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  1. Bradfords run comes to a shuddering end this Saturday MrG and unlike you I don’t wish them the slightest bit of luck. They won’t wish us any either and that’s how it should be.
  2. Agree Matt, I think he’s trying a bit too hard. Nothing wrong with that but as you say, once he gets his head up and relaxes a bit, I think we’ll see the real Mad man and I for one can’t wait.
  3. I think that’s unfair on Maddison Matt. I just think it’s his positivity and drive not his intention to score a worldie. I love how as soon as he gets the ball he looks to go forward and make something happen. Ok it’s not come off for him yet but I’m sure it will eventually.
  4. I think it’ll be a cracking game at Bradford and will be a true test for us but I believe we are just much better than any other team in L2 and I expect that to be proved on Saturday when we win our 7th in a row. I’d consider a draw 2 dropped points and a loss I can’t even contemplate. I’m not trying to be cocky about it I just believe that we now have quality players in the side who are far too good for this level. I’d love to see Bradford go up too though because like us they are too big a club to be at this level.
  5. Not worried about Bradford, not worried about anyone, so not settling for a point. We can win every game now and that’s what we should aim to do, not settling for draws.
  6. Blimey that was painful to watch but another major step towards L1 again. At least Oldham and Bradford will be trying to make a game of it and not just shut up shop and it should suit us better. Two tough games but we need to be looking to win these to keep the run going.
  7. To be fair to Barrow, they are only losing by the odd goal and so all their games have been close. Since we struggle to score at the best of times, it’s likely to be another close one so as long as the defence holds its 1-0 to the Whites.
  8. It’s a shit 52 weekends though if you lose Micky because you have to start all over again again. Sod Wembley, it has to be automatic for me and it’s well within our grasp.
  9. I’m a little anxious about this one, not because I don’t think we should beat them easily but because they will be trying hard to put one over IE. Surely if we perform like we did on Tuesday we’ll be far too good for them but we just struggle to get the ball in the onion bag!!
  10. If we can just start putting away one or two of the really good chances we make in the first half, it will both take the pressure off us, lead to the opposition chasing the game, tiring and allowing us to up our game in the last 15 again. Sadly we don’t take our chances and until we do we’re going to struggle to win the games we need. Starting tonight I want to see us 2-0 up at half time.
  11. To be fair to Doyle he does a lot of work off the ball that you don’t see but hopefully with better attacking players around him he can let others do it and concentrate on scoring goals.
  12. Exactly 2003, their recent run is of no relevance and if we can’t win games like this and Barrow on Saturday, then we have no realistic chance of getting into the promotion mix. There isn’t a team in this league that we shouldn’t believe we can beat, home or away so dropping points in games like this is unacceptable. We need to go out with a winning attitude, believe we can win and take no prisoners. Playing for draws is negative and we had enough of that under Parkinson, we don’t want it now with IE. We can beat everybody so let’s just go and do it.
  13. It should be a straightforward win for us but we never do anything straightforwardly. Some day we’re going to click and give somebody a real stuffing so will it be Scunny on Tuesday? Maybe IE will make do with a scrappy 1-0 and wait for Barrow to be on the receiving end? As long as we get 6 points from these two I don’t really care how we do it.
  14. Once again we should have been home and dry by half time but scrappy as it was the boys brought home the 3 points and that’s all that really matters.
  15. Surely, there’s no question now that we can make the play offs at least? With the squad we have now and probably our best performances still to come, we’re in pole position. With real strength in depth now we should be able to overcome any set backs we face through injury or suspension, unlike most other teams in this league. We just have to keep taking points and taking each game as it comes with a winning attitude. Hopefully we may also get chance to get back into the stadium from next month and that would really be a boost to the players.
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