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  1. Well when we’re fishing in such a low barrel, tell me who we could get instead with that proven ability? It’s a no brainier to at least give him a chance and one most of the fans would wholly support.
  2. Don’t disagree with any of that Micky and believe me I’ve been there through thick, thin and thinner for 60 years, from the end of Bill Ridding until today but at no time was I ever more dissatisfied than the Parky years. Had we had less of a scumbag owner I suspect Parkys reign would have been much shorter but sadly they were both here too long. Thankfully we’re through that now and whilst not out of the woods we can at least look forward to better times. It’s been pretty mixed this season but despite that I’ve not missed a kick, albeit on iFollow, but as soon as I can use my ST properly I’ll
  3. Whatever turns you on Micky. Parkys rubbish was just monotonous and not even worth a 5 minute trip which is why gates fell. If the despicable one had binned him when we were promoted we probably wouldn’t be where we are now. Anyway that’s history and despite some results, the fare on offer is much more enjoyable and heading in the right direction.
  4. Everything has to be in context. If the football is just boring and predictable it’s not going to be very watchable. I’d site Parkinson here. Not once, win, lose, or draw did I come out of the UniBol, satisfied. In the end I voted with my feet and didn’t go, despite having a ST, because I wanted him out. Obviously you always want your team to win but there has to be more than just that to driving a 4 hour round trip to watch crap.
  5. Santos definitely the one for the campo role but I’d certainly try Greenidge instead of Gordon.
  6. They didn’t pay £250k for him though did they?
  7. It’s Phoenix who should go, he’s the one who’s brought this shower in not Evatt.
  8. He’s perfectly capable of it Francis but so far this season I haven’t seen Ali test the keeper yet, despite the number of chances he’s had from both free kicks and open play. If he steps up and just hits the target more I’m sure he will score, so let’s hope it’s today 😉.
  9. Until we get regular goal scorers we will continue to struggle in games. Tuesday was a good example where we really were exceptional in the first half but completely failed to turn that into goals. The game should have been over at half time and even in the second half we had Good chances to score, especially Ali, but failed leading to a nail biting finish. Can’t see either Fonz or Gnahoua being prolific and we have nothing in the young players who could come in, so unless we get Doyle back quickly or he does finally see what Faal can do, I think convincing wins are far away.
  10. I just hope IE doesn’t feel the need to bring back Delfouneso today instead of Gnouhea who was excellent at Barrow and moves Brocky back to the right of defence instead of Baptiste, otherwise I fear the worst.
  11. Be careful, what wouldn’t be hilarious is if Bassini took them on and was successful!!
  12. I think you’re right about those you’ve named Johnny, all a bit lightweight but what about trying Kioso in there in more of a Politic role runn8ng at defenders, or maybe Santos in more of a Campo role, he’s big, strong and can see a pass. Both Darcy and Hickman can play wide right until Jones is fit. We also have Gnouhea who can play midfield and stiffen things up a bit. For me both Sarcevic and Comley should be dropped, Sarcevic until he gets fit and loses weight and Comley until he learns how to pass forward quickly instead of slowing everything down. There are options to try but it depends
  13. No Popeye, I’m afraid after performances like the last two IE needs to say it how it is and if some players are upset by it then tough luck. He sees the players every day and he’s learning about their character as well as ability and who he can rely on and who he can’t. Several of the players, most notably Sarcevic and Comley have seriously under performed and need to either fess up quickly or be left out. These two are in the most critical positions in the team and if they don’t perform neither does the team. Both for me need a rest, bring in Tutte for Comley and Ronan for Sarcevic, starting
  14. Why should the taxpayer subsidise football when there is more than enough money in the game to do it itself? The PL earns more than the next four biggest European leagues combined. Oliver Dowden interviewed this morning isn’t fooled. He maintains its for football to sort itself and he’s right and he did add that if they didn’t it was maybe time for government and the FA to consider changing the rules on football governance completely. Well done to him I say and it’s high time these greedy, selfish, largely foreign tossers and that’s players and owners, were prevented from destroying football i
  15. Cheers Casino, I’m sure I did both, put the Code in and hit apply. I followed the instructions I was sent but obviously somethings not right. Next time I’ll do as you say and put a spurious card number in. 👍
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