us in behind because our back three look like they run through quick sand. The wing backs didn't get one cross in, Jones looked comfy but they turned back for the easy option they're meant to be the creators in this tactic now whether that was down to being scared to commit due to having to cover the lack of pace in the back 3 thats where Comley should drop back to turn into a back 4 in transition. White & Crellin were two who weren't the most exciting signings put they impressed the
  4. Was on trial which got cut short along with that Ben Stephens where as Baptiste/ Hickman/Greenidge/Amoateng stayed till the duration. Probably didn't fancy him then gave him a call to fall back on him when we realised we're well short for the bench & cover considering our young pro's are nowhere near the level required atm. Not exciting in the slightest but we deffo needed another CM. We can expect some scouse shithousery & a 5 yard backwards sideways pass but at the end of the day I'd rather have this guy doing the same thing as Spearing & Lowe on 75% less wages.
  5. There's some really great exciting teams who play it especially in europe e.g Atalanta. On the lower scale Plymouth & Ryan Lowe got out of this league with it. All down to the players to know thier roles & but most of all you need the quality
  6. Always going to be difficult throwing a bunch of players together all at once & expecting to piss a league because we've a few proven top tier league 2 players. Teams who have had a structure in place for a while with decent chemistry are ahead of time of us. For years we've been throwing has be's together just to get by. Evatt had a shit start last season at Barrow lost around 5 matches out of 8 at the start but once the players started to click they blitzed the league. The concern is we are lacking massively in terms of the bench going into the season, just a bunch of young defenders who
  7. Be shocked if we pass on him, he's most likely signed already. He's already played for our U23's a good few times last season so Phoenix most likely recommended him to Evatt. Even though he was on Liverpool's books he did very well at Bury's academy who's manager then is our newly appointed Academy manager? Perfect secret weapon off the bench as no teams probably know who he is. Fits into the moneyball philosophy. Also will be at the Evatt fitness levels whom any other striker coming from another setup may be having to play catch up.
  8. When he does come back I just hope for Dennis himself he doesn't have the sparky type luck.
  9. Good moves by Evatt & Tobias. Make sure your two top targets are first through the door to create a big portion of that spine whom are ready made to get out of this league. Clear to see that we're trying to find players who have had very good youth careers who are still relatively young e.g Taft(Leicester), Comley(QPR), Jones(Everton), Greenidge(Arsenal,WBA) meaning they've very much most likely been coached to play "the right way" hopefully this is the platform for them to really kick on under the right manager. The likes of White, Gordon & Santos who have all been playing non league
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