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  1. This might sound a little ridiculous, but there should be something like 3points awarded to any team that has had 3 reds over turned. Might make the officials more aware of their decisions and stop them from "targeting" certain clubs (if such thing exists). A sort of compensation for the errors and points lost or dropped if you will due to their errors since we don't have VAR in the lower leagues
  2. I think I would have started watching a team from a different country as I wouldn't want to not watch football, but having them as "my team", not sure I could do that. I'd hope for the best teams that helped the club at it's lowest. I have no hard feelings towards preston after they donated to the food bank, etc. Wouldn't have said they were my club though if it had gone tits up
  3. Am I the only one wondering why no one is chasing after him to "celebrate" something amazing like this? Players used to mob the player who hit the cross bar on soccer am
  4. How long until he tries to get his old formation back on the go?
  5. After Blackburn's old goalie https://the72.co.uk/218337/huddersfield-town-and-bolton-wanderers-want-free-agent/
  6. Riley has gone to Norwich for about 250k
  7. He might be better in the new formation? I can't see him starting unless it's through injury or suspension though
  8. Could it be that IE and his assistant are the only ones coaching still? Instead of having a full staff at his disposal? Not trying to make excuses, just looking for logical explanations as to why the wheels have exploded off
  9. 3-1 Mansfield. Hoping for a delayed game, but can't see it.
  10. Wonder what David Lee is up to nowadays?
  11. Maybe the sending off is the chance for someone else to cement their place in the side?
  12. If I were IE, I'd have a look at last seasons Swindon team where isgrove was an assist machine for the phenomenal goal scoring machine in Doyle that we have and copy it. Amend a little so it looks like my own formation and just get the Best out of them. Oh and sarc too at plymouth
  13. Just play a style that fits the strengths of the players, get out of the division however you can and then buy players that fit the style that you want to play.
  14. Been thinking about the Tutte replacement, do you think we should possibly start one of the fringe centre backs in that holding midfielder role? Naturally wouldn't be tempted to drift forward (hopefully) and gets game time in case on of the first choice CB goes down?
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