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  1. Reading he's on his way out of Nottingham this winter, would you have him back? Personally I'd love to see him back, but I can't see it happening
  2. Whatever our heaviest defeat is ever, +1
  3. 2-0 Mansfield and that's trying to be optimistic.
  4. It might have already been suggested, but aren't there any half decent free agent goalies knocking about?
  5. Trust the process, let IE do his thing, it'll take time, we need to be patient and let the boss do his job and support them all regardless.
  6. For me, from what I've seen so far, is that they aren't doing enough to press the ball or get it back when it's lost, for a high pressing team that's chasing the ball down after losing it, we aren't doing it. I'm still optimistic that they'll click soon, it happen with IE at barrow, we've got nothing but time (unless we're foot of the table after 15 games). It'll be fine I'm sure 😬
  7. Anyone here play baseball or used to play ball for the Bolton Robots of Doom? I train for the Manchester baseball club and really enjoy it, just wanted to see if anyone else out there is a fan?
  8. Did mark Davis ever play again after leaving us?
  9. He could end up as the new face of MLS and have an easier run of it, depends on how hungry he is for success. Bayern could be an option too
  10. Does anyone know why 'trialists' aren't named in match line ups or write-ups?
  11. Does anyone know if there are plans to stream any of the games if we aren't allowed in any of the grounds?
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