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  1. I initially thought that Mr G but would it be better to start both Doyle and Miller to see if that works? Maybe leave Dapo out who’s been poor recently and play Miller as a No 10 with Lee moving back into midfield alongside Williams. It’s important we don’t disrupt the team too much because we are creating the chances, just not taking them. It’s a problem for IE who I’m sure wants to keep Doyle as our top scorer in the team when it’s goals we need.
  2. Agree with that Traf but I’d just like not to be sweating over it on the final day again. 🙂
  3. I agree on not making major changes Cambridge and in fairness we don’t really have many options where we need change anyway. If Sarcevic was fit he’d certainly make a better No10 than Lee, who personally I feel is better in midfield next to Williams, who looks steadier with him there but that would mean leaving George out and he’s been our best performer. It’s up front and wide we’re struggling and have all season to be fair. Whatever we do we have to start scoring so with Doyle struggling, maybe we need to either play Miller instead, or play them both leaving Dapo out because he’s been poor r
  4. Sod January Glen, this is now and the fact is we’ve taken 4 points from 4 extremely winnable games and actually quite fortunate to get those 4. It’s not the time to start falling apart, we are putting pressure on ourselves by constantly missing simple chances, not half chances, simple ones. Doyle is having a mare at the moment and his confidence must be rock bottom, so maybe IE needs to shake it up a bit and give the likes of Miller and Gnahoua a start. Both can score and Evatt always preaches about giving players opportunities so maybe it’s time he started.
  5. Totally agree BS and your point about 12 year olds doing better is actually true, I’ve never seen any professional team as consistently poor at set pieces as this lot. Mind you, even when we do on occasions get them in, we have no threat there. I sadly can’t see that changing much, we have no aerial power or physical strength in the forward line and neither Santos nor Baps can head the ball other than defensively. In fact there really is little point lifting balls in anyway, we should look to take them short and play them in but sadly we can’t do that either!! Since we can’t score from open pl
  6. That’s the spirit 69, we can still do this and a win on Tuesday could turn everything again.
  7. Completely agree RP, Doyle has 17 but really should have had many more at this level with the service he’s had. 3 chances today, 5 at Newport and another 2 against Colchester spurned. It’s ok saying he works hard, that should be a given but it’s no excuse for not scoring. I think he’s lacking confidence and I’d give a Miller a chance instead on Tuesday. It happens, it’s no criticism, he’s just not on it at the moment.
  8. Problem is Paul, no matter how much Grimsby try to rough them up, Morecambe won’t miss the chances like we did today.
  9. I don’t care how we get home as long as we do jmjhb.
  10. Ditto that Cambridge, still in our own hands and a win on Tuesday can change perspective again.
  11. Spider, you’re not worth conversing with, so I won’t until you learn to distinguish between opinion and complaining. I won’t hold my breath.
  12. We’ve been brilliant defensively Cambridge, can’t dispute that but I’m not sure I completely agree on all the passing. Our final pass into the box is regularly blocked by defenders, or doesn’t find a man. Sometimes we just seem that second too slow to hit it in and it happened regularly again today. To be fair, I thought a few looked tired today and despite the result you can’t deny the effort they put in. Never mind, move on to Tuesday now and maybe give one or two like Lee, Dapo and Doyle a rest from the starting eleven.
  13. It’s actually called an opinion, but I wouldn’t expect an expert like you to understand one that differs from yours.
  14. I’m talking about set pieces and crosses and final balls into the box Cambridge, today was just yet another example of it. We’ve created some excellent moves out wide then completely failed to get the ball in the box. If you’re trying to disagree with that then frankly I don’t know where you’ve been looking.
  15. That’s it then, can’t say we don’t deserve it, just never even been at the races today from minute one. Some really dreadful performers and the way we just don’t take chances worries me greatly for our remaining games, we can’t even do the basics and haven’t all season to be fair
  16. Yes, he has I agree, tried his socks off but let down by pretty much most of his team mates today.
  17. Come on Evatt, get Dapo off he’s been worst of the lot today and just isn’t in the game.
  18. FFS Doyle, you donkey, how could you not even follow in to that. Sorry but he’s been absolutely shocking again today.
  19. For goodness sake, why do we keep letting Isgrove take set pieces, park players can deliver better than he can and it’s every time.
  20. How are we still in this game, our defending has been atrocious today, in fact everything has but at one down we’re incredibly still in it.
  21. But he doesn’t create anything Casino, one of those players who looks good but there is no end product from him at all. Much as I like him, I’d rather have Arthur on for him in the second half if he doesn’t deliver.
  22. Well that was terrible, big change needed after the break.
  23. We have absolutely no composure around the box at all, it’s no wonder we don’t score goals. Pathetic but fair play to Grimsby, they’re giving us no time on the ball at all.
  24. FFS, dropped out again, this is ridiculous!!!!
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